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Musical Toys, Rcool Child Baby Musical Instrument Toys Touch Play Keyboard Music Singing Gym Carpet Mat Kids Gift – Cut Price

Feature: Brand new and high quality Educational, SB© toys, Gift Pleasing voice can stimulate the baby’s hearing ability The bright color can stimulate the baby’s observation ability Through the crawl can stimulate the baby’s athletic ability Through the picture can stimulate the baby’s coordination skills of hand and foot Through the music and the voice of the carpet can stimulate baby’s ability of logic Children can go to touch, also can use feet to kick up. Learn the baby can fondle admiringly certainly Dimension: 72cm * 28cm/28.35inch * 11.02inch Age Range:0-12 Months,13-24 Months Gender: Unisex Color: Multicolor Material: PVC and Electronic components Power supply by 3xAA(not include) Note: Can’t clean it by water directly

Package Content: 1X Music Carpet Mat (NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag)

  • Material: PVC and Electronic components; Dimension: 72cm * 28cm/28.35inch * 11.02inch.
  • Children can go to touch, also can use feet to kick up, and pleasing voice can stimulate the baby’s hearing ability.
  • The bright color can stimulate the baby’s observation ability, through the crawl can stimulate the baby’s athletic ability, and through the picture can stimulate the baby’s coordination skills of hand and foot.
  • Musical SB© toy can inspire children’s talent for music,a great gift for your kids and they will love it.
  • A very creative SB© toy for your kids to play and improve their hands-on ability and imagination capacity.

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Tackle the toughest terrain with the best trekking poles you can buy

As you push your limits in the great outdoors, the gear you need to go further advances in stride. While trekking poles were once an underutilized asset, they’ve since been transformed into a necessary tool for both hiking and mountaineering[1]. Trekking poles supplement the forward momentum of your body and attribute to increased speed and performance on flat ground or slopes.

They reduce impact on leg joints which attributes to healthier exercise[2], especially when going downhill. Using trekking poles also helps you maintain traction on slippery surfaces, navigate stream crossings, and push back bushes and brambles blocking your path. The increased balance poles provide enhances your outdoor experience[3], allowing you to better soak in your surroundings.

Want to get really creative? Use your trekking poles in place of tent poles to pitch a shelter and save weight on expeditions. Whether you’re going for an afternoon romp or a lengthy backcountry[4] adventure, here are some of the best trekking poles you can buy.

Things to consider

Design type

There are two different kinds of trekking poles: standard and shock absorbing. Standard poles can either be folding or telescoping and are typically lighter than shock absorbing poles. Standard poles also offer two different kinds of locks, lever locks or twist locks.

Lever locks are ideal for use in any condition while twist locks are best for warmer weather when you don’t have to adjust them with gloves on. Standard poles are available in either two or three sectioned designs, with the two sectioned poles being sturdier and the three sectioned poles being more compact and ideal for backpacking or long-distances.

anmbph/Getty Images

Shock absorbing poles contain springs that can be compressed to relieve ground impact on your body. Some shock absorbing poles allow for the mechanism to be locked so that it equally functions as a traditional rigid pole.

This relatively new technology is ideal for trekkers with joint sensitivities or for use on extremely uneven terrain where added balance is an asset. The downside of shock absorbing poles is their relatively heavier weight due to the added material. Shaft material

Most trekking poles are designed with either an aluminum or carbon fiber shaft. Carbon fiber is the ideal choice when weight is a concern due to its ultra lightweight construction, though aluminum shafts are much more durable. Carbon fiber bends under extreme stress whereas aluminum is more structurally resilient.

For long distance backpacking, carbon fiber is the better choice whereas aluminum is more ideal for mountaineering. Grip material The grip is perhaps the most important aspect of a trekking pole, as it is the point of connection between your body and the earth.

Trekking pole grips are constructed of either rubber, foam, or cork. Cork grips are ideal in terms of comfort, as they mold to your hand over time, provide breathability in warm conditions, and a degree of insulation[5] in colder weather. Rubber grips are the best insulator, serving as effective vibration reducers, while also resisting moisture retention.

Foam grips are ideal for warm weather hiking as they provide for sweat absorption, a lack of slippage, and the reduction of hot spots from friction build-up.

Our pick

Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork (£170)[6]

These premium trekking poles feature everything you want in terms of comfort, performance, and durability. At only 17 ounces, you won’t have to worry about elbow pain or wrist discomfort on longer treks. Carbon fiber construction in all three sections ensures long-term durability and the cork grips are molded for comfort.

Whether you’re setting out on an alpine route or an extended backcountry trek, the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork poles are sure to exceed your every expectation. These poles feature non-slip EVA grip extension, dual FlickLock Pro adjustability, and interchangeable carbide tech tips, trekking baskets, and powder baskets for true all-season performance. The thick pole diameter may not make for the most lightweight construction but offers unsurpassed reassurance when navigating tricky terrain.

Although these poles lack an anti-shock mechanism, trekkers will hardly notice, even on the roughest of trails. Buy them now from REI[7]

The lightest

Gossamer Gear LT4 (£100)[8]

When you’re counting every ounce, the Gossamer Gear LT4 is an ideal trekking pole selection. At an astounding 9 ounces, arm fatigue is minimal even after countless miles, making them perfect for long distance expeditions.

