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'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' comic will expand the movie's story

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The story of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is going from movie to comic book this spring, and the conversion will expand the scope of the story beyond what the film could tell. The adaptation is being written by Gary Whitta (“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”) and drawn by Michael Walsh along with Mike Spicer.

Very very excited to be adapting @rianjohnson‘s THE LAST JEDI for Marvel Comics with @Mister_Walsh and @SpicerColor! Check out the #1 cover by @DeadlyMike!

Thanks @HeatherAntos ? pic.twitter.com/iK9Wbp0H9N

— Gary Whitta (@garywhitta) February 2, 2018

“We’ll be adding scenes and telling others from a new perspective,” Walsh said in an Instagram post Friday announcing the comic.

Like the upcoming novelization of “The Last Jedi” coming March 6, the events depicted exclusively in the comic will be considered part of the same Star Wars story Lucasfilm and Disney have been telling since 2015’s “The Force Awakens.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the comic will debut its first of six issues on May 2, with a second issue later that month.

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Elon Musk says he'll rename flamethrower

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that’s taken over our lives.

Enlarge Image

Not a flamethrower after all?

Screenshot by Mike Sorrentino/CNET

It was the must-have gadget of, well, last week. Elon Musk’s Boring Company flamethrower, retailing at £500, sold out within days of its launch. All 20,000 were gone.

Everyone wanted one, it seemed.

Musk had made it appear so very exciting. Now he has to face a familiar problem: delivery. And it seems there is indeed a little problem here.

So much so that he insists he’s going to have to rename the product. No, he isn’t going to call it the Exciting Company flamethrower.

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Instead this, he says, is a customs issue. In a Friday tweet, Musk explained the problem. “Apparently,” he tweeted, “some customs agencies are saying they won’t allow a shipment of anything called a ‘Flamethrower.’ To solve this, we are renaming it ‘Not a Flamethrower.'”

Apparently, some customs agencies are saying they won’t allow shipment of anything called a “Flamethrower”.

To solve this, we are renaming it “Not a Flamethrower”.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 2, 2018

It’s an imaginative solution, for sure. I can foresee the world’s customs officers looking at a package labeled “Not a Flamethrower” and thinking: “Well, that’s a relief. Flamethrowers can be very dangerous.”

Musk might be aware of this. In another Friday tweet, he suggested an alternative name: “Temperature Enhancement Device.”

Or maybe “Temperature Enhancement Device”

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 3, 2018

Yes, that should take the heat out of the situation. Still, some might wonder whether “not a flamethrower” is actually a more accurate description of the gadget.

To remain legal in the US, the device shoots flames less than 10 feet. Military flamethrowers can send them anywhere from 30 to 100 feet. The more sanguine among us might therefore describe Musk’s version as a fancy blowtorch. A Boring Company spokesman told my CNET colleague Amanda Kooser: “The Boring Company flamethrower is safer than what you can buy right now off-the-shelf on Amazon to destroy weeds.

Much like a rollercoaster, this is designed to be thrilling without danger. Dangerous flamethrowers are already regulated and require a permit to own in California.” Nevertheless, one California lawmaker wants it banned.

Perhaps calling it “Not a Flamethrower” everywhere would assuage the lawmaker’s concerns. Oh, this is all amusing marketing for Musk. It keeps him in the spotlight, while taking a little focus away from Tesla, which is currently enjoying some production and delivery issues with its Model 3.

Perhaps Musk could start delivering some less-than-finished cars and label them “Not a Model 3”?

Just to keep the customers entertained for now.

Customs problem solved! pic.twitter.com/6D0Fbm8NFI

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 3, 2018

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For the first time, scientists discover exoplanets in a galaxy far, far away

Using a technique called microlensing, astrophysicists at the University of Oklahoma have confirmed the existence of exoplanets beyond the Milky Way galaxy. Not just one or two, either — the scientific team has estimated that there are multitudes of planets, ranging in sizes comparable from the Moon to Jupiter, in the galaxy known as RX J1131-1231. Findings from the research were recently published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters.

