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Duplay® Black Edition 10ft Trampoline with Air Pro Safety Enclosure Net

Duplay 10ft Black Edition Trampoline Great for toddlers and young children, the fantastic and brand new designed 10ft Black Edition Junior Trampoline with Air Pro Safety Net from Duplay. comes with a blow-moulded orange plastic cover to protect the trampolines frame, preserving it for longer and preventing injury to animals or your children from the loose metal on normal trampolines. The 10ft Black Edition Junior Trampoline with Air Pro Safety Net meets new EN71 european safety standards as well as new standards set to be introduced into 2016. New super strength safety net with more height to prevent your child from falling out of the trampoline while bouncing. The black edition has been built with the highest safety standards to protect your child while ensuring the performance and bounce of the trampoline is kept to a maximum.

  • Air Pro Safety Net: Extra High for Extra Safety Meeting New 2016 Standards
  • Extra Thick Stylish Black Foam For Your Childs Protection
  • Solid Frame with Plastic Coated Legs to Protect Children and Animals from bare metal legs and preserve durability.
  • Duplay Quality Promise: A Massive 10 Year Frame Warranty
  • 6 Months Warranty For: Spring Pad, Jump Mat and Enclosure Net Against Any Defects ( Not Including Fair Wear & Tear)

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Murder on the Ghost Train – murder mystery game for 12 players – Offer

Don Breathin, owner of the popular theme park “The Frightening Fair” has been found dead – on board his very own ghost train no less!

Foul play is suspected and the staff of the ghost train have all been called together as suspects. The question is: which one of these strange creatures did the dastardly deed?

The suspects:

Count Ing – Vampire Dee Composed – Skeleton Ed Less – Grim Reaper Flo Ting – Ghost Frank Enstein – Monster Cassie Spells – Witch Ben Tover – Hunchback Iona Crypt – Mummy Dr. Jack Ellenhyde – Mad Scientist Carrie Onlivin – Zombie Ivor Wand – Wizard Kat Noir – Black cat


This game contains content that may be suitable for persons ages 13 and older. This game contains:

Sexual Themes – Two dating characters and references to a pass being made on one of the staff by Don Breathin. Also divorce is mentioned, with one of the characters being the ex-wife of Don Breathin. No references to sexual relationships.

A murder – violence suggested. Comic Mischief – Depictions or dialogue involving slapstick or suggestive humour.

  • 12 character booklets and name labels
  • 12 invitations and envelopes
  • CD and script of inspector (which means you can invite an extra guest if wished)
  • Full instructions
  • After sales support

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Gran Turismo Sport Career Mode Campaign Vs multiplayer anger

Gran Turismo Sport is finally out, but it seems like not everyone is happy with the final product. Some of the game’s biggest criticisms have been targeted towards the Career Mode in Gran Turismo Sport – or lack of according to many launch buyers. Fans have discovered that many features of the game requires an internet connection to play and this includes the Career Mode as well.

That means if the servers suddenly go down, you won’t be able to play the single player campaign offline which has become a big turn off for players. Here’s Sony’s official take on it as per their blog:

‘In order to ensure fair racing for all, GT Sport will require an internet connection for the majority of functionality. This connectivity requirement is to ensure that progress, car availability and driver ratings are properly maintained at all times.This doesn’t mean you’ll need PlayStation Plus though.

As with all PlayStation titles, PS Plus will only be needed for the online multiplayer, portions of the Arcade Mode, including limited two-player split screen, single player races on select tracks and time trials can still be played offline.’

With that said and done though, what we wanted to address primarily is the actual content that you do get for career mode in the game and it is not a lot , especially for veterans of the series who were expecting a fully fledged campaign akin to previous games such as GT 3 and 4. Fans want a career mode where they can start off from the bottom with the nastiest car you’ve ever seen and work your way up to the big time after one gruelling but ultimately satisfying grind.

Gran Turismo Sport does not offer this and it appears to be the catalyst to noticeable criticism that is creeping in on social media. Another big problem that has been highlighted by many buyers, is the fact that the game has clearly been shifted towards focus on multiplayer. In reality though, how many of you would always expect a Gran Turismo game to have its main focus on single player content and then extend that to online afterwards?

Gran Turismo Sport has no campaign, no championships, a few cars, no dynamic weather and no damage.

And the online servers are down. Crap!! — Kalaidascope (@DirectXMinusThe) October 17, 2017[1]

Gran Turismo Sport seems so close to be an absolutely brilliant game.

All they had to do was include a proper Campaign mode — Steven Coulter (@weecoulter) October 9, 2017[2]

Super disappointed in the Lack of a career mode in Gran Turismo Sport especially when its Competitors do (Forza 7, Project Cars 2) — ShadowZack (@shadowzack) October 18, 2017[3]

Was gonna buy Gran Turismo Sport, but after reading, seems disappointing.

No real career mode and focus on online, I want the old style. Ugh — Darkon Vail (@DarkonVail) October 14, 2017[4]

You can see from the examples above on Twitter that it isn’t going down too well so far and we can only hope that future patches will put more single player content into the game to please the fans.

What are your thoughts on Gran Turismo Sport so far? Are you definitely upset that the game doesn’t have a proper career mode and that the main focus is on multiplayer? Obviously some new GT fanatics will have no problems with the online multiplayer focus, but with such a treasured series, should Polyphony Digital have done more to please the veterans? Have your say below.

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