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8 Nintendo Switch tips and tricks to get the most out of your hybrid console

Chances are at least decent by now that you or someone you know has a Nintendo Switch. While supply problems held up sales for a while, it has become one of Nintendo’s fastest-selling consoles. With that in mind, we want you to get your experience with the Switch started off right by giving you a few Nintendo Switch tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your plucky little hybrid console.

1. Gear up There are many great things about the Switch.

Its internal hard drive is not one of them. The Switch comes with 32GB of built-in storage, which is simply not enough. Some games already require more space than that, including Dragon Quest Heroes.

So if you’re planning on playing just about anything other than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey, you’ll probably want to grab a hefty-sized microSD card. It sucks, we know, but they aren’t too expensive. A 64GB card costs just £20 or so, and it’s not that different from buying a memory card for your brand-new console way back when.

Actually, it’s exactly like that. So, yeah, go get one. If you’re having trouble, we even have a guide to help you pick out the right card for you.

You may also want to get some other accessories. A screen protector and carrying case will help prevent scratches and dings. Another battery pack may also come in handy, especially if you’re taking it on long plane trips or car rides.

Lastly, while it’s optional, we consider Nintendo’s Switch Pro Controller a must-have accessory. It’s a lot gentler on the joints than the default Joy-Cons, making it perfect for marathon sessions of Breath of the Wild. All that can add up pretty quick, especially with the pro controller running about £70 at retail.

If your budget is limited, we’d suggest buying the screen protector and case first, then grabbing an SD card when you can, based on your needs. If maximum comfort is your jam, though, grab the Pro Controller first and pick up the rest when you can. 2.

Turn off Wi-Fi to save battery

While Nintendo’s latest bit of hardware isn’t quite as technically robust as its cousins from Microsoft and Sony, it still packs quite a bit of power into a very small frame. Sometimes, though, background processes and the like can tax the hybrid’s scant computing resources and cause framerate slowdowns. Some users have found that disabling Wi-Fi auto-connect helps quite a bit, particularly when you’re in handheld mode.

The Switch really likes to search for new access points when it can, and unless you tell it otherwise, even if it’s got a great network connection, it can still periodically scan the airwaves and muck with your gaming session. To shut this off, simply head into the main system settings and select “Airplane Mode.” This will not work if you’re docked, but then again, if you are, you’re not worried about battery life. 3.

Easter egg hunt

[embedded content]

If you’re a fan of quirky easter eggs, this is for you. When you’re getting ready to play a game from sleep, the console will ask you to mash some button three times. Most players will tap one of the obvious ones, like the “A” button, which we’ve all been trained practically from birth to recognize as video game for “OK.” But if you click the joystick or mash a shoulder button instead, you’ll get some funny sound effects.

Fans of the GameCube will recall a similar technique that changed the console’s startup sound to anything from clown horns to bizarre squeaks.

[embedded content]

A slightly more somber Easter egg can be unlocked by waiting for July 11 and performing a specific gesture (more details here). This will allow you to play the NES game Golf, which was one of former Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s first projects with the company. The gesture is a nod to the lauded game maker, as is the date in July.

Iwata passed away July 11, 2015, and this little kernel is widely believed to be a tribute to one of the most important people in Nintendo’s history. (Note: you can technically do this by changing the system clock, but only if you’ve never connected your console to the internet). 4.

Like to save a lot? Make multiple profiles to get more save slots

The Switch already has a ton of exceptional games — Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Splatoon 2, etc. — but many only allow one save file. That can pose a big problem for players who like to keep multiple files. It can also be painfully easy for new players to inadvertently wipe your data — lookin’ at you Breath of the Wild.

It isn’t ideal, but you can get around this by making multiple user accounts — either for yourself or for others. This is pretty simple, but by default, the Switch doesn’t tell you how or suggest it as a means to protect your save files. When starting any game from the home screen, you’ll see your default Mii pop up. Select the “+” and then enter in all the details of your new profile.

Given how easy it is to set up personalized accounts on just about every console and media service already, that shouldn’t be too much trouble.

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The best Nintendo Switch bundles and deals in the January sales 2018

Nintendo Switch bundle deals have stepped up a gear now and we’ve seen huge numbers of them selling as retailers have put together specific bundles. Stock has been an issue since the Nintendo Switch launched, but we’re seeing a vast improvement nowadays with a better selection of retailers managing to meet demand.

