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24-inch Surface All-in-one iMac competitor, not in 2016

Apple has had the AIO market sewn up for a few years now, because while there are other all-in-one computers already out there, not many of them come close to the sleek design, and performance of the iMac. However, that could be about to change. While we already reported that Microsoft is working on a Surface AIO1, what we were unaware of was that there would be more than one size version.

Three possible sizes Apple currently has two iMac size options, and those are 21.5-inch and 27-inch, and a recent rumour2 suggests that Microsoft is also working on those two size options. However, there is a third, and that is a 24-inch Surface All-in-one iMac competitor.

So the report states that three different sizes are currently being tested, although that does not mean all three will make it to production. However, if Microsoft were to offer all three Surface AIO sizes, then this would give them the edge although this also comes down to whether its design will be just as good or not.

Having said that, with the styling of the current Surface range, we have a good feeling that the Surface All-in-one desktop design will be impressive, as should the specs. We still have no clue as to what those specs and features will be either, but Microsoft will need to up their game if they are to take the fight to Apple s iMac, which is also due for an update this year.

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BO3 Descent DLC release time on Xbox One

We are just hours away from the Black Ops 3 Descent release time for Xbox One and PC players. It has been a painful month, but soon it will finally be yours. Naturally, everyone wants to know what time Descent DLC 3 is out for Xbox One in the US and UK and we can give you a heads-up on this. August 11 is the release date, with Treyarch offering another four multiplayer maps and an exciting new zombies map called Gorod Krovi which is great fun. We know many of you are asking if Descent is out at midnight tonight and based on previous release trends for Eclipse and Awakening, the content could be available from midnight.

That s only if you are on Pacific Time though. If you are on PST, then start checking for Descent on the Xbox live Marketplace from 12am, that means 3am for everyone else on Eastern Time and from 8am the following morning in the UK.

Microsoft never provides exact times for content going live as it can sometimes be delayed, but it is always available early in the morning.

We ll be keeping updated through the night if times change. You always have fun in the build-up to release in our discussion section, so let us know when you see it live in the store!

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Pogba shocks in first Man Utd screenshot on FIFA 17

EA has just announced a massive new partnership deal with Manchester United, meaning more official faces and graphic improvements for FIFA 17 for the likes of Paul Pogba. We ve already shown you what Pogba looks like in his Juventus shirt when comparing to PES 20171, but now it looks like EA has gone one step further and improved Pogba s facial features even more. Feast your eyes on the first official Pogba screenshot in his new Manchester United shirt, which you ll see in FIFA 17 career mode when playing through The Journey.

You ll agree that the graphics are rather mouthwatering and hopefully it means that his in-game model has been improved too. We know that Pogba won t have the finest hair details as what he will on PES 2017, but he still looks extremely good.

Are you excited with Pogba s look in FIFA 17?

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