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24-inch Surface All-in-one iMac competitor, not in 2016

Apple has had the AIO market sewn up for a few years now, because while there are other all-in-one computers already out there, not many of them come close to the sleek design, and performance of the iMac. However, that could be about to change. While we already reported that Microsoft is working on a Surface AIO1, what we were unaware of was that there would be more than one size version.

Three possible sizes Apple currently has two iMac size options, and those are 21.5-inch and 27-inch, and a recent rumour2 suggests that Microsoft is also working on those two size options. However, there is a third, and that is a 24-inch Surface All-in-one iMac competitor.

So the report states that three different sizes are currently being tested, although that does not mean all three will make it to production. However, if Microsoft were to offer all three Surface AIO sizes, then this would give them the edge although this also comes down to whether its design will be just as good or not.

Having said that, with the styling of the current Surface range, we have a good feeling that the Surface All-in-one desktop design will be impressive, as should the specs. We still have no clue as to what those specs and features will be either, but Microsoft will need to up their game if they are to take the fight to Apple s iMac, which is also due for an update this year.

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2016 Kaby Lake iMac or AMD Zen processor update?

By the time we get to October it would have been two years since the iMac was last updated, so surely Apple will not keep us waiting any longer? It s for this very reason why the concesus is that Apple will finally reveal their 2016 iMac upgrade in a couple of months time. Having said that, we could see the new model unveiled during their September keynote, ready for its release the following month.

What can we expect? There are some things that we can feel confidant about when it comes to forecasting some of the new 2016 iMac improvements, and the processor is most definitely one of them. However, this is where things get a little tricky because it s not known if the preferred choice of CPU will be ready or not.

2016 Kaby Lake or AMD Zen processor update? The smart money would be on the former, because Apple does like to stick with Intel. We already know that production has started and so we should see Kaby Lake processors being used in some products towards the end the year. However, recent rumours suggest that Intel will only have the low-power chips ready first, and so might not be able to supply the high-performance Kaby Lake processors needed for the iMac.

Apple could stick with Skylake, but then this would mean having an older generation CPU, when we know that iMac users will want the latest, and so might not pay for a new model, only to have the older processor. This is why there have been a few hints that we could see a new iMac update powered by the AMD Zen processor.

We know this would not be the preferred option for some of you, but there is no getting away from the fact that the AMD Zen CPU does have tremendous processing power something that iMc users crave. However, considering it has 8 cores and 16 threads the price is on the expensive side, and so would either appear in the top-end iMacs or as an upgrade option meaning Apple could still go with Intel, but we really have no idea as to which processor.

What processor do you except to be powering the next generation iMac, and can you see it released later this year?

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New All-in-one Surface PC device to rival iMac in 2016?

From what we know, the second generation Surface Book and the Surface Pro 5 may not be released until 2017. However, that is not to say there will not be a new Surface device released this year although we are not talking about the handset.

The Surface Phone may not also be launched until next year, as Microsoft have already said that most of their effort is going in to the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, and seeing as though a Surface smartphone would need an updated version of Windows 10 Mobile, 2017 does seem all the more likely.

So what makes us assume there is to be another Surface device, and what is it likely to be? Microsoft has a wall at their building 88 store with their hardware on it, although an Indian app developer1 spotted an empty space that had a placeholder for 2016, which just read coming soon.

Going on several rumors there is really only one device that it could be, and that is a new all-in-one Surface PC. Rumors of a Surface AIO are not new, although they have been getting more frequent, and to some of you it would make sense to see Microsoft enter this market to take in the iMac.

So how likely are we to see an Surface desktop PC Vs 2016 iMac for later this year, and if so how would the former compare to the sleek, and very powerful latter device?The Verge2 have been in contact with sources that know all about Microsoft s Surface plans, and have confirmed that the company have been playing with many different PC form factors to use the Surface brand.

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