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Searing 'Sorry to Bother You' could be 2018's 'Get Out'

I make no apologies for saying that “Sorry to Bother You” could be the new “Get Out“. It’s not a horror film and it’s probably too out-there to achieve the mainstream box-office success of Jordan Peele‘s Oscar-nominated hit, but there are big similarities. It’s the work of a first-time director known for another medium, it’s got Lakeith Stanfield in it, and most notably it uses fantastical elements to throw a grenade under very real social issues.

Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, “Sorry to Bother You” is something of a Sundance success story. Rapper turned writer and director Boots Riley worked his way through the festival’s filmmaking mentorship schemes in previous years to become the toast of this year’s event. His film was one of the most buzzed-about on this year’s bill, and in a quiet year for distribution deals at the festival it’s been picked up by Annapurna Pictures.

Hopefully that means you’ll get to see it for yourself some time in the not-too-distant future, because this wildly ambitious and outrageous satire really needs to be seen to be believed. The film is headlined by a trio of the past year’s breakout stars: alongside Lakeith Stanfield are Tessa Thompson from “Thor: Ragnarok” and Armie Hammer from “Call Me By Your Name“. Also on board are Terry Crews, Danny Glover and Steven Yeun from “The Walking Dead“, as well as a couple of bonkers voiceover cameos.

Lanky, likeable Stanfield is Cassius “Cash” Green, who discovers a talent for telemarketing and finds himself torn between loyalty to his fellow workers and an opportunity to grasp the brass ring of workplace success. The film opens in a stylised world of harsh reds and sickly yellows and office grotesques, and slowly spirals into an increasing skewed parallel reality somewhere between the warped weirdness of Charlie Kaufman and the off-kilter visual flourishes of Michel Gondry — before making a final leap into the utterly surreal.

Enlarge Image

Lakeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson make no apologies in “Sorry to Bother You”.

Sundance/Doug Emmett

It’s packed with incendiary moments and provocative satire, blasting away at all manner of targets including but not limited to: the inhumanity of late-stage capitalism, corporate greed, police brutality, racial division, the sharing economy and Silicon Valley’s headlong charge into the future. The film deftly skewers the euphemisms of exploitation, euphemisms that rebrand working until you drop as an achievement and selling out your peers as getting ahead.

The characters are tempted by signing away their lives to a corporation that owns them as essentially modern-day slaves, an indentured servitude euphemistically rebranded as becoming “Worry-Free”. In this scathing vision of modern free-market freebootery, each level of aspiration is revealed to be just another scam, whether it’s an overcrowded VIP room in a bar or a workplace promotion that requires unspeakable sacrifice. And no matter how hard you work, no matter how much of yourself you give, it’s never enough.

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This searing assault on the world of work culminates in an increasingly barmy turn from Armie Hammer as a sociopathic Silicon Valley CEO.

He’s the sort of CEO who genuinely thinks he’s inventing a new world, a caricature of the sort of disruption-happy entrepreneur who gave us such ill-thought out ideas as Soylent, Juicero and Bodega. With so many targets, it’s inevitable that not all the scattershot satirical strikes find their mark. But there’s so much vigour and invention — and so many flat-out hilarious moments — that it’s hard not to be swept along by the demented ingenuity on display.

Whether “Sorry To Bother You” has anything like the impact of “Get Out” remains to be seen, but it’s easily going to stand up as one of the freshest and most unpredictable debuts of the year.

Weird and unapologetic, it’s very much worth the bother.

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Blue Ivy shushing Beyonce and Jay-Z inspires best Grammys meme

The meme spawned at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards is going to come in so handy. Blue Ivy Carter, 6, seated between parents Beyonce and Jay-Z, was captured on camera apparently shushing her famous folks as they applauded singer Camila Cabello. Not many people get to tell Bey and Jay what to do, but their oldest child definitely holds that privilege.

Twitter users were quick to share the image.

Did Blue Ivy just hush her parents? Iconic #GRAMMYs pic.twitter.com/KsAcJCMGxn

— ???? (@LunaLuuvgood) January 29, 2018


— buttercup. (@_iPiiNKYPROMiSE) January 29, 2018

Yo did Blue Ivy just tell her parents to not clap? Lol. #GRAMMYs pic.twitter.com/Lrvf3DasbO

— Music Heads TV? (@MusicHeadsTV) January 29, 2018

Blue: calm down mother, dad you too.

Y’all bring attention and you already know I didn’t wanna be here.

Thanks https://t.co/dqdXq5OKD4

— Fresco(TM) (@Frescomelts) January 29, 2018

Blue ain’t forget how they did Mom last year.

God forgives, small children do not. https://t.co/rwSPLwYX6J

— Jamilah (@JamilahLemieux) January 29, 2018

y’all think blue funny but Beyonce giving her a whooping as soon as she get home

— ? (@bIackfonds) January 29, 2018

Blue telling Bey and Jay to simmer down? pic.twitter.com/qSSQC7UMWD

— Black Girl Culture (@blkgirlculture) January 29, 2018

“Stop embarrassing me” pic.twitter.com/Vm7FMatzHP

— agerenesh ashagre (@agerenesh) January 29, 2018

“Keep it cool, Ma.” Can you imagine saying that to Beyonce?

