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PChomestore Marketplace says free delivery strategy works

Taiwan mobile C2C site, PChomestore Marketplace claims that it has recorded annual monthly order in excess of 6 million, just six months following the introduction of free shipping for customers. With an 800-fold growth of more than 170 million items available on its platform, PChomestore Marketplace claims it has surpassed Shopee to become Taiwan’s top e-commerce provider in terms of order figures. “Central to PChomestore Marketplace’s success is our free shipping marketing strategy, coupled with premium offerings and coupon deals that incentivize self-collection and greater spending”, said Irene Huang, Chief Operating Officer of PChomestore Marketplace.

“Additionally, a large percent of the market share was acquired through our social media efforts, where the average Facebook post attracts over a thousand responses. In particular, our Million Dollar Shopping Spree fared exceedingly well, with 6 thousand coupons being redeemed in the short span of 7 minutes. In light of soaring consumption activities and an increase in demand for quality products at affordable prices, PChomestore Marketplace constantly innovates to offer consumers the most cost-efficient deals.”

Merchants on PChomestore Marketplace have attested to the effectiveness of the mobile e-commerce giant’s free shipping strategy, with one retailer selling over 2,000 packs of instant noodles. At present, PChomestore Marketplace offers up to six concessions for users of the site: Free transactions for merchants, free listings for merchants, free collection of items at convenience stores, free credit card transactions for merchants, free withdrawals for merchants, and zero charges for returns on goods previously purchased through ATM transactions. PChomestore Marketplace’s best-selling product categories include beauty and cosmetics, women apparel, baby & maternity, and home & lifestyle.

Parent company of PChomestore Marketplace, PChome Group, currently holds top spot in Taiwan with its B2C business, 24-hour shopping services, and Ruten Action. Export.gov describes the e-commerce market in Taiwan as growing rapidly over the past few years and estimates e-commerce to be a US£37.6 billion industry in 2016. With a 5-year average growth rate of 10-20%, it is predicted that online sales in Taiwan will eventually overtake physical store sales.

Estimates put e-commerce penetration rate as one of the highest in the world. A maturing e-commerce base has seen a shift to convenience over access as the driver of e-commerce growth among local consumers. According to Export.gov, clothing and apparel remain the most widely purchased products.

However it is also noted that purchase of basic household necessities is up on the back of improved delivery service.

An opportunity that PChomestore Marketplace is capitalizing upon.

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