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Neogaf down for forever fears with no replacement

In a sudden turn of events, we can see that Neogaf is still down on Monday October 23 meaning that the outage hours ago was no coincidence. There are now fears that Neogaf could be dead forever with no replacement in site for gamers. If you go to the Neogaf.com[1] website you will be met with the message ‘Error 503 Service Unavailable’ and this has been the status for the last 24 hours.

There are allegations of sexual harassment against the Neogaf owner Tyler Malka, who goes by the username ‘Evilore’ and it’s been a trending topic on social media ever since the downtime, with gamers unsurprisingly wanting to know what’s going on.

You can see evidence of some of the claims over on Twitter here[2], as it’s obviously a very delicate situation right now and still very much an ongoing incident. We can see that many gamers are saying that it is a ‘good’ thing that Neogaf is down due to the aggressive culture that some say goes on there, while others will obviously miss the good side of Neogaf which is genuine gaming discussions among fans.

Are you shocked by this? Give us your opinion below and we’ll update you once we know more.

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Project Loon might soon become its own company as per an FCC filing

Why it matters to you

There have been plenty of successful Alphabet spinoff companies already, and Project Loon could be joining their ranks. Project Loon, Alphabet’s balloon-based internet service, might be taking flight in a new way. As per a recent FCC filing[1], it would appear that Project Loon is being spun out into its very own company.

This marks an upgrade from its research lab project status, and could make Project Loon the latest business to come out of the Google parent corporation. For years, the high-flying project has been housed under Alphabet’s X division, which is home to many of the company’s more outlandish and creative endeavors. But now that Project Loon has truly proven its mettle (it was recently deployed in Puerto Rico[2] following Hurricane Maria to help restore cell service), it looks like it’s being given more latitude to do its own thing.

Previously, Project Loon balloons were deployed over Peru, where they provided LTE coverage to the nation following a major flood. By relying on a telecom provider, the balloons were able to beam signals down to the ground. Given these successes, it comes as little surprise that Project Loon is being given the opportunity to spread its wings even further.

As per regulatory filings, the company would be named Loon Inc. As per a Business Insider[3] report, Loon has long been a strong contender for being the newest spinoff[4] from Alphabet’s X business. Just a few months ago, Project Loon got a new CEO, which already seemed to signal preparations for a more mature business.

When Alphabet allows a project to become its own business, it generally indicates a certain degree of confidence that the venture is ready to be commercialized. Loon would be able to set its own business objectives, but would become independently responsible for its well-being (something it doesn’t necessarily have to worry about while still under the wing of X). In any case, plenty of Alphabet spinoffs have met with success, including smart home company Nest and navigational app Waymo.

While nothing is entirely official yet, we could soon be seeing more of these internet-beaming balloons in the sky.

We’ve reached out to Project Loon for comment, and will update you with any further developments.


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