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Digital Trends Unveils Winners of Annual Smart Home Awards: GE, Samsung and More

PORTLAND, Ore., October 14, 2017 – Digital Trends[1], the leading independent technology publisher, has announced the winners of its annual Home Awards[2], celebrating the best in smart home technology produced for 2017. Digital Trends bestowed awards in six categories, spotlighting products for every room and function of an active household. Editors tested this year’s nominated products at the company’s test facilities in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA.

After using these products in real life conditions and spending weeks debating the winners, the company crowned its favorite products for Cooking, Entertaining, Home Security, Grooming, Sleeping, and Home Care “We wanted to showcase the products and technology that were the most functional — and the easiest to integrate into our busy lives,” said Digital Trend’s Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Kaplan. “We paid special attention to how quickly we were able to adapt to life with a smart home product in a situation where most of us still rely on analog tech. The Home Awards are a great example of our larger editorial mission of introducing people to tech for the way we actually live.”

Editors judged award entries on technological advancements, accessibility, and overall experience. Click each category for a full review of the winners and the nominees. The following are the official winners of Digital Trends Annual Home Awards.

To highlight the Awards, Digital Trends’ in-house creative team, DT Design, created a custom layout to showcase the winners. To view the full coverage, please visit https://www.digitaltrends.com/2017-home-awards/[3].

About Digital Trends Digital Trends is a leading consumer technology publisher helping people navigate an increasingly digital world. With easy-to-understand product reviews, entertaining news and videos, Digital Trends serves more than 30 million unique visitors each month.

Digital Trends reaches 90 million tech influencers through their own media network, and its syndicate partners include Yahoo!, FOX News and more than 200 broadcast news stations. Digital Trends is headquartered in Portland, OR with offices in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Chicago. For more information, visit www.digitaltrends.com[4].


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