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Diatom Flea Powder 3 x 25g Suitable for Direct Application to Pets Cat Dog Bedding – Reduced To Clear

Diatom 3 x 25g Flea Powder

We offer only HSE approved and licensed Flea killer products, to kill them in the home and on the pet. At a fraction of the price of professional pest controllers without sacrificing on potency and effectiveness.

Apply to both Pet living spaces, Kennels, Pet Bedding as well as Cat and Dogs coats, This will kill fleas and ticks quickly by dehydrating them.

Easy to use supplied in puffer pack

Adult fleas (the biting stage seen by pet owners) spend most of their time on the animal, not in the carpet or soft furnishings. This is why treatment of the pet in conjunction with the pet’s environment is an essential step in ridding a home of fleas. Adult fleas lay all of their eggs (up to 50 per day) on the pet. However, the eggs soon fall off the animal into carpeting, beneath the cushions of furniture wherever else the pet rests, sleeps or spends most of its time. This is where they grow and develop. This is where you the homeowners should focus control measures.  

Treatment of premisses

Remove all SB© toys, clothing, and stored items from floors, under beds, and in closets.

This step is essential so that all areas will be accessible for treatment.

Wash, dry-clean or destroy all pet bedding

Vacuuming removes many of the eggs, larvae and pupae developing within the home.

After vacuuming, empty contents in a bag and seal shut discard it in an outdoor bin.

  • Diatom 3 x 25g Flea Powder
  • Apply to both Pet living spaces, Kennels, Pet Bedding as well as Cat and Dogs coats
  • Always read the label before use

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VENMO Fruit Crystal Clear Slime Magic Clay Scented Stress Relief Toy For Kids Non Broax And Non Toxic In Tubs (B) – Price Special

About us: ❤ “Excellent quality, fast delivery, simple after-sales” We make every effort to provide customers with satisfactory service. ❤ If you have any questions, please feel free to email us in any time. We will reply you as soon as possible. If you do not receive our respond within 24 hours, please check your mailbox for spam. ❤ We appreciate your positive feedback. Please do not leave negative feedback or A-to-Z claim without asking us for help. Our goal is to provide top-level customer service, we will never make you suffer any loss within a reasonable range.

Feature: Material: Silicone grease Safe and non toxic – No Borax is used in this slime Amazing fluffy slime and super fun to play with! Great stress reliever for adults and childrenSuitable for children Over the age of 6 Box Size: 6*2.5cm(Approx.) Does not contain industrial borax, borax water after debugging in line with safety standards

Safe Warning: Can not eat, Do not recommend too small children to play

Product Packaging: 1pc Clear Slime Clay Putty Diy Playdough.

  • -Come With Little Arrow Rocket As A Christmas Gift, All Packages That Without It Are Fake Sellers.
  • -As you squeeze, fold, roll, and even pull the slime, you are sending signals to your brain that are calming and organising
  • -Much like chores, brain breaks and simple daily tasks, playing with slime is actually calming and can increase focus.
  • -While you twist, turn and roll the slime in your hands, you mind is almost immediately taken off guard.
  • -By providing a sensory stimulus, you brain is now thinking that you are not in danger and there is no reason to be stressed and alarmed.

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SWYIVY Halloween Pet Costumes Cute Cosplay Vampire Cloak Cape For Small Dogs Cats – Reduced To Clear

Brand New. Fashionable, with lightweight material, do not wear with any discomfort. Classic vampire shape, full of magic color, yet lovely ~! Wear-resistant: this pet cloak is made of high quality and durable acrylic fiber, which is wear-resistant. Make your pet adorable: this vampire cloak could well decorate your pets during Halloween party. Boost atmosphere: highlight the party theme and cheer up the atmosphere. Application: perfect for festival like Christmas, Easter, Halloween and normal use. Suitable for medium and small cat and dog. Size Chart: Size: 8.66″(Neck Circumference) 11”*11.4” (L*H). How to measure your dog: The measurements for our clothing range should be taken as follows: Body Length: Measure along the back from the collar to the tail. Chest: Measure around the chest at it’s widest point which is typically right behind the front legs.

All measurements are of the actual clothing item we advise customers to select one size larger if your dog’s measurements match the item measurements exactly. Material: Acrylic fiber Color: Red/Black

Package: -1 x pet costume

  • Material: Acrylic fiber
  • Color: Red/Black
  • Size: 8.66″(Neck Circumference) 11”*11.4” (L*H).
  • Size information is just for reference only. Please allow 0.3”-0.7” errors due to measurement.
  • Fashionable, with lightweight material, do not wear with any discomfort. Classic vampire shape, full of magic color, yet lovely ~!

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