On this page, we’ll list as many Nintendo Switch bundles as we can find from reliable retailers. We’ve also rounded up the best deals and prices for extra Joy-Con controllers, Pro controllers and even some cheap Nintendo Switch memory cards.

Thanks to our automatically-updating price comparison charts, if a retailer does opt for a discount, you’ll see it below. As retailers open up their Nintendo Switch bundles with extra games and controllers, we’ll give the best ones a shout in this article too. If you’d rather see bundles than standalone prices, head on over to our US or UK sections.

If you’re waiting for more games to arrive first, get your Ninty dose fixed with a cheap 3DS deal[1]. If you’re after Nintendo Switch deals in Australia, check out our Australian page[2].

The latest Nintendo Switch deals:

Want to know where to buy a Nintendo Switch? Check out our comparison chart below for the latest Nintendo Switch prices. In the UK, stocks seems to be much more prevalent now but US stock seems to still be a bit thin on the ground – but gradually improving. It’s too early in the year to pay over the asking price if you ask us, even if you are after one for Christmas. All is not lost though as we have found some good value Nintendo Switch bundles with games/accessories underneath our comparison chart. Don’t forget, if you’re buying the console on its own, the RRP is $ 299/£279, so you don’t want to pay more than that unless you’re getting some extras.

Note: US stock is a bit hit and miss, but if you’re struggling and don’t want to wait, there are lots of Nintendo Switch deals on eBay[3]. 

Nintendo Switch bundles (USA)

In the US, GameStop is now taking orders for a variety of Nintendo Switch bundles. Options include Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Top be honest, we’re just not seeing many other retailers offer bundles right now, not ones that that don’t cost more than buying the items individually at least.

We’ve highlighted our picks of the best Nintendo Switch bundles below. Just be aware that they don’t really offer much of a discount over buying the items separately, except for the fact that most stores have sold out of the Switch on its own. We’ll steer you clear of bundles that actively charge you more than the regular combined RRP as we saw a lot of big stores do in recent months, and it’s happened a few times over the Black Friday weekend.

Nintendo Switch bundles (UK)

As with any new console there will be bundles available containing extra controllers or games. UK gamers are starting to get some decent offers, with actual discounts on some bundles. Compared to the stock shortages the US is facing, it’s much more of a buyer’s market and we have actually seen some discounts on the console on its own.

Nintendo Switch Q&A

As with any new console announcement we imagine you’re wanting to know a bit more about the console before you put any money down. So in addition to finding the best Nintendo Switch deals, we’re going to help bring in answers to the burning questions.

What are the Joy-Con controllers?

The Joy-Con controller is actually a pair of controllers that attach to the sides the the Nintendo Switch when not in use or when playing in tablet form away from the TV. 

When playing the Nintendo Switch on the TV though, you can remove them and play with one in each hand. The left hand  gets a controller with an analogue stick and d-pad, the right hand handles the one with a second analogue and the usual A, B, X and Y face buttons.

What’s the Joy-Con Grip controller?

The Joy-Con Grip is an additional accessory that joins the two Joy-Con controllers together, forming something something a bit more solid for you to hold thanks to the extended handles and plastic block between the two sides. The square dimension form-factor may remind older gamers of the Dreamcast controller, while everyone else will mainly be thinking how it resembles an odd-looking dog face. Nintendo is providing one in the box with the Nintendo Switch, so you won’t have to buy one separately.

Is there a Nintendo Switch Pro controller?

Yes and it doesn’t come with the console. But you won’t actually need one to play certain games, so don’t feel pressured in to buying one. The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is a more traditional-style pad and launched alongside the Nintendo Switch. Prices aren’t cheap though, starting around $ 69.99/£64.99. There’s currently no sign of a Nintendo Switch Premium Edition console with one included, but that could change the closer to the Black Friday shopping season.

Do I need to buy extra controllers for multiplayer on Nintendo Switch?

Possibly not! Remember how the Joy-Con controller splits in two? Turn them sideways and you get two basic controllers, each with their own analogue stick and face buttons – the d-pad acts as face functions on the left controller. So far we’ve seen 2K’s NBA series, Snipper Clips and Mario Kart being used this way for local multiplayer in both docked and tablet modes. So you get multiplayer functionality straight out of the box with no additional purchase required.

