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LIANJUN Coolers Electrical Coolbox Refrigeration Car Mini Fridge – 3 Colors Available easy to carry ( Color : Blue , Size : A )


*Product description

Powered by both 12V DC(auto)/ 220V AC(home)

Plugs and Leads included

Size: exhibited in the diagram

Cold effect: Model A cooling 28 degree celsius below ambient temperature;

Model B cooling 25 degree celsius below ambient temperature;

Model C cooling 22 degree celsius below ambient temperature;

Hot effect: Model A warms to 65 degree celsius by the heater (thermostat)

Power consumption: Model A/B 56W; Model C 75W;

Equipped with a long life fancooling device

All dimensions are approximate and taken at the maximum points of the item, unless otherwise stated.

Uses: fruits, vegetables, alcohol, beverages, drugs, breast milk, coffee hot drinks

Use: outdoor, car, home, travel, office, fishing, party

* Note:

1. Due to the manual measurement, please allows 1-2cm size deviation.

2. Due to take in light and the monitor, pictures may have a slight chromastism problem. This is unavoidable. Please forgive! If not, please buy cautiously.

3. Wrong way of maintaining will affect the product appearance and service life seriously. Pay attention! Thanks 🙂

Have any quality or other questions, please contact us in time


  • Power input, 12V DC(car)/ 220V AC(home) / Power consumption: Model A/B 56W; Model C 75W
  • Cooling capacity: A 28°C below ambient temperature; B 25°C below ambient temperature; C 22°C below ambient temperature, Environment-friendly cooling / Heating capacity: 65°C by thermostat
  • Detachable partition for extra storage / Ideal for home, office, car and outdoors, party
  • Usually, we will ship the item in 1-3 days, delivery time 9-15 days; Direct Sales By Manufacturers.

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