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One For All Amplified Indoor Aerial – 45dB Gain – Ready to recieve Freeview – HD Ready – black – SV9360 – Reduced To Clear

With Signal Clear Technology and can be powered by set-top box or by the supplied mains adaptor

  • UP TO 45dB GAIN – Get excellent reception for digital TV and DAB+ radio with this One For All amplified indoor aerial.
  • RECEIVE FREEVIEW – With Freeview, you can watch over 70 digital TV channels and up to 15 HD channels through your One For All aerial.
  • HD TV – Optimised for reception of HD TV and DAB+ radio.
  • 3G/4G LTE FILTER – Enjoy a crystal clear reception with this One For All amplified aerial, thanks to its unique 3G/4G block-filter that shields all 3G and 4G mobile phone signals to ensure the best possible reception.
  • 0-9 MILES RECEPTION RANGE – For best performance we recommend to use this aerial within a range of 9 miles from your nearest transmitter.

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TV Aerial, Freeview Indoor TV Aerial, 60+ Miles Range Aluminum Foil Amplified Indoor Digital HDTV Aerial Antenna for TV with 1080P VHF/UHF/FM Strong Reception, TV Booster Aerial Amplifier with 10FT High Performance Coax Cable Assembled – Reviews


Specifications:-Working Frequency: VHF47~230MHz,UHF 470~862MHz -V.S.W.R.: ≤2-Max Gain:5dBi(30dBi with amplifier )-Impedance:75Ohm-Material of Coaxial Cable:Cu 1.5C-2V L=3M-Connector Type:F Male/IEC Male-Reception Range: 35 miles (50miles with amplifier)-Size:20*20*0.10cm

Three Step Installation: Step 1:Place the Aerial in an area with maximize signal strength Step 2:Connect the aerial directly to HDTV’s with HD tuners or through a set-top box for TVs without HD turns Step 3:Scan for channels and access all your favorite local and national programming completely for Free!!

Option: Amplifier Booster Installation Step 1: Connect the female end/IEC of attached coaxial cable to the male end of the amplifier. Step 2: Connect the female end/IEC of the amplifier to the ANT/IN connector on TV set or the Set Top Box. Step 3: Power the amplifier by plugging the amplifier’s SB© USB connector into an open SB© USB port on the TV or the Set Top Box or into a wall outlet using one power adapter (not included). Step 4: Mount the antenna with the stickers attached ( antenna without amplifier also needed ).

Note:1. Move the antenna around to find the best location for placement. Generally, facing the antenna to the TV towers will have better reception. Find out the locations of your local TV towers through dtv.gov/maps 2. Run ‘channel scan’ whenever the antenna is moved.3. If your TV doesn’t have a built-in tuner, a Set Top Box is needed to pull in HDTV signals. 4. The signal strength is up to many factors, including the distance to the TV towers, terrain, obstacles, weather etc.

While, Please Contact us in Case You Have Any Questions or Problems with Installation, We Would Like to Offer You Help with the Best Solution.

  • 60+ MILE LONG RANGE ACCESS: Strong Signal Reception! Support video Format: 720p, 1080i, 1080p | ATSC, Working Frequency: VHF47~230MHz,UHF 470~862MHz;V.S.W.R.: ≤2; Reception Range: 35 miles (60+miles with amplifier) While, installed it within possible of maximize signal strength. Generally, the Aerial should be kept far from disturbance source, cooling machine, lift, blower or microwave oven etc.
  • AMPLIFIED ALUMINUM FOIL AERIAL: aluminum foil has a stronger ability of receiving signals broadcast in the air, and they have great features in free suspended and movement, we have adopt with the newest crystal clear filter technology in receiving signal and converting it into digital TV signal. Besides it filters out cellular and FM signals resulting in HD video display, low noise and access to more broadcast TV signals.
  • FREEVIEW WITH CHANNELS OF TV FUN: Never will you pay hugely expensive cable tv subscriptions or satellite fees any more! Get FREE HD live programs and enjoy more TV fun like BBC, ITV, CHANNEL 4, Sky, FOX and any other TV programs signal broadcast within 60+ miles range with our this set of amplified aluminum foil HDTV Aerial.
  • DETACHABLE AMPLIFIED SIGNAL BOOSTER WITH HIGH PERFORMANCE COAX CABLE: amplified the receiving signal with the help of amplified signal booster, in case you were located in remote area with inferior signal Reception; 10Ft HIGH PERFORMANCE COAXIAL cable:Cu 1.5C-2V L=3M Connector Type:F Male / IEC Male, makes indoor TV antenna easier installation and free suspended it in your house to get the best reception. Coaxial cable has less signal attenuation, ensuring a clear and stable video quality.
  • BEST FOR YOU–with 100% Quality and Kindly After-Sales Service Guarantee, Installation Guide… Get our RAGNAROS Indoor HDTV Antenna with 10ft coaxial cable,Aluminum foil TV antenna, SB© USB power adapter, Amplifier Signal Booster, enjoying TV fun for FREE!!!

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30 Miles Of Deals – The Daily Record (registration)


Of The Record Staff

Residents in Sampson and Cumberland counties hosted the third annual Maxwell Road Endless Yard Sale that stretches along what starts as Maxwell Road in Sampson County for 30 miles. This event is one that people in both counties are proud to host and welcomes everyone with open arms.

A sea of cars and people could be seen for miles along Maxwell Road for this one-day community event. People came from everywhere to take part in this two-county event. Things got off to a slow start due to the early morning rain, but once the rain cleared out, people were out in search of bargains See Yard Sale, Page 3

Aubrey Williams collects money from Caden Williams, right, during the Maxwell Road Endless Yard Sale. Aubrey sold out of her 25 gallons of lemonade by noon.

Daily Record Photo/Melody Brown-Peyton Yard Sale

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and unique items.

Bargain hunters shopped for clothes, household items — you name it, this yard sale had it. The yard sale also featured a lemonade stand that was run by 7-yearold Aubrey Williams. By lunchtime, she had sold out of her 25 gallons of lemonade. Shoppers enjoyed fresh-squeezed lemonade for $1 that helped them stay cool during the warm weather.

The yard sale offered something for everyone at bargain prices and a time of community fellowship along with an opportunity to give back to the community. This is the third year of the Maxwell Road Endless Yard Sale. It is held the second Saturday in August.

Sherry Bostic started it three years ago as a way to make some extra money for medical bills. Now, she helps facilitate it, but doesn’t get any money from it.

Many people taking part in the yard sale said they look forward to coming out each year to what is now a community event.

“Once the rain tapered, off people really came out and it had been a really good day,” said Hilda Knowles, a vendor.

The Maxwell Road Endless Yard Sale is fashioned like the Endless Yard Sale that takes place in June. For two days, bargain hunters travel along U.S. 301 for the 100-mile stretch in search of an array of items at deep discounted prices. The yard sale is growing each year and has become a community-wide event.

Rose Autry, who took part in the yard sale, said she was bargain shopping for family members. Many shoppers had a game plan in place as they drove along Maxwell Road.

Yard sales have been around for many years and people enjoy finding items they can no longer find in stores. The sun did come out and along with warm temperatures, shoppers had snacks, water and soft drinks to stay refreshed.

Rose Autry looks through a rack of clothing during the annual Maxwell Road Endless Yard Sale event. The yard sale runs through Sampson and Cumberland counties.

Daily Record Photo/Melody Brown-Peyton



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