However, if you want to play four-player games, then you’re going to need to invest in an extra pair of Joy-Con controllers or some Pro controllers. We’d buy the Joy-Cons as a pair (see our comparison chart above) as you’ll save a bit of cash over buying them separately. Better yet, if your friends own a Switch, ask them to bring their controllers to the party!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild deals

The reviews have heaped huge praise upon this eagerly awaited launch title, making it an essential purchase for any Nintendo Switch buyer. As with any new console, the prices of the big games can be more expensive than usual. We’ve shopped around for you though and have found the best prices for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch. Take a look below.

Nintendo Switch Micro SD memory card deals

With only 32GB of internal storage, you’ll be wanting to pick up a cheap memory card or two for your new Nintendo Switch for any digital purchases or the inevitable game-fixing patches. Don’t fret though, they’re actually surprisingly cheap, with even 64GB ones coming in at under £20/$ 25.

What memory cards does the Nintendo Switch need? Those will be Micro SD cards also known as, depending on their size, as MicroSDHC (up to 32GB) or MicroSDXC (up to a huge 2TB soon). Nintendo will be releasing their own branded cards, but you’ll be paying more, just for a label. So for now, we’d take a look at this range of cheap MicroSDXC Nintendo Switch-friendly cards.


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9 ways to switch to plastic-free cleaning

Plastic pollution is firmly on the agenda in 2018 as supermarkets have pledged to go plastic-free, MPs are campaigning for a tax on disposable coffee cups and the government has vowed to eliminate the UK’s plastic waste by 2042. The nation’s concern over plastic pollution has hit fever pitch as it’s become clear the earth can’t cope with the amount of non-biodegradable waste we’re creating. Statistics offer us some idea of how rapidly the issue is worsening. A recently-published University of California study concluded the world has made as much plastic in the past 13 years as it did in the previous half-century, and research by the Ellen McArthur foundation suggests that by the year 2050, the ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish.

 There are lots of simple swaps we can all make to cut out plastic from our daily lives, from always carrying a bag for life, saying no to plastic straws and opting for loose leaf tea – read more ways to reduce your plastic use here. Many of these swaps can be made in relation to cleaning, as often natural, homemade solutions are very effective in removing stains and odours and don’t require plastic packaging. We spoke to experts for their best advice when it comes to plastic-free cleaning, here’s what they said: 1. Keep your home minimalist[6]

“Having regular declutters (trying to re-home things you no longer need) helps because it is easier to keep a more minimalist living space clean – this is most true in the bathroom,” advises Amanda Keetley, founder of Less Plastic.  “Also once you start enjoying the extra space and simplicity of having less stuff, you will stop buying unnecessary products and accessories.” 2. Bicarbonate of soda is a powerful natural deodoriser[7]

“It’s great for removing odours from fridges, carpets and upholstery,” says Verity Mann, Head of Testing at the Good Housekeeping Institute. “For fridges, place a shallow bowl of bicarbonate of soda on one of the shelves. For soft furnishings, sprinkle onto the area and leave for a few hours then, suction up using the appropriate nozzle on your vacuum cleaner. “A scouring paste made from half bicarbonate of soda and half water is also great at removing stains from worktops, sinks, cookers and saucepans.” Best of all, bicarbonate of soda can be bought and stored in cardboard boxes – no plastic necessary.


3. Distilled white vinegar makes a great alternative to window cleaner

Verity suggests using distilled white vinegar to clean windows and leave them sparkling. “Vinegar is also good for removing lime scale on kettles – just fill the kettle with a solution of one-part water to one-part white vinegar and leave overnight. In the morning, the lime scale will come off easily – but remember to rinse thoroughly to remove odours. You can do the same with showerheads,” Verity adds. “A solution of water and vinegar is also good for keeping lime scale at bay on taps, tiles, basins and baths,” says Verity. “Much like bicarbonate of soda, a cup of vinegar can absorb odours – its vinegary smell will fade over time. Buying vinegar in glass bottles and using it in the above ways can alleviate the need for buying numerous products that normally come in plastic packaging. 4. Opt for natural and reusable cotton cloths

“Opt for natural, reusable and washable cotton cloths or flannels for washing up and cleaning rather than disposable cleaning cloths,” Amanda suggests. “It helps to have a colour code system so you know what is used in different rooms or for different levels of cleaning (to prevent toilet cleaning cloths being mixed up with dish cleaning cloths), or different pots (eg old ice cream tubs) labelled up for you to know which cloth is used for what. “You can also repurpose old T-shirts and other items of clothing that would otherwise be thrown away into cleaning cloths,” she advises.

