it had agreed to purchase EWS, subject to receiving regulatory approval and the sale was completed on November 13, 2007. Despite assurances to the contrary, on January 1, 2009 EWS was rebranded as DB Schenker, their corporate red livery displacing the highly distinctive EWS maroon and yellow livery.   Train pack includes: – EWS Class 67 ‘67003’ in maroon and gold livery MHA wagon numbered ‘394652’ MHA wagon numbered ‘394653’ MHA wagon numbered ‘394654’ Gauge 00 DCC Ready Livery/owner EWS Maroon & Gold Limited Edition Size 1,000 Class 67 Designer British Railways Entered Service 1999 Period 2000s Age Suitability 14+ Purpose Freight Wheel Configuration Bo-Bo

  • Hornby Product
  • Gauge: 00
  • Livery: EWS Maroon & Gold
  • DCC Type: DCC Ready
  • Designer: British Railways

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Masterpiece – The art auction game

Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Renoir — paintings by the world’s most famous artists are on the auction block, for sale to the highest bidder. How high will you bid before the tension and bluffing get to you? And how good’s your eye — can you spot a forgery when you buy one?

The MASTERPIECE game combines the excitement of a fast-paced board game with the glamour and sophistication of a game that deals with fine art. Some of the world’s greatest paintings, illustrated in full-color postcards, are an integral part of gameplay.

The high-stakes world of international art — and the power plays of an auction — will entertain and enlighten as you join a particularly eccentric group of collectors who’ve all come in search of a MASTERPIECE.

  • Your favourite Rembrandt is up for sale and you are bidding for it against a dazzling array of eccentric art speculators.
  • Should you go even higher? What if it’s a worthless forgery?
  • You’ll find out when you play Masterpiece, an exciting suspenseful trip into the elite world of International Art Auctions.
  • For 3-6 players, aged 12 years and over
  • Vintage game from 1970

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