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TrueCall 140 Hour SD Memory Card for TrueCall Devices

trueCall Call Recorder is a memory card that allows your trueCall unit make audio recordings of some or all of your telephone calls. You can also save and archive any important answering machine messages. Why would you want to record calls? It is easier to resolve disputes over ‘who said what to who, and when’ relating to products or services you have bought. Banks and insurance companies keep recordings of calls for their own protection in case of a dispute – why shouldn’t you have access to the same information? If you receive malicious calls, this information may make it easier to take legal action to stop them. You can keep a record of harassment by debt collection companies. Keep a record of what you have agreed to in case of mis-selling and slamming. trueCall Call Recorder is an SD Card – the same sort of memory card that is used in many digital cameras. It comes with trueCall Message Centre software that allows you to copy your call recordings and messages you your PC where you can store, annotate and manage them. This trueCall Call Recorder card can store up to 70 hours of telephone conversations and messages.

  • Works with trueCall units – 140 hours recording time
  • Record incoming and outgoing telephone conversations
  • Transfer your recordings to your PC
  • Includes Message Centre software for your PC
  • Includes SD/SB© USB converter

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Elon Musk offers first look at Boring Company’s futuristic freeway under L.A.

Why it matters to you

It’s impossible to say if Musk’s ambitious plan will ever become a fully fledged system, but the Boring Company is certainly making progress. Yes, it’s definitely a tunnel. Elon Musk has just posted the very first photo of a tunnel dug by his Boring Company beneath the streets of Los Angeles as the billionaire entrepreneur goes after his dream of building a subterranean — and speedy — transportation system to help reduce traffic congestion on the busy streets above.

Snapped over the weekend, the image shows something far beyond a simple muddy hole that some of you may have been expecting to see. Rather, it’s clear the team has been doing some serious work on its debut tunnel, fully building out the section with all the necessary bells and whistles. Musk, a man who certainly isn’t shy about championing grand ideas, first mentioned his futuristic boring plan last year, one that apparently came to him while stuck in his car on a gridlocked freeway.

“Traffic is driving me nuts,” he tweeted in December, 2016. “Am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging…” At the time, no one knew what on earth he was talking about. They do now. The project, if it’s carried through to completion, will involve building a sprawling network of tunnels criss-crossing the city.

Vehicles would be carried through the tunnels aboard track-based electric sleds at speeds of up to 150 mph. A vehicle and its occupants would be lowered from street level onto the sled, while cyclists and pedestrians would use the system by stepping into large pods available for public use. The sleds would switch from the main tunnel to side tunnels to exit and enter the main artery in order to keep the system moving. “This is a big difference compared to subways that stop at every stop, whether you’re getting off or not,” Musk said.

On his Instagram page where he posted the tunnel photo, Musk said the Boring Company‘s first route will go “roughly parallel” to Interstate 405 from Los Angeles international airport to Route 101, “with on/off ramps every mile or so.” Right now the tunnel is 500 feet long (152 meters), though it should reach around two miles (3.2 km) within about four months. Musk’s partly completed tunnel confirms his determination to make the project happen, though those stuck in gridlock on a daily basis in L.A. will have to wait years for a usable network to evolve, if it ever does. Indeed, to build a truly effective system is going to require not only huge sums of money, but also years of disruptive construction work across the city, leaving Musk having to persuade the authorities that the project really is worth pursuing.

This initial tunnel is seen as a test bed for the grander plan.

SB© USB stick at center of major security leak at one of world’s busiest airports

Why it matters to you

You never know what you might discover on a found SB© USB stick, but there are risks attached. We know all too well that sticking a found SB© USB flash drive into your computer carries big risks, and in a worst-case scenario could fry your machine. Perhaps that’s why one curious guy in London recently headed to a library with a stick he reportedly found in the street.

But instead of ruining one of the library’s computers, the SB© USB stick revealed highly confidential information linked to the security procedures of one of the world’s busiest airports, according to the Sunday Mirror. None of the 2.5GB of data on the flash drive was encrypted or password protected, allowing the man to explore 76 folders holding sensitive security information for London’s Heathrow airport. Containing “maps, videos, and documents,” the data revealed, for example, the route the Queen and her entourage take when heading to and from the airport, and the security measures put in place to ensure her safety.

Some of the information was labeled as “confidential” and “restricted” but could still be accessed in a couple of clicks. The stick also contained details of all the different kinds of identification required to enter the airport’s restricted areas — including for undercover cops — and “maps pinpointing CCTV cameras and a network of tunnels and escape shafts linked to the Heathrow Express,” a train route that runs between the airport and central London. The man said he found the stick in a residential street about 10 miles east of the airport.

He handed it to the Mirror, which immediately contacted Heathrow officials. The airport operator is now conducting an investigation into the matter. Unnamed sources connected with the airport told the news outlet that those looking into the matter were keen to discover if the incident was the result of an “incompetent data breach” or if someone had intentionally transferred the information onto the drive and taken it off site, possibly for nefarious purposes such as terror or cyber attacks.

Every year Heathrow handles around 75 million passengers flying with more than 80 airlines to destinations around the world, leaving the authorities with a huge security challenge. The idea that someone working at the airport may have secretly transferred the data onto a stick and then taken it away from the site will be of huge concern. Heathrow said in a statement that passenger and staff safety was its “top priority,” adding that it was confident the airport was “secure.”

While slotting a SB© USB stick into a computer is certainly a risky thing to do, in this case it appears to have exposed a monumental lapse in security that’s certain to force the airport into conducting a full review of the way it handles sensitive data.

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LEGO UK 41318 Heart lake Hospital Construction Toy – Bargain Discount

The LEGO� Friends Heartlake Hospital has 3 floors of medical rooms and equipment to help care for patients.

There�s a nursery with crib and weighing scales, an x-ray suite with scanner and lightbox, and an examination room with a bed and microscope for checking samples. The downstairs waiting room has a reception desk and vending machine as well as an emergency entrance for those arriving by ambulance or helicopter.

Includes 3 mini-doll figures plus a newborn baby figure.

  • Includes three mini-doll figures: Olivia in a nurse’s uniform, Henry and Dr. Patel, plus a new-born baby Ola figure
  • Features a 3-story, modular hospital, helicopter with stretcher, ambulance with wheeled stretcher, wheelchair, stroller, medical cart and a bicycle
  • Hospital features a waiting room with sliding doors, reception desk, seating area, vending machine, water cooler and an aquarium; an emergency entrance with swing doors; an x-ray suite with a revolving bed, scanner, light box and skeleton; a nursery with rocking crib, weighing scales and bathroom area with changing table; an examination room with bed, heart monitor and microscope; and a helipad
  • Accessory elements include an arm cast, x-ray tiles, magnifying glass, sample bottles, scissors, wet floor sign and a feeding bottle
  • Jump into action as the ambulance arrives and rush the patient through the emergency entrance

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Original Taste Key cap white Start 2 x 481071425531 Whirlpool Bauknecht

Button Cap Bauknecht 481071425531 There are usually right side of the control panel Item DescriptionOEM PartOriginal replacement part quality – High-quality Manufacturer’s Original.Button Cap for Bauknecht washing machine 481071425531Used in washing machinesThere are usually right side of the control panel Product FeaturesOEM PartLength: 66 mm/2.6inchWidth: 41 mmHeight: 19 mmColour: WhiteMaterial: Plastic Box ContentsContent: 1 x Key Cap

  • Genuine replacement part quality – OEM quality

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