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Neogaf down for forever fears with no replacement

In a sudden turn of events, we can see that Neogaf is still down on Monday October 23 meaning that the outage hours ago was no coincidence. There are now fears that Neogaf could be dead forever with no replacement in site for gamers. If you go to the Neogaf.com[1] website you will be met with the message ‘Error 503 Service Unavailable’ and this has been the status for the last 24 hours.

There are allegations of sexual harassment against the Neogaf owner Tyler Malka, who goes by the username ‘Evilore’ and it’s been a trending topic on social media ever since the downtime, with gamers unsurprisingly wanting to know what’s going on.

You can see evidence of some of the claims over on Twitter here[2], as it’s obviously a very delicate situation right now and still very much an ongoing incident. We can see that many gamers are saying that it is a ‘good’ thing that Neogaf is down due to the aggressive culture that some say goes on there, while others will obviously miss the good side of Neogaf which is genuine gaming discussions among fans.

Are you shocked by this? Give us your opinion below and we’ll update you once we know more.

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iPhone X: An ugly deception?

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that’s taken over our lives.

Oh, no it isn’t.

screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You must be quite tense. There’s less than a week to go[1] before you must decide whether to part with £999 — or even £1,149 for the 256 GB version — in order to secure an iPhone X. (Preorders start next Friday[2].) Is it, as Apple insists, the “smartphone of the future”?

Or is it just another iPhone that’s flattering to deceive? Let’s talk about the deception part, because it’s been disturbing me for some weeks now. Apple is marketing iPhone X on its site with these simple words[3]: “It’s all screen.”

It’s short. It’s memorable. Indeed, I have only one problem with it.

Look, I don’t want to be picky, but the iPhone X isn’t all screen. Look even for a moment and you’ll see there’s an ugly black blob at the top of the screen. It’s there to house the TrueDepth camera[4], which will determine whether you are who you look like you are via FaceID[5].

“It offends me. It’s ungainly and unnatural,” influential Apple commentator John Gruber mused[6] of the so-called notch. “I think Jony Ive either lost a bet or lost his mind.

It looks silly, and to pretend otherwise is nonsense,” he added. The marketing, however, tries to turn the nonsense into magical truth. Recently, Ken Segall — who spent 12 years creating ads for Steve Jobs’ Apple and NeXT — offered[7] that Apple’s advertising had always been “intelligent and accurate.”

Oh, I don’t know about that. Remember the “Genius” ads[8] that suggested Apple’s employees would be only too happy to help you if you turned up at their apartment? I suspect that wasn’t accurate. (And Apple tried to excise the ads from the web.)

I’m not sure the most recent promise of “Practically Magic[9]” is all too near the truth either, given that the words were first said about the rather prosaic iPhone 7. Still, Segall is similarly perturbed by the all-screen idea. He sees it as Apple “playing loose with words and images.”

“Of course we can see with our own eyes that iPhone X is not all-screen. It has a noticeable edge around the entire display, which even the Samsung S8 does not have. And then there is ‘the notch,'” he said.

Yes, the notch that only seems less prominent when you have a picture on the screen that happens to have a black area at the top. Does Cupertino believe it can inject the All-Screen thought into human minds and expect people to buy it over the evidence of their own eyes? Did no one, for a moment, stop to wonder whether there might be other, less inaccurate formulations?

And what if, one day, Apple releases a notchless phone? Will Apple simply not mention the screen? Or will it go for “Notchless.

Matchless.”? Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. I do, though, have a depressing thought.

No, not the one that says, “this is just advertising and no one expects it to be accurate.” Look around. We live in an era in which so much of what we hear is, if I may borrow the phrase the president invented[10], fake news.

What’s a little exaggeration when faced with the blatant nonsense that’s peddled at us every day? Look at my picture. I’m all handsome.

Wouldn’t you agree?


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Prosecco Christmas crackers exist and we are so happy

We’ve got Christmas all wrapped up and it’s not even November yet.Our wine advent calendar has been ordered, our Primark Disney baubles are ready to hang and we’ve bought a set of gin pong to keep the whole family entertained. What more could we want?

Well a set of these prosecco Christmas crackers wouldn’t go amiss. Yes, you heard us right, you can now buy a set of Christmas crackers that hold a miniature prosecco surprise instead of that plastic paperclip you’re literally never going to use.

Yay! MORE: THIS CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR COSTS ?10,000 – AND IT’S SO RARE THERE’S ONLY 10 AVAILABLE[1] These crackers are soon-to-be-available to buy on Virgin Wines Sendagift and each contain a joker, hat and wine fact as well as a 200ml bottle of fizz.

Amazing, right? If you love the prosecco crackers you’re probably going to feel equally as positively about the other luxury options that are on offer.

For non-prosecco lovers, there are premium wine Christmas crackers, each of which contains a 187ml bottle of some of the highest rated wines on Virgin Wines. Or, for those that prefer their crackers strong, you can opt for the gin crackers which contain either a measure of Bombay Sapphire or Beefeater London Dry gin and a can of tonic.

We’re sold! The crackers go on sale soon at Virginwines.com so be sure to keep checking the site for info. (via Cosmopolitan UK[2])


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