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Find your moment of Zen with our selection of the best meditation apps

It’s no secret that stress takes a serious toll on your body and psyche. In our constantly connected lives, it’s important to take a little time each day to be mindful of our breath and surroundings at this moment. Meditation allows us a moment of escape.

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no need to meditate for hours on end; spending just a few minutes each day can improve concentration and reduce stress. With the number of excellent meditation apps available for iPhone and Android, it’s easy spend a few moments practicing mindfulness from anywhere. With just your smartphone and a pair of headphones, it’s easy to meditate in the office or even on the train.

Here’s our selection of best meditation apps to help you build your daily practice.


As one of New York’s premier meditation studios, Inscape knows a thing or two about about mindfulness. The Inscape app lets you experience everything the studio has to offer no matter where you live. It allows you to select from a number of different guided meditation exercises, set meditation timers, and even keep a practice journal.

The app also offers an amazing selection of sound meditations. Inscape offers monthly subscriptions starting at £8. There’s a 14-day trial available to new members, so you’ll have a little time to try out the app before committing.

Download now for: iOS


Headspace is one of the oldest, and most well-known meditation apps available for iOS and Android. The subscription-based app helps you build a meditation by providing a Foundation Series to newcomers.

Once you’ve worked through the preliminary meditations, Headspace offers a huge catalog of guided meditations. Headspace subscriptions start at £8, however the company frequently offers promo codes and sales to make the app more affordable. Download now for:

iOS Android

Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think offers much of the same functionality as other apps on our list — meditation exercises at different lengths and focuses. However, Stop, Breathe & Think also has a quick and easy check-in tool that you can use to find the perfect session for you at that exact moment. These check-ins help build mindfulness, the cornerstone of any meditation practice, by helping you recognize emotions and feelings you may experience during certain situations.

Stop, Breathe & Think is available to download for free, but certain meditation sessions cost anywhere between £1 and £3. Download now for: iOS Android

Timeless | Meditation

Timeless offers a simple, minimalist user interface.

The app allows you to select a meditation duration from 8 to 32 minutes. Courses, guided meditations, and personal data is available on the bottom menu. The Timeless app makes it easy to set goals and track your progress.

Timeless offers basic guided meditations and some free courses, but you will have to subscribe to unlock the more advanced guides. The free content within the app is excellent, and should be enough to help you decide if this is the meditation app for you. If you choose to build your meditation practice with Timeless, monthly subscriptions start at £9.

If you’re an Apple Watch owner, then you’ll be happy to know Timeless is compatible with Apple Watch. Download now for: iOS


Aura uses AI to create a personalized meditation experience.

When you open the app, it greets you and asks you to answer a few simple questions, starting with your name and how you feel at that moment. The app creates a 3-minute session based on your answers. These 3-minute sessions are offered to you every day for free.

Like other meditation apps, you can track your mood, but you can also write about your feelings by making notes within the app. Aura is compatible with the Apple Watch, and allows you to share data with iOS Health. While Aura offers a decent selection of free meditations, premium content is available with monthly subscriptions starting at £12.

Download now for:

iOS Android

Update: Added Inscape to the list and removed 10% Happier, Calm, and Omvana.

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Seen here is the Porsche 911 GT 3, which caught our eyes with its sexy curves despite the appearance of the new Panamera Sport Turismo.

Cruise AV is GM's first car without a steering wheel

The autonomous revolution is nearly upon us, and today General Motors is entering the fray properly with this, the Cruise AV. The fruit of GM’s £1 billion acquisition of Cruise Automotive back in March of 2016, the Cruise AV is a properly driverless car. That is to say, it has no steering wheel, no pedals and no real driver controls at all — aside from a touchscreen — and GM says it’ll hit the road in 2019.

Intended just for a GM-operated ride-sharing service, users will summon a Cruise AV using an app, much like they would if using a service like Lyft — which GM also happens to own a fair bit of. Users can also input their destination through the app and the car will safely, silently usher them along. But it goes beyond that.

Users can also input things like preferred temperature and music, and the car will make sure it’s set to your preferences before showing up on the curb.

5 General Motors Cruise AV is more than a Bolt without a steering wheel

Once inside, passengers will receive constant updates on the car’s progress and status through a series of touchscreens: one in the dash up front and two more behind the headrests for passengers in the rear. It’s through these screens the car will give an idea of what it can “see” of the world around.

And how will it see? Through a complex and redundant series of optical, laser and radar scanners, including three separate radar systems.

Should any one of the sensor systems fails, a backup system could cover.

Likewise, the autonomous processing system is fully redundant, so that any failure there would simply result in switching from one to the other.

Redundancy is the name of the game.

General Motors

The Cruise AV has been tested extensively in San Francisco (and we’ve surely seen them motoring around at all hours of the day and night) and presumably will launch there first in 2019, when they start hitting the roads.

No word on when they might be available to other ride-sharing services or, indeed, whether you or I will ever be able to buy one, but GM says the Cruise AV is a big part of its plan for “a future with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion.” That sounds like a pretty good place to us.

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