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Sony ICF-C1 Cube Clock Radio with Auto Set White – Sale

Advanced alarm features Single alarm setting with radio or buzzer sound. Wake you up gently thanks to the progressive alarm volume and extendable snooze functions. Convenient device Adjustable display brightness for comfortable viewing and automatic summer time adjustment for extra convenience. Modern design Stylish and simple design with few buttons for easy operation. Battery backup Automatic time setting when plug in for the first time and clock will be maintained even if there is a power cut. AM / FM Analog tuner Simply tune into the radio station you want to listen to and enjoy your favourite radio programme every night and day.

  • Tune in with an FM/AM analogue radio tuner
  • Gradual wake alarm and extendable snooze
  • Standard, single alarm setting with radio or buzzer sound
  • 100mW power output
  • Stay powered up with an included back-up battery

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How to get free BT Infinity 1 upgrade to Infinity 2

We wanted to make it clear about a potentially wonderful upgrade for BT Infinity customers, which offers you the chance to get a free upgrade to Infinity 2 which boasts higher internet speeds. We have a feeling that not everyone is aware of this, but BT has announced that they will begin automatic upgrades for BT Infinity 1 customers up to Infinity 2 as long as your area supports the higher speeds. Even better is that you don’t need to do a single thing, BT has said that they will be taking care if between September and throughout October with the upgrade process having finished by mid-November.

Above is the confirmation from BT, which you can read in full here[1] over on the company’s website which tells you all about the upgrade plans. BT Infinity 1 offers speeds up to 52MB, but Infinity 2 can get you all the way up to 76MB and if this is a free upgrade it is going to be absolutely fantastic if your area supports it. To check your current BT Infinity 1 fibre broadband speed, visit BT’s official speed test here[2].

For those that want to read more information on how to get the free BT Infinity 1 upgrade to Infinity 2 – click here[3]. What are your thoughts on this – has BT already been in touch with you about your free upgrade? Let us know if you are now enjoying higher speeds at no extra cost! Follow us on Facebook[4], Twitter[5] or Google Plus[6].

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BSNL Diwali Bonanza: 50% Discount on Recharge Coupon

Prepaid Recharge Diwali Offers for BSNL users, Plans: This offer can be recharged from October 16 to October 21. BSNL has brought Diwali offers for its users. This offer is Lakshmi Promotional Offer.

This offer can be recharged from October 16 to October 21. In this offer, the company is offering a discount of 50% on its recharge. The company is giving extra talk time on its three recharge coupons.

Among them, 290, Recharge of Rs 390 and Rs 590 is included. If the user gives recharge of Rs 290, he will get talktime of Rs 435. Means (290 + 145 = 435) means recharge of Rs 290 and additionally 50% discount will be available as extra data.

In this way, the user will get talk time of 435 rupees. The second recharge is Rs 390. After recharging Rs 390, the user will get talk time of 585 rupees (390 + 195).

In addition, the third and last recharge is Rs 590 and on recharge of 590 rupees, you will get talktime of 885 rupees (590 + 295). BSNL had announced a number of new offers sometime back. In this, users get 2GB of data daily.

Also, unlimited calling is available in this plan. BSNL has named this plan as’ Sixer ‘BSNL Sixer’. If you are a prepaid customer then you can gain 2GB of data and free calling for 666 rupees daily.

The validity of this pack is 60 days. In this regard, users will get 120GB data in 666 rupees. read also

Taj Mahal controversy: UP CM Yogi Taj Mahal was made by the blood and sweat of “Bharat Mata’s sons” USA with their “High FIVE” victory, they beat Paraguay 5-0. Journalist Daphne Galizia, who exposed ‘Panama Papers’ connection, killed in car bomb blast


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