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Hiram library adding to gardens, renovating donated church space – Conway Daily Sun

What happens when a bonanza of plants and stone intersect with Friends of Soldiers Memorial Library landscaping aspirations? Gardens galore!

Did you ever wonder what happens to plants unsold at the Soldiers Memorial Library annual Memorial Day Bake Book Bloom Bargains Sale?

Well, this year some interesting hostas joined three dwarf shrubs to soften up the hard metal handicap ramp, and some daylilies inspired a new planting where they dressed up the bare stony slope on Hancock Ave.

In a similar mode, granite slabs in the way of plans to install a handicap ramp at 8 Hancock Ave. were transformed into a raised bed, made possible by the generosity and manpower of Cliff Whitney of Hand Cut Granite, and received the thinnings of the organic vegetable demonstration garden planted by Maine Organic Farming and Gardening Association the day after an April snow storm. They have blossomed beyond belief.

Volunteers prepared the triangle bed under the ramp at the library, 85 Main St., last summer by laying down newspapers at least 10 pages thick over the turf and covering with 3 inches of plain cedar mulch. In June three dwarf shrubs were planted through the dead turf.

As daylily donations come in volunteers will expand the slope and add compost and mulch. People are asked to bring their donations to the library — no orange “wild tawny” daylilies, but excess hybrid orange, yellow, red, pink, salmon and white daylilies are very welcome. More than 50 daylilies have been planted so far!

Next week, a donation of pine bark mulch will be laid to retain moisture, reduce weeds and retain earth on the slope in the face of rain deluges.

New space

Library activity is not limited to gardens. At the library’s newly gifted former church building adjacent at 8 Hancock Ave., renovations continue apace. A new roof, front door to accommodate a handicap ramp and expansion of toilet facilities for community activities, including yoga classes, concerts and the aforementioned Bake, Bloom, Book, Bargain sale.

For more information, call (207) 625-4762.

Girard’s Mile-Long Yard Sale continues Saturday – GoErie.com

Shoppers come from near and far for bargains along Lake Street and side streets.

Valerie Myers @ETNMyers

GIRARD — When neighbors first told Kathleen Langford about the Lake Street Mile-Long Yard Sale, she didn’t grasp the enormity of it.

Langford first heard about the sale when she bought her house on Lake Street in Girard in 2006.

“I innocently said, ‘How big can it be?'” Langford said. “It was like a carnival.”

The Mile-Long Sale has been a Girard tradition the weekend after another Girard tradition — Dan Rice Days — for almost a half-century. This year’s sale started Friday and continues Saturday along Lake Street, from Rice Avenue to Bethel Assembly of God church, and along side streets.

Books, DVDs, furniture, toys, clothes, record albums, housewares, even vehicles are for sale on front lawns.

And many lawns accommodate four or five sales.

Kacey Owens and husband Ben on Friday were joined by Kacey’s parents, Ben’s mother and a cousin, all with items displayed on tables on their lawn. The Owens also sold some things, and have for the eight years they’ve lived on Lake Street, Kacey Owens said.

Finding things to sell isn’t a problem, she said.

“I keep digging through things saying, ‘That’s got to go,’ and, ‘That’s got to go,'” she said, arranging the items on a table early Friday.

Sellers from beyond the neighborhood set up shop on Girard High School property fronting Lake Street. Refreshments and Amish-made baked goods are also for sale.

Shoppers each year come from as far away as West Virginia. On Lake Street on Friday, Jesse Casebolt Jr., 46, watched as his father, Jesse Casebolt Sr., 77, strapped a lawn mower to the roof of their minivan. The Casebolts drove 315 miles from Webster Springs, West Virginia, just for the sale, and not for the first time. They’ve come regularly in recent years.

“Sometimes they have a lot of good stuff up here,” the younger Casebolt said. “But it’s a long drive.”

Girard native Marilyn Bowser was home from Florida for her 45th Rice Avenue Union High School reunion, and stayed a little longer for the sale.

“I remember going every single year,” she said.

Jeannie Kosmatine, from Girard, also goes to the sale almost every year. Kosmatine remembers buying canning jar lids and seals some years ago.

“They were $1 apiece, and I bought something like 30 of them,” Kosmatine said. “My entire family has used those lids. I don’t know if I even have any left. You can find some really good bargains.”

Including books and a banana costume for Halloween, bought this year by Christina Hickman and her son, Noah Hickman, of Lake City.

Bargains for sale on Esther Kuntz’s lawn this year include T-shirts left over from the 2017 Dan Rice Days festival. Kuntz had already sold four, for $5 each — half price — early Friday.

Kuntz has been selling things for every Mile-Long Sale since 1969 or 1971; recollections vary on when the late Linnie Meeder and Dorothy Vangor organized the first Mile-Long Sale.

Kuntz remembers being at work when Vangor stopped by and asked if she could “put some things out” for the sale. Kuntz found toys and clothes her children had outgrown, and displayed them on a ladder and pole. Kuntz’ daughter, Karen, then 9, handled the sales while her parents worked.

“I got home that day and she said, ‘Don’t ever make me do that again,'” Kuntz said. “People wanted to buy the ladder, a wash basin and the dog.”

Valerie Myers can be reached at 878-1913 or by email. Follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/ETNmyers.

Klarstein Window Seal for Mobile Air Conditioning Units • 3.9 m • Zipper Velcro • Prevents the Entry of Hot Air • For Use on Title Open Windows or Roof Slopes • White

Now get even more power from your mobile air conditioning unit with the window seal set from Klarstein.

The innovative textile can be used with all types of windows, whether they are tilted, opened or used as roof slope windows.

It effectively prevents the penetration of warm air through the exhaust hose window after installation, thus considerably increasing the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Installation is simple and straightforward: with a Velcro band, the textile seal is attached around the window gap. The length allows for use with larger windows of 4m. The built-in zipper provides the ability to lead the exhaust air tube through the seal with a variable position. The air conditioning is then fully connected. If the hose is pulled out of the seal and furled inside, the window may be closed at any time without having to remove the textile.

Another positive effect: in addition to the hot air, insects such as wasps, flies and mosquitos are hindered from entering your home.

Please note that the article is intended for use with the Klarstein Pure Blizzard air conditioners. In general, it can be used with all air conditioners with exhaust hoses. Please check the compatibility of your device.

Available colours: white.


• Easy installation with Velcro strap • Intended for use with Klarstein  Pure Blizzard air conditioners • Variable exhaust hose opening with zipper • Suitable by 4m length on larger windows • Appropriate window size: 2x window height + 1x window width

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