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The best cheap SSD deals in January 2018

There are a lot of ways you can upgrade your computer. A new CPU[1] can boost its operating speed. More RAM[2] can get you multitasking like crazy. Slapping in a shiny new graphics card[3] can take PC gaming to the next level. But, an SSD can help speed up just about everything you do on your computer, and it’s all the better when you can find cheap SSD deals.

If you only have a hard drive with a spinning disk, upgrading to an SSD is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to give your computer a substantial boost in speed. Even if you’re already booting from an SSD, you may want more room to add programs and games to keep running everything at top speed – after all, once you’ve experience solid-state storage speeds, you never want to go.

Here, we’ll take a look at which SSDs offer the best storage and performance for their price. Whether you need an SSD for gaming, for a laptop or for a high-speed PCIe slot, we’ve dug up the best deal for you.

The best SSD deal this week in the US

The best SSD deal this week in the UK

Best M.2 SSD deal

Adata snipes the spot for best M.2 SSD deal, with a PCIe 3.0 x4 drive that offers high performance and storage for a price well below the competition. While many M.2 PCIe SSDs cost a fair bit more than their SATA counterparts, the SX7000 manages to keep its prices in league with SATA SSDs. 

And, because it’s a PCIe drive, it can take advantage of the incredibly high bandwidth offered by this connection, giving you the most of its advertised 1,800MB/s sequential read and 850MB/s sequential write speeds. Top that off with fast random read and write times and a 5-year warranty to boot, and you’ve got a killer SSD that only gets better when you spot the price tag.

Best SATA SSD deal

No list of the best SSDs ever seems to be complete without the Samsung 850 Evo, which consistently ranks among head of the pack. While the 850 Evo is available as an M.2 and mSATA drive, it’s the standard 2.5-inch drive that proves time and time again to be an SSD you can’t go wrong with.

The 850 EVO comes in a number of different storage sizes, letting you choose what’s right for your budget. With fast read and write speeds, and reliable 3D NAND backed up by a 5-year warranty, the 850 Evo is a great drive from a respected brand. Though the price can fluctuate a bit, now’s a great time to pick one up – especially after the introduction of the Samsung 860 Evo.

Best budget SSD deal

The Crucial MX500 SSD offers incredible value, giving you plenty of storage per dollar. It comes in the standard 2.5-inch drive size, so it should fit in any standard desktop build, and will also fit in plenty of laptops. 

On top of the MX500’s great value is its great performance. Despite the budget price, the MX500 is built using fast, high-endurance 3D NAND flash storage, and comes with a 5-year warranty to back it up. It’s speeds reading and writing data, both big and small, also keep up with the competition.

Best laptop SSD deal

Looking to upgrade your laptop? SanDisk has the answer. The SanDisk Ultra II offers great value and performance per dollar, and with the standard 2.5-inch drive size and only 7mm thickness, it should fit in a wide range of laptops.

The SanDisk Ultra II’s speeds keep up with its closest competitors, but at the 500GB sweet spot, it undercuts the price of other drives. This makes it a sweet pick for a laptop upgrade. It comes with a 3-year warranty. 

Best external SSD deal

Western Digital has an external SSD that’s worth the price. While plenty of other external SSDs warrant serious consideration of building your own external SSD by just buying a normal SSD and a SB© USB enclosure separately, the WD’s My Passport manages to offer a price that’s only slightly higher than an internal SSD of the same size. Plus you won’t find a third-party enclosure smaller than the WD My Passport SSD.

Supporting SB© USB-C and SB© USB 3.1 Gen 2, the My Passport external SSD is capable of fast communication with a PC. It’s also small and light, with dimensions of just 1.8 x 3.5 x 0.39 inches and a weight of 1.44 ounces. Of course, with portability comes the question of security, but the My Passport includes 256-bit encryption to keep your data safe from intruders, and it’s drop-tested up to 6.5 feet to keep your data safe from accidents.


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Bumper Bargains: Bargains

Fujifilm FinePix XP130 waterproof camera has Bluetooth for instant photo transfers

Fujifilm is updating its FinePix lineup with the new XP130, a rugged, compact point-and-shoot camera that can be used underwater. A follow-up to the XP120, which was announced a year ago, the XP130 has Bluetooth connectivity to a smartphone or tablet. The camera also includes two new features, Electronic Level and Eye Detection.

