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This unique open-air hotel room looks like a giant bird’s nest

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If you’re up for a different kind of hotel experience, then how about a night in a “bird’s nest”? Here’s a hotel room unlike any other. Designed to resemble a bird’s nest (an extremely large one, it has to be said), guests can watch the sun go down, gaze at the stars, and sleep out in the fresh air.

The unique accommodation perched above the surrounding trees is at Segera Retreat in the Kenyan county of Laikipia, considered as one of the country’s most important wildlife regions. Lit up with lanterns at night, the nest[1] also offers a sheltered room down below in case spending the entire night outside isn’t to your liking. Guests are promised a “magical” African sunset during a picnic-style dinner on the top of the nest, and breakfast can be enjoyed “while watching elephants, giraffe, and other wildlife” gather at the nearby river.

Now you certainly don’t get that with your average Motel 6. Or any of them for that matter. The stunning design is the result of a collaboration between Segera Retreat and hand-crafted accessories outfit Nay Palad, who worked with award-winning French architect Daniel Pouzet to create a vacation experience[2] that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Operated by conservationist Jochen Zeitz, Segera Retreat boasts “fun, adventure, spiritual reflection and peace” for guests able and willing to fork out the fees, which start at around £1,200 per person per night.

The retreat uses solar power to provide it with all of its energy needs — including for heating the luxury outdoor baths — and makes use of recycled and captured rainwater to give life to its gardens and cultivate homegrown vegetables for the retreat’s restaurant. While undoubtedly remarkable, the nest isn’t the first outdoor accommodation to have caught our eye. Remember this “open-air hotel room”[3] in the Swiss Alps, comprising a bed and … er … that’s it.

That’s right, it doesn’t even bother with basics like walls and a ceiling, and the nearest public restroom is apparently a 10-minute walk away. Taking minimalist hotel design to a whole new level, the Null Stern Hotel costs around £250 a night and includes butler service and breakfast. As for Segera Retreat’s offbeat offering, we’re hoping that sleeping in something resembling a giant bird’s nest hasn’t resulted in some of the larger local birds mistaking it for home, swooping in just as guests are trying to nod off.

Although true adventurers would no doubt welcome such an experience.

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Wooden Standing Horse Toy | Play Horse XXL | Alternative to Large Rocking Horse | Handmade in Germany | Highest quality from Wildkinder | Robust, Stable, Secure | For Outdoors, Garden and Indoors | Weatherproof Glaze | Delivered Pre-assembled | Very Simple to Assemble | Color: Dark Brown with Blond Mane – Discount Price


Brand quality handmade in Germany. Skilled craftsmen have been building this SB© toy for years for indoors and outdoors. Simple, distinct forms nurture the creativity and imagination of kids. Combined with physical activity in the open air, it is a great boost to the well-being and motor development. It has been proven in many studies. The wildkinder brand specializes on the natural development of children. Feel free to contact us on Amazon or Wildkinder.com

  • ✅BRAND QUALITY HAND MADE IN GERMANY: No cheap imports. Skilled craftsmen manufacture the wooden horse/Equestrian vaulting horse by hand from wood. Many of these horses have already been weatherproof in gardens for years (special SB© toy glaze).
  • ✅ KIDS LOVE IT: All girls want a horse, ours is the best alternative to a real horse. And the cowboy boys also love Dakota. The natural forms without too much details nurtures the creativity and imagination of children. At the same time the kids are physically active and improve their motor skills in open air.
  • ✅SAFE, STABLE, DURABLE: The head is made of waterproof glued WISA spruce plywood. The legs are made from robust spruce construction timber (7.5 cm × 6) and are slanted to the ground for optimum stability. The body made of larch is also braced in order to provide maximum stability. All edges are rounded or beveled and prevent any injury. The movable head is made such that the hinges don’t pose any threat of injury.
  • ✅ DIMENSIONS: Seat height or Height: 105 cm / head height: 134 cm / Length: 90cm / Seat width: 45 cm. These measures have proven to be ideal for both younger and older children. Do not underestimate DAKOTA, it’s big. Even an adult of 1.90 meters can sit on DAKOTA without his feet touching the ground. So DAKOTA is not boring when the kids grow older.
  • ✅ AGE RECOMMENDATIONS: Children playing with DAKOTA should be at least three years old. NOTE: they cannot of course get on the horse without help. They need an aid or even older children or adults to help them. Most children from six years old can get on the horse by themselves. Even children of 11-12 years still get much excitement playing with DAKOTA. PLEASE NOTE ALL LEGAL WARNINGS BELOW, IN THE MANUAL OR ON OUR WEBSITE WILDKINDER.COM.

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Zwim goggles integrate a near-eye display for underwater tracking

Why it matters to you

Now you can be like Iron Man in the pool. Zwim allows you to monitor your essential swimming data with an integrated near-eye display while underwater. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take more of your devices underwater[1] without worrying about any damage?

If you’re looking for more smart and wearable tech to take for a swim[2], Palo Alto company Fiscally Inc. just may have the perfect device for you. Its newest project, Zwim[3], recently went live on Kickstarter[4]. These goggles allow swimmers to see and monitor real-time data while underwater, functioning much like a head-up display.

Ceo/Founder and triathlete Taegoo Kang believes that waterproof watches simply do not work to track swims. The main reason for this is you have to stop in the middle of your swim in order to check the data on the watch, interrupting the flow of your workout. This obstacle led Kang to develop Zwim.

The goggles are designed to detect and calculate things like your time, laps, heart rate, and even how many calories you’re burning, all while swimming. The display module inside the Zwim goggles gives the wearer a high-resolution and full-color visual output. It provides high clarity even when you are in a bright environment, and you’re able to switch screens by simply pushing a button.

You can configure the number of sections per screen between 1 to 4 through the settings option. You can switch from the screen displaying your lap time, to your distance, heart rate, or calorie count. Following your extensive training session, you can open up your phone and use the mobile app to sync your data, check out your results, and even share with friends.

The connection between the Zwim goggles and your smartphone is going to be made through Bluetooth, and the app will be available for both iOS and Android phones. The goggles are even replaceable. If they begin to feel worn out or if they are accidentally damaged, you can simply separate the goggles from the main device So you don’t have to buy brand the Zwim tech again; just replace the goggles with a new pair.

The Zwim project has a funding goal of £50,000 by Saturday, December 2 of this year.

It currently has more than 45 backers and has raised over £15,000.

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