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Vitaco Chooses Bauer To Launch Aussie Bodies’ New Product – B&T

Bauer Media has created an integrated campaign for nutrition company Vitaco after winning a competitive pitch against a global advertising agency.

Vitaco awarded Bauer the launch campaign for its new Aussie Bodies Lo-Carb Whip’d bar based on an insight that on average, one in four women feel guilty after eating chocolate.

Bauer’s Brand Xperience team led the successful pitch and generated the insight based on their research findings of things that women feel most guilty about.

Targeted at women aged 25 to 45 with busy and active lifestyles, the campaign has been designed to raise awareness for the Lo-Carb Whip’d bar variants and convert customers through trial.

The creative, which was produced by Bauer Creative Studios, centres around how Aussie Bodies Lo-Carb Whip’d bars give women one less thing to feel guilty about with a call to action, ‘Aussie women, it’s time to let go of some of the guilt’.

The campaign includes video, native content, social media and magazine creative, and will run across Bauer’s portfolio of premium and trusted brands. In addition, the bars have been reviewed on Bauer’s newly-launched product review website, TrialTeam.com.au[1].

Jane Waterhouse, general manager of commercial and innovation at Bauer Xcel Media, said: “Bauer has influential relationships with high-value audiences, and we are delighted to be able to create customers for Aussie Bodies by connecting their products with our audience.

“The decision to award Bauer this campaign over a larger and more established creative agency is testament to the talent, data and expertise we have in-house, and demonstrates the deep understanding we have of women and how to engage with them.”

Amy Huntley, marketing manager at Aussie Bodies, said the campaign is quite a departure from those Aussie Bodies has done in the past.

“However, the insights that Bauer uncovered are extremely powerful, and subsequently this messaging has become the central piece to an integrated campaign that includes video, social, digital, sampling, multi-level in-store activations and ambassador participation,” she said.


  1. ^ TrialTeam.com.au (www.bandt.com.au)

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