The XP130 is a small evolution of the XP120, but it’s evident that it’s still a successful product for Fujifilm. In addition to Wi-Fi, the XP130 includes Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth allows for instant transfers to a paired mobile device, as well as time syncing and geotagging.

Wi-Fi image transfers will still be faster, however. The camera also supports printing to Fujifilm’s Instax Share printers via Wi-Fi, like the new SP-3 SQ. Remote shooting is available through the Fujifilm Camera Remote app for iOS and Android.

Fujifilm added an Electronic Level feature for making sure photos and videos are perfectly horizontal, and Eye Detection to focus on the eyes of a subject in portrait photography. Otherwise, the XP130 shares the same specs as the XP120. It retains the rugged attributes: it’s waterproof down to 65 feet, shockproof from drops of up to 5.7 feet, freeze-proof down to 14-degrees Fahrenheit, and sealed to protect against dust.

Design wise, from what we can tell, is exactly the same as its predecessor. The XP130 uses the same 16.4, 1/2.3-inch back-illuminated CMOS sensor; 5x optical zoom lens with optical image stabilization; 3-inch, and 920K-dot anti-reflective LCD. ISO range is 100 to 6,400, although that max ISO setting is only available when shooting small or medium-sized photos.

Video is recorded at Full HD 1080 at 60p or lower. Shooting modes include interval timer, burst (up to 10 frames per second), time-lapse, Cinemagraph (think animated GIF), and Motion Panorama 360. The XP130 comes in dark silver, lime green, sky blue, white, and yellow.

Available in March 2018, the camera will cost £230.

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Yaw VR adds driver’s seat immersion to your virtual reality experience

If traditional virtual reality experiences aren’t cutting it for you, perhaps you need to add another layer of immersion. Yaw VR, a motion simulator, fashions itself as “the world’s most compact and affordable” VR experience of its kind. Created by the Hungary-based startup Intellisense, the project has already raised more than a third of its £150,000 crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter.

Users sit inside a spherical dome and place their feet on an attached footrest. From there, Yaw achieves a full 360 degrees of movement vertically, and 50 degrees of freedom horizontally using small electric motors. Both marks, according to Intellisense, prove impressive compared to industrial motion simulators, especially when considering Yaw’s price.

Right now, early bird backers can pledge £890 to receive a unit in August. Once those slots are filled, the regular price of Yaw VR is £1,190. While by no means cheap, with the market for this type of product basically non-existent, it’s hard to compare it to anything else.

When you wrap up a session, all of the parts stored in the dome, which is then flipped for easy storage and portability. The entire contraption amazingly weighs a mere 33 pounds. Targeted at gamers, Yaw will be compatible with SimTools, and is said to work with more than 80 different simulator apps already.

Those who pre-order will receive four apps for free: A flight simulator, a racing sim, a space battle game, and a roller-coaster sim. Additionally, the kit is designed to work with PlayStation VR, Oculus Go, Gear VR, and regular PC games. Users can also develop their own open-source software for Yaw.

To add even more to the gaming experience, Intellisense will package an adjustable pedal, steering wheel, and joystick holders. Simulator enthusiasts can attach their flight sim sticks and high-end racing wheels to Yaw. Yaw supports up to 330 pounds of weight and can move 120 degrees per second using just 40 percent of its max power.

Its lightweight design and small motors allow it to run virtually silent throughout its movement. It remains to be seen how durable Yaw VR will be through continued use. It’s worth noting that Intellisense will also release a Yaw VR Pro “designed for extreme intensive use” at the same time.

Pledges of £1,340 secure the Pro edition and also let you fit your motion simulator with a custom color pattern.

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2018 Hyundai Sonata: Making sedans cool again video

[MUSIC] Let’s face it, sedans are not the most exciting cars on the planet. They’re mostly designed to get folks from point A to point B with a minimal amount of fuss. It’s not very often that a sedan comes along and tugs at the old excitement strings of my heart.

But, enter the 2018 Hyundai Sonata. Heavily revised for 2018, the Sonata surprised me with its good looks and impressive powertrain. [MUSIC] You can get a Sonata with a 2.4 liter engine good for about 185 horse power but the fine folks over at Hyundai they sent me the top of the line limited trim with a 2 liter turbo to a brand new 8 speed automatic transmission and me likey. There’s a few different driving modes Including a sport, comfort, or eco, or there’s also the new smart mode which is kind of like a combination of all three.

