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Strava is now a full-fledged social network with addition of ‘posts’ feature

Why it matters to you

The new posts feature allows exercise enthusiasts to engage with each other in a more social way by allowing comments. Since it first arrived on the scene back in 2009, Strava[1] has often billed itself as the “social network for athletes.” The website, along with its companion apps for iOS[2] and Android[3], has grown to become one of the most popular options for runners, cyclists, and other outdoor athletes to track their workout data, share their progress, and compete with one another in fitness challenges. But, in many ways, Strava lacked some of the fundamental features that would truly make it a social network, including deeper interactions between its members.

That all changed on Tuesday, October 17. Strava launched a new feature called “posts[4]” that opens the way for its members to do a lot more on the site other than just share the raw data[5] from their most recent run or ride. Posts now give users the ability to share their own stories, post articles and tips, engage in conversations with one another, and even add photos.

In short, it gives them the ability to be more social on Strava. Much like other social networks such as Facebook, this information will appear in a user’s feed, as well as the feeds of their friends and followers. To support the new posts feature, the feed is getting a bit of an overhaul in terms of look and functionality, making it easier for Strava users to keep track of what is happening[6] with the people they are connected to.

The updated feed, which is scheduled to roll out to all members later this week, should put challenges, events, and groups front and center.

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The new posts feature expands Strava’s blogging platform, which rolled out earlier this year[7], to include all of its users. At the time of its launch, that platform was called “Athlete Posts[8]” and it was only available to a few handpicked contributors. Now, many of those same tools are being put into the hands of the masses, allowing them to share their own personal stories of success, failure, inspiration, and progression.

The athletes who have been using the posts feature already have given it rave reviews. For instance, in a press release announcing the launch, British runner Susie Chan said: “Athletes Posts has enabled me to share the experiences I have had alongside my activities. Sometimes there is more to a run than the miles and the pace, often there is a bit more to say.

I have enjoyed putting some of my activities into context, tell a bit of a backstory and share the inspiration that has made me go and run.” Anyone who trains for any sport with regularity will certainly be able to appreciate that sentiment. The new posts tools will give them the opportunity to share their own stories too, which can be more meaningful than a training exercise for a professional athlete.

The posts feature is available now and will begin appearing in users updated feeds over the next few days.


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Are you already using this app and love it? Let us know your own reviews below!

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