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27 Google Home commands to help you prepare for the Super Bowl

The biggest football game of the year is just days away now. But it’s not too late to start making preparations for the best Big Game party any of your friends have ever thrown. If you’ve got a Google Home (£129.00 at Walmart) speaker tucked away in the corner of the room, you can put it to work for you.

Below are 27 commands you can use with Google Home to help prepare you for your upcoming wingding.

Prep for the party

Before kickoff, Google Home can help around the kitchen, help you build a grocery list and make sure you’re on time for the party. You can create timers and alarms or find recipes. Or you can just catch up on your favorite football podcast.

  • “OK, Google, set a timer for three hours.”
  • “OK, Google, remind me to go to the grocery store at 1 p.m. on Saturday.”
  • “OK, Google, add chips and dip to my grocery list.”
  • “OK, Google, find recipes from Allrecipes.”
  • “OK, Google, start cooking.”
  • “OK, Google, when does the Super Bowl start?”
  • “OK, Google, tell Domino’s to place my Easy Order.”
  • “OK, Google, play The Dave Dameshek Football Program podcast.”

Football trivia

Brush up on your football trivia before all your friends come over and you have a Jeopardy! moment.

  • “OK, Google, what is the Philadelphia Eagles’ roster?”
  • “OK, Google, where do the New England Patriots play?”
  • “OK, Google, who are the Philadelphia Eagles’ wide receivers?”
  • “OK, Google, who is the coach of New England Patriots?”
  • “OK, Google, who is the running back for the Philadelphia Eagles?”
  • “OK, Google, what is James Harrison’s number?”
  • “OK, Google, how old is Tom Brady?”
  • “OK Google, where did Carson Wentz go to high school?”
  • “OK, Google, where did Corey Clement go to college?”

During the big game

If you don’t choose to disable the microphone (to avoid commercials activating the speaker or that friend constantly messing with the speaker throughout the game), you can also use Google Home to keep up with the game.

You can get the score, ask who Google thinks will win the game or play a fanfare when your team scores a touchdown.

  • “OK, Google, what’s the Super Bowl score?”
  • “OK, Google, touchdown!”
  • “OK, Google, coach, motivate me”
  • “OK, Google, who do you think will/want to win the Super Bowl?” or “OK, Google, give me a game prediction.”
  • “OK, Google, are you watching the Super Bowl?”
  • “OK, Google, are you having a Big Game party?”
  • “OK, Google, do you want to come to my party?”

After the game

When the game is finished, you can rub it in your friends’ faces that your team beat theirs by asking Google who won (then saying, “OK, Google, what did you say?”).

Or ask which commercial was Google’s favorite.

  • “OK, Google, who won the Super Bowl?”
  • “OK, Google, which commercial was your favorite?”

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Marvel Future Fight 3.8 Black Panther update imminent

Another Marvel Future Fight update is on the way soon and it is going to be a huge one with the next patch coinciding with the release of Marvel’s Black Panther in February. As a result, we have already had a few teases of what is going to be in store and we have a quick round-up for those that missed them. The Marvel Future Fight 3.8.0 update release date should be happening on either February 6 or February 7 so it is right around the corner.

Confirmed so far for the patch are: –

New characters:

  • Shuri
  • Killmonger

New uniforms:

  • Black Panther

You can see all of the screenshots and other teases released by Netmarble so far here. If we were to guess what other content will be arriving, then it would be a new Black Panther themed Event Battle and also a new Cinematic Battle too which has a big chance of happening, since there are a lot of new characters being introduced in the movie.

We will update this article and add any new teases that arrive before the patch notes go live on Monday. Let us know what you want to see from the Black Panther update and how many biometrics for the character you have stocked up ready. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

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What to expect from Apple's first iPhone X earnings (The 3:59, Ep. 348)

An Apple Store in Zurich.


On this podcast, we talk about:

The 3:59 gives you bite-size news and analysis about the top stories of the day, brought to you by the CNET News team in New York and producer Bryan VanGelder.

Check out the extended shows on YouTube.

What to expect from Apple’s first iPhone X earnings (The 3:59, Ep.


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3:59 Tech Industry

Google said to offer personalized alternatives to 'OK, Google'

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that’s taken over our lives.

Hey, Google, I choose “Save Me!”

Glenn Chapman/Getty Images

This is personal. I’ve often feared a coming nightmare where far too many people, adults and children alike, are saying and shouting “OK, Google” into the ether. (“Hey, Google” is the only other current option.) During last October’s Google event, the company itself offered a video that showed just how traumatic this would be.

There is, though, sudden hope. Website 9to5 Google reports that it’s analyzed the most recent app code uploaded to the Play Store. Within it lies the potential for uncommon freedom.

It apparently lets users create their own wake-up calls for Google Assistant. This is rare uplift. My girlfriend has become uncommonly fond of summoning her phone’s assistant with the “OK, Google” catchphrase.

It’s begun to grate more than listening to 10 minutes (aka a lifetime) of a politician. If this analysis is verified (Google declined to comment) human genius will be allowed its full breadth. We might sit in our subway cars, buses, offices and restaurants and hear someone bark: “Yo, phone!” Or “Atten-shun!”

We might be graced with our citizens exclaiming: “Hail, Caesar!””Wake up!” or “Stephen Curry!” Who knows what glorious calls to action people might create? And within that, of course, lies a problem, one that makes me think this analysis of the code could be a complete misinterpretation of the actuality.

You just know that some dolt would choose “Heil Hitler!” You can only fear there would also be misguided souls who would select: “Hey, Rihanna!” “Fake News!” or, even worse, “Patriots Win!” So the question, if this delightful dawn were to arrive, would be what limitations Google might place on creativity. I fear they might be stringent.

Or indeed, absolute. I suspect that if Google were ever to expand the choices, they’d be choices carefully chosen by Google. And its lawyers.

Think of it from the company’s point of view. It adores you saying its name, over and over again. Why would it want you to do otherwise?

‘Alexa, be more human’: Inside Amazon’s effort to make its voice assistant smarter, chattier and more like you.

Does the Mac still matter? Apple execs explain why the MacBook Pro was over four years in the making, and why we should care.

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