The image above shows the galaxy at the center, surrounded by four quasars. It’s estimated there are several trillion planets in that central red dot. Moreover, these appear to be “rogue” planets not circling a star in a conventional solar system but roaming free around the far-off galaxy.

“We are very excited about this discovery. This is the first time anyone has discovered planets outside our galaxy,” said OU professor Xinyu Dai. “These small planets are the best candidate for the signature we observed in this study using the microlensing technique.” Einstein theorized that astronomers could use microlensing to observe distant objects using the gravity of stars that are directly between them and the Earth, Terry Oswalt of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University told CNET. “When a star in the foreground passes exactly between us and a background star, gravitational microlensing results in a perfectly circular ring of light — a so-called ‘Einstein ring,'” he said.

The massive gravitational pull of an object like a star causes space to bend around it, and light from a more distant object would curve around it as well, resulting in a magnifying effect. The astrophysicists used observations from NASA’s Chandray X-ray Observatory, a space telescope controlled by the Smithsonian. They then analyzed the results using the OU Supercomputing Center.

Microlensing has been used to discover thousands of planets within the Milky Way before, but this is a new frontier. “This is an example of how powerful the techniques of analysis of extragalactic microlensing can be,” said OU researcher Eduardo Guerras. “This galaxy is located 3.8 billion light years away, and there is not the slightest chance of observing these planets directly, not even with the best telescope one can imagine in a science fiction scenario. However, we are able to study them, unveil their presence and even have an idea of their masses.

This is very cool science.”

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Apple offers free repairs for iPhone glitch

The repair is free, but we’re afraid you’ll have to buy your own burger.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Apparently for some iPhone users, seven isn’t a lucky number. Apple is offering free repairs to owners of the “small percentage” of iPhone 7 devices that may be displaying a No Service notice in the status bar even when cell service is available, the company said in a post late Friday. Apple said the glitch is the result of a faulty component on the gadget’s main logic board.

The problem phones were manufactured between September 2016 and February 2018 and sold in the US, Hong Kong, Japan, China and Macao, Apple said. Three model numbers are eligible for the gratis fix. In the US (including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands), Hong Kong and Macao, the model number to look for on the back of your phone is A1660.

In Japan, A1779. In China, it’s A1660 and A1780. If you think you’re the unlucky owner of a prank-playing iPhone 7, you can check out Apple’s page to see how to go about making your device behave.

Oddly, we’re having trouble making a link to the page behave, so we recommend copying and pasting this URL into your browser: https://www.apple.com/support/iphone-7-no-service/

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Facebook bans group planning to sabotage ‘Black Panther’ reviews

Marvel Studio News has reported that Facebook has banned a group that attempted to sabotage the fan review scores of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and also promised to do the same thing to Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther. The group’s Facebook page was named “Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys,” and it had created an event to post low review scores on the fan review section of the Rotten Tomatoes website. The exact motivations of the group aren’t completely clear, though some trends and theories have cropped up during the course of its actions.

According to a screenshot posted by Marvel Studio News, the group has now been banned by Facebook. Rotten Tomatoes has also gotten involved, stating that it would be monitoring the reviews of Black Panther and that it was fine with people not enjoying a movie, but would not tolerate hate speech on its platform. “We at Rotten Tomatoes are proud to have become a platform for passionate fans to debate and discuss entertainment and we take that responsibility seriously,” a Rotten Tomatoes representative told The Wrap. “While we respect our fans’ diverse opinions, we do not condone hate speech.

Our team of security, network and social experts continue to closely monitor our platforms and any users who engage in such activities will be blocked from our site and their comments removed as quickly as possible.” As for the group itself, The Verge describes it as a pro-DC fan organization that is opposed to Marvel and Star Wars. The group helped review bomb The Last Jedi because they did not like the fact that it featured a female main character.

The group also claims that the poor reviews of Warner Bros. DC films are due to Disney’s manipulation of film critics, though there is no evidence to support those claims. This group’s efforts aside, the early impressions of Black Panther appear to be largely positive with critics hailing it as one of the best Marvel movies to come out in some time.

Moviegoers can decide for themselves when Black Panther arrives in movie theaters on February 16.

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