 5. Be aware of Microfibres in clothes

“A lot of our plastic pollution that goes into the sea comes from microfibres – the small fibres that wash out of our clothes, whether that’s our polyester underwear or our fleece tops,” Julian Kirby, a campaigner at Friends of the Earth told us. He recommends purchasing a product like this one called the Guppyfriend which can go into your washing machine and trap microfibres to prevent them from getting into seawater. “Ultimately we need to have clothes that don’t shed pollution into the sea but in the short time getting something like a Guppyfriend is a great thing you can do on a personal level,” Julian advises. 6. Lemon juice is a must-have [9][10]

“Citrus juice is a natural bleaching agent. Use it to remove stains from chopping boards by rubbing with fresh lemon (or the bottled stuff) and leave overnight. It’s also effective at removing rust stains and half a capful into your wash-load will brighten whites,” Verity of the Good Housekeeping Institute told us.

 7. Try a natural loofah scrubber

“Natural Loofah Scrubbers are completely biodegradable, and can be used for anything from scrubbing pots and pans, to cleaning grimy bathrooms – although you will obviously want separate ones for each job,” says Amanda of Less Plastic. “Once you’ve finished with them they can safely go in the compost – they’re so much more eco-friendly than cloths and scrubbers made from microfibres and plastic.” Amanda recommends these natural loofah scrubbers. 8. Ditch the detergent bottles [11]

“There are lots of recipes online for making your own zero waste washing up liquid or laundry powder or liquid. If you are feeling creative, by all means give some of these a try,” Amanda says. “For those more pressed for time, you may find it easier to search for your nearest health food store that offers refills of Ecover or Method (eco-friendly brands) to reduce plastic packaging use. “There is also a new innovative company called Splosh that sends highly concentrated liquid in returnable and reusable plastic pouches. This means the pouches last a lot longer, as you add water at home (following instruction) but also you never have to throw them away as you simply return them in the cardboard box envelopes provided,” Amanda adds. 9. Make your dishwasher eco-friendly[12][13][14]

“There are lots of zero waste recipes online if you have the time and creativity to try them out,” Amanda advises. “If you are after eco-friendly products, Ecoleaf[15] offer eco-friendly dishwasher tablets with a soluble wrapper, made from plant derived ingredients that are biodegradable and non-hazardous. They come in a cardboard box.”

Five top tips for plastic-free cleaning:

1. Keeping your home decor minimalistic will make you less inclined to buy lots of products you don’t really need.2. Bicarbonate of soda, distilled white vinegar and lemon juice make great natural alternatives to shop-bought products that come in plastic packaging.3. Try resuable cleaning cloths instead of disposable ones. You can even repurpose an old t shirt as a cleaning cloth.4. Use a refill station to top up the same plastic bottles with washing up detergent, rather than buying new bottles every time you need more.5. Look for biodegradable dishwater tablets that are soluble in water.


(Images: Getty) Like this? Subscribe to the Good Housekeeping newsletter.



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Miitohno! Nintendo will shut down Miitomo in May

When it was launched, Miitomo was Nintendo’s first attempt to take the mobile world by storm. It wasn’t quite a hurricane, but Miitomo started strongly and the app had a lot of hype around it. That died down pretty quickly, though, and now Nintendo has announced[1] that on May 9, Miitomo will be no more.

For those who still have the Miitomo app installed, it’s not going to disappear from your phone completely – you just won’t be able to use any of its features, and if you try to open the app after May 9 you’ll receive a notification telling you as much.

Nintendo has already stopped selling the in-app currency Miitomo Coins, and when the app shuts down the company has said it will refund users for any coins they purchased and weren’t able to use.


It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two years since Miitomo was launched; perhaps that’s because after its first couple of months we didn’t really think much about it. It was a weird proposition, and much more of a social experiment than a traditional mobile game. 

In May 2016[2], just two months after its release, surveys suggested that of the 10 million people who had initially downloaded the app only 2.5 million were still actively playing once a week. 

That’s a swift decline, so perhaps it’s not all that surprising that the app has met what feels like an equally swift end. 

We’ve also noticed that since the release of the Switch[3], Nintendo appears to be focusing far less on Mii characters, and all of its mobile games since Miitomo have been seizing on the company’s popular IPs. Perhaps we should have seen this coming long before now.

For those still invested in Miitomo’s world, there’s going to be a ‘Final Thank You Festival’[4] in the run-up to its closure, with daily bonuses. 


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