The LT4 features a simple, yet reliable build and comfy EVA cork grips. Although they do not include wrist straps, the LT4S[9] version features the same model with wrist straps for just £15 more. Adjustment is easy, as well, requiring the tip section to be slipped into the grip section and twisted until snug.

Carbon fiber construction provides for the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio, ideal for thru-hiking and long distance treks. It’s recommended to stick to established trails with the LT4s as they are not the most durable models on the market, but their unsurpassed weight advantages should appeal to those who want to travel fast and far. Buy them now from Gossamer Gear[10]

The best folding pole

Leki Micro Vario COR TEC (£160)[11]

If you prefer the newer folding style of trekking poles over the traditional telescoping kind, the Leki Micro Vario COR TEC is an ideal pick.

This product features a large, rounded top that’s perfect for those who tend to palm the top of their poles. Not only are these trendy but they’re also one of the most comfortable models on the market. The Leki Micro poles are made of Aergon CorTec cork material designed to minimize discomfort while providing for just the right amount of grip.

A push button mechanism allows for ease of assembly and efficient length adjustment. The aluminum material makes for a durable product and the flex short tip provides for precise grip on any terrain. These poles are designed with the Leki skin strap, an ultra-lightweight strap that maintains comfort in any backcountry conditions.

The only downside is a slightly heavier weight at 18.5 ounces. Buy them now from REI[12]

The most comfortable pole

Leki Corklite (£140)[13]

If comfort is your primary concern when selecting a pair of trekking poles, the Leki Corklite will exceed any and all expectations. These trekking poles boast the most comfortable handle design to date, comprised of the edgeless Aergon CorTec Compact grip.

Ergonomically crafted angles provide a slightly forward tip for increased balance on the most uneven terrain. The handle is extremely water-resistant and boasts a smaller diameter grip overall. Additionally, the wrist strap wicks moisture and dries quickly.

The Leki Corklite utilizes the Speedlock system, which is an external lever lock that supports up to 192 pounds. Aside from their unsurpassed comfort, these trekking poles are noted for their excellent durability, attributed to a wider diameter shaft and aluminum construction. These poles inspire confidence both on and off the beaten path.

Buy them now from REI[14]

The best shock absorbing system

Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock (£140)[15]

Shock absorption is relatively new to trekking technology and provides poles with extra give when traveling across brutal terrain. Although heavier and more complex than most models, a shock absorbing system provides for excellent impact dampening — with every stride. The Black Diamond Trail Pro Shocks are remarked for their performance as they bottom out much less than other comparable models, regardless of the amount of impact.

This product also features Black Diamond’s FlickLock Pro construction, providing for ease of use and excellent durability. Although this product is heavier than many others on the market weighing in at 20 ounces, for a product with shock absorption capacity, it is on the lighter end of the spectrum. Although the handles are made of foam as opposed to cork, they are still fairly comfortable poles.

Buy them now from REI[16]


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The Treepod Lounger and Cabana are portable hanging spaces

Why it matters to you

The Treepod Lounger and Treepod Cabana are spacious alternatives to traditional hammocks that require one less tree than hammocks do. Hammocks[1] are growing in popularity and have even replaced traditional tents[2] by offering campers above-ground sleeping habitats. The Treepod Lounger and Cabana[3] is a product that ushers in the next generation of hammocks, offering a more spacious relaxation area and requiring one less tree when users are setting it up.

Whether you’re planning a weekend camping trip or you just want somewhere to hang out in your backyard, the newest Treepod[4] products provide a semi-enclosed habitat along with the rocking sensation of a hammock. The Treepod Lounger and the Treepod Cabana each feature diameters of 5 or 6 feet and the dual frame construction gives them more space than similar products on the market. The only difference between the Lounger and the Cabana is the fabric.

The Cabana is made entirely of mesh, which allows for spacious panoramic views and a gentle breeze while still providing shade from the sun, ideal for warmer climates. The Lounger features canvas walls that offer added privacy and protection from the elements. Both products are designed with a steel frame rated to hold 500 pounds.

Your Treepod comes with a fabric pod, rope, hand strap, frame, bag, and quick link. Set up is easy — simply select a location to hang your Treepod and insert the frame into the fabric sheaths, similar to how you would set up a tent. Once the frame is assembled, take the rope and secure it to the top of the Treepod, then toss it over the desired hanging space.

Lift to a designated height and simply fasten the hanging rope to a solid anchor spot, such as around the base of a tree. Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy. The Treepod Lounger and Cabana are ideal for use at the beach, in your backyard, on your back porch, or out in nature.

They can even be used indoors as personal workspaces or living room hangout areas. One benefit of the Treepod over a traditional hammock is its capacity to be used anyplace. And the Treepod stand accessory allows you to hang your Lounger or Cabana on the back porch, indoors, or in a yard without trees.

The best part?

You can take your Treepod with you anywhere — it is extremely portable, packing down to the size of an average tent and weighing between 13 and 16 pounds, depending on the selected diameter.

A pledge of £160 on the company’s Kickstarter campaign page[5] guarantees you one 5-foot Treepod Lounger or Cabana.


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