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Sale – Wildlife Gift – Meerkat Bobblehead, Ideal Gift. – Mega Price

One of a series of collectable Animal Bobbleheads. These little fun ornaments are suitable for the home and office. The head is slightly oversized compared to the body. Instead of a solid connection, its head is connected to the body by a spring in such a way that a light tap or movement will cause the head to bobble.The Bobblehead is approximately 6″ in height and comes complete with velcro to secure it to a level surface if required. Bobbleheads are also known as nodding heads or wobblers and they make a great gift for animal lovers and collectors alike.

  • Bobbleheads happily nod their heads when touched or moved
  • Approximately 6″ (14cm) high Resin Figures
  • A great gift idea for family and friends

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Used Car Sales Invoice Receipt Pad A4 for Selling Motor Vehicle Ideal for Trade – Reduced

Used Car Invoice Duplicate Pad A4 Size, 2 part Pad with 50 sets of invoice per pad. The top sheet is white and the bottom sheet is green. Printed on NCR Paper Comes with separating board for each invoice Not Numbered – Designated space for your own Invoice Number if required Space for all necessary details including: Seller Details, Buyer Details, Vehicle description, Reg No, Make, Model, Engine No, MOT, Chassis No, First Registered, Mileage, Colour, Tax, Buyer & Seller Declaration, Part ex details, Price, extras, -part ex price, total, Perfect for any car / van trader

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Solar Powered Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Repel Cat Squirrel Deer Skunk Chipmunk Rabbit – Motion Activated – Sale

Notice 1, after recieved the package, please make sure that package is well, if not , please contact us. 2, simply take it out of the boxes and open the detector and the light will be contantly flashes 5 seconds then will be off. If not, please contact us. 3,please do not couver up the PIR Sensor or it could not work. 4, please do not immerse repeller in water. Powerful Solar Powered Ultrasonic Repellent As you may know, the hearing system of animals differs from us. The ultrasonic sound which seems to be silent for us can really disturb them, which they will instinctively avoid from. Apart from this, some animals are afraid of suddenly lighted objects.That ‘s why Sorenda animal repellent comes with ultrasonice, motion detector and led flash light to avoid the animal and keep your yard, lawn, garden, porch away from the stay cats and dogs Advantages of Our Animal Repeller A This updated animal repeller, like others, adopts ultrasonic sound to drive away animals, what’s different are:our product adopts auto frequency adjusting system, which can use the exact HZ to drive away different animals, not just one ultrasonic HZ or 5 modes… Besides, as long as the animal enters into the sensor area, the item will release ultrasonic wave and alarm sound, together with the white light twinkling, much more efficient than original ones. B Waterproof, solar powered, largest sun energy storing board, longest using period, easy operation, Best Effect, Lower Price, Multiple apply situations…Just meets for every standard

  • CLEARER ENERGY: Powered by built-in 800mAh solar cell, wireless and rechargeable. Working time no less than 24 hours when full charged.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Ultrasonic Animal Repeller frightens bird,dog,cat, deer, raccoon, mice,mole,snake,skunk, squirrel all kinds of animals away with blast of ultrasonic sound and strobe lights.
  • EASY TO USE: Dependable, maintenance-free operation on solar cell, work automatically. no need setting. Can be mounted in the ground with the provided stick, or hung on a wall using the slot on the back.
  • WATERPROOF: Made of anti-UV and waterproof material, suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Strongly ultrasonic signal frightened animals. In the area of ultrasonic sound unpleasant animals, frightened animal. When the animals into the range of the sound is activated. Only for animal without any chemical effect, it is only issued to 25kHz ultrasonic frequency drove them away, while there will not be any harm to the human body.

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