— Sharley (@MermaidOnTV) January 29, 2018

She hit them with that “please act like you’ve been here before”

— Amy Blackhouse (@aanywhore) January 29, 2018

I think it’s safe to say that both of them are wrapped around her right pinky finger

— ?RocKSteady? (@TabbyV_) January 29, 2018

Blue told Beyonce to stop clapping and Beyonce did what she was told

— Girth Brooks (@_liddoboss) January 29, 2018

Expect to see the GIF of Blue’s royal shushing used whenever someone, anyone, on social media needs to be told to chill out or pipe down.

As soon as I saw that live I was like “Oh yeah this is about to be a meme” ???

— Mica Powers (@Mica4Life) January 29, 2018

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iTunes tweaks suggest Apple's first Windows 10 app is almost here

Microsoft is still trying to make a go of its Windows Store and its universal Windows 10 apps – those apps that adapt well to different device form factors and which are the only apps you can use on Windows 10 S[1]. New tweaks made to iTunes for Windows suggest a Windows Store version of the mammoth media player is almost here.

Italian site Aggiornamenti Lumia spotted[2] a new ItunesUWP file hidden in the code of the latest version of iTunes for Windows, with UWP standing for Universal Windows Platform – the platform that these specialized Windows 10 apps are built on top of.

Microsoft and Apple have been promising iTunes would make it to the Windows Store since last summer[3], with the original aim to get it out by the end of the year. As we’re now well into 2018, it would seem getting such a huge and bloated program down into a trimmed UWP version is a job that’s taken longer than anyone imagined.

Details, details

As for exactly what you’ll be able to do in the Windows Store version of iTunes, we’re still not sure. Apple Music[4] support is a given, of course, but it’s likely that some of the functionality of the full iTunes will get cut so that the software works properly on the stripped-down, lightweight Windows 10 S operating system.

As yet there are no official updates from Microsoft or Apple, so we’re still guessing as to when this app might be made available to download, but around March time seems a good bet: that’s when the next major update for Windows 10[5] is expected to come down the pipe.

With users rather restricted in terms of what they can download from the Windows Store at the moment – Windows 10 S forces users[6] to put up with Microsoft Edge and Bing for their web browsing and web searching respectively – we’re looking forward to seeing more software made available in the UWP format.

Via Softpedia[8]


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Facebook announces scholarships for students pursuing careers in journalism

Over the course of the past year, Facebook has made an effort to curtail the influence of fake and misleading news stories on its platform. Most of its efforts have focused on limiting the ability of fake news stories to go viral or providing a means to easily fact-check a story. However, Facebook’s most recent effort is taking a more indirect approach by offering scholarships to students seeking to pursue careers in journalism.

The company is partnering with multiple organizations in order to help provide students from diverse backgrounds with the opportunity to pursue a career in journalism, communications or digital media. The eligible organizations include the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Asian American Journalists Association, Native American Journalists Association and National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. Each of the four organizations will receive grants of £250,000 and will be able to award £50,000 over five years.

In addition, five scholarships of £10,000 will be given to applicants each year. In order to be eligible for these scholarships, the students must be enrolled as juniors, seniors, or graduate students in accredited U.S. universities. Of course, those students must be pursuing degrees in journalism, digital media, or communications.

Additionally, applicants will need to submit proof of coursework, a letter of recommendation, and clips or writing samples that demonstrate their commitment to the field of journalism. This move is just the latest in Facebook’s recent efforts to address its influence on the field of journalism. Along with Google, the site accounts for one of the web’s largest sources of ad revenue and many sites use Facebook to reach or expand their audience.

Facebook’s influence came to head during the aftermath of the 2016 election, as many accused the platform of being a haven for fake news and propaganda. Facebook has rolled out many efforts to address this problem. One of its first attempts was partnering with fact-checking organizations such as Snopes and PolitiFact to check the accuracy of disputed news stories.

However, it has recently pivoted away from this move to more user-driven approach.

The company has also worked to improve its algorithms to make it harder for clickbait to thrive on the platform.

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This high-end audio shop aims for young audiophiles

Noho Sound & Stereo has a younger vibe than the other high-end shops I’ve visited over the past few years. There’s an energy to the place, which stems from the owners Alex Roy, Ron Kain, Chris Petranis and their desire to attract a younger clientele.

Enlarge Image

A look inside Noho Sound & Stereo.

Noho Sound & Stereo

Noho Sound is reaching them through social media, and they regularly host live music concerts for 50 to 100 people in the store, in a nearby loft space and at the World of McIntosh townhouse in New York City. Noho also has a relationship with Groupmuse, a platform that brings classical chamber music concerts into people’s homes and businesses.

Those Noho shows are attracting Julliard students, and the store also does jazz and rock concerts. There are also themed listening nights, with a wide range of recorded music. By exposing people to great music right away, those potential customers are then encouraged to listen to these new favorite songs on Noho Sound’s systems.

Hearing and feeling their music in a different, more meaningful way changes people. Not everyone of course, but some get it, and they come away knowing great sound changes the way they feel about music. That’s what brick and mortar audio stores offer that you can’t get online.

Noho Sound also seems to be attracting a lot more women, who in my experience often feel ignored at other high-end shops.

That’s wonderful news right there.

18 NYC’s newest high-end audio shop caters to the youth movement

Noho Sound’s selection of high-end brands range from Audio Research, Aurender, DeVore Fidelity, Focal, McIntosh Labs, Musical Fidelity, Naim, Sonus Faber, Sonos, and U-Turn Audio to name a few. There’s lots of expensive gear, but complete system prices start around £1,300. Bottom line: Buying and owning an audio system should be fun, and that’s what Noho Sound is all about.

The store operates on an appointment-only basis.

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