So eco when you want it, sport when you need it. I was really hoping that this might kinda mitigate my heavy right foot and get me close to that APA fuel rating of 26 combined, but I’m only getting about 20 Be free. The rear suspension and the steering have been revised for 2018 resulting in a Sonata that is really responsive and handles really well.

I mean, torque steer? No. There’s none of that.

Twisty attacker? Yeah, I mean, it’s pretty good. I always wish for a little bit more road feel.

But, the steering is weighted really well and there’s no kinda understeering. You know, like When you turn, and then the car doesn’t, it keeps going straight. Yeah, there’s none of that.

And this eight speed automatic transmission is a job. I mean, it downshifts eagerly when you’re coming out of corners. It holds the revs just a touch longer.

And that’s in comfort mode. I mean when you put it into sport then you get a quicker throttle response. Comfort mode is no slouch, but sport is really really fun.

And there’s even paddle shifters if you want to really get into it, but honestly, this transmission does so well on its own, I just let it do its thing. [BLANK_AUDIO] When it comes to standard driver’s aids, well the Sonata is just a little bit light, especially when compared with Honda or SB© toyota. And we’ve got a full separate deep dive video about the tech of the 2018 Sonata. You can check that out over on vroadshop.com.

This 2 liter turbo charged engine carries over from 2017 and I am a okay with that.

245 horsepower, 260 pound feet of torque It’s got more than enough umf to get you up and over where you wanna go. Freeway merging is easy. I mean it’s just really, really fun.

And obviously mechanical revisions are accompanied by aesthetic revisions as well. Hyundai calls their new front end a cascading grill which. Which I mean, I don’t really see any waterfalls but it’s nice to have a more aggressive front end.

LED daytime running lights are standard and LED headlights and tail lights are optional. One thing I really like is the soft touch button hidden inside the Hyundai logo to open Open up the trunk, it’s a pretty cool little feature. On the whole, I mean in the past Hyundai has gotten some flack from being a little lower on the quality level but you won’t see that in this Hyundai.

All the materials are high quality, the design is really good, this is a sedan to To beat. [MUSIC] The 2018 Hyundai Sonata starts at about £22,000 for a base SE with a 2.4 liter engine.

But my top-of-the-line limited here with the two liter turbo, that tops out at £32,450.

Now that’s a huge price jump to be sure, but Still offers you plenty of value and a lot of fun [MUSIC]

OPod is a stylish micro-home in a concrete pipe for Hong Kong’s young renters

Hong Kong housing is famously expensive, with a growing number of apartments being squeezed into ever-decreasing space. Local architect James Law of James Law Cybertecture has been working on developing ways to overcome some of the pressing housing issues facing Hong Kong, and his latest plan involves an innovative use of large concrete water pipes. Law has designed a 100-square-foot “OPod” micro-home within the 2.5-meter-wide pipe, which looks more comfortable than you might at first imagine.

Each apartment, which can be accessed using its own smartphone “key,” has an all-glass front to allow in natural light. White-painted walls and a wooden floor (a flat one!) give it a modern feel, and the space incorporates basic amenities for a comfortable living experience. These include a mini fridge and microwave oven, and a sofa that converts into a bed.

The concealed rear part of the OPod contains the bathroom, comprising a shower and toilet. Storage is offered by way of shelves and rails in the main living space. Law describes the OPod as “an experimental, low cost, micro-living housing unit to ease Hong Kong’s affordable housing problems.”

The architect suggests the houses could be temporary solution for young people moving to the center of Hong Kong and in need of reasonably priced accommodation until they can afford something bigger. Law told Deezen the OPod costs around £15,000 to build, but could be rented for around £400 a month, significantly cheaper than the £2,000 currently charged in Hong Kong for an average one-bedroom apartment in the center. And there are other advantages besides the price.

The design means the tube-like homes can be stacked on top of each other with relative ease to create a low-rise apartment block, and because little extra structural work is needed, they can be quickly moved or relocated to other parts of the city, if necessary. This isn’t the first time Law has come up with a design to tackle Hong Kong’s housing crisis. A couple of years back he designed a slightly larger living space called the Alpod.

Made from aluminum, the design offers 480 square feet of living space and costs around £65,000 to buy.

As for the the OPod, it’s yet to show up as part of Hong Kong’s housing stock, but Law is currently talking to local government officials about the possibility of adding the home to the local rental market in the near future.

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