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Outlook Auto Shade Sun Shield – Pair – Special Price

TWIN PACK SPECIAL OFFER! 90%UVA & UPF 10+ PROTECTION A full cover sunshade that fits most makes and models of 4 door & 5 door hatchback cars.

Unlike stick on or hanging sun shades that leave gaps, the Auto-Shade fits around the window in seconds and the window can still be lowered and raised. Also helps protect against insects.

Features: See through mesh lets kids see the world, cools and reduces glare for comfy nappingScreens 90% of UV, including UVA which can penetrate untreated glassWindow can be opened for ventilation with shade fittedMakes it easier to see DVD screens and games consolesQuick and easy to attach/removeFits most make/model of four door cars

Style: 2 x Curved Shade* Colour: Black Mesh*

Need more than one? Order multiple quantities and save on shipping. Please call or see our WebStore for details

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  • Screens 90% of UV, including UVA which can penetrate untreated glass
  • Window can be opened for ventilation with shade fitted
  • See through mesh lets kids see the world, cools and reduces glare for comfy napping
  • Quick and easy to attach/remove & fits most make/model of four door cars

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This unique open-air hotel room looks like a giant bird’s nest

Why it matters to you

If you’re up for a different kind of hotel experience, then how about a night in a “bird’s nest”? Here’s a hotel room unlike any other. Designed to resemble a bird’s nest (an extremely large one, it has to be said), guests can watch the sun go down, gaze at the stars, and sleep out in the fresh air.

The unique accommodation perched above the surrounding trees is at Segera Retreat in the Kenyan county of Laikipia, considered as one of the country’s most important wildlife regions. Lit up with lanterns at night, the nest[1] also offers a sheltered room down below in case spending the entire night outside isn’t to your liking. Guests are promised a “magical” African sunset during a picnic-style dinner on the top of the nest, and breakfast can be enjoyed “while watching elephants, giraffe, and other wildlife” gather at the nearby river.

Now you certainly don’t get that with your average Motel 6. Or any of them for that matter. The stunning design is the result of a collaboration between Segera Retreat and hand-crafted accessories outfit Nay Palad, who worked with award-winning French architect Daniel Pouzet to create a vacation experience[2] that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Operated by conservationist Jochen Zeitz, Segera Retreat boasts “fun, adventure, spiritual reflection and peace” for guests able and willing to fork out the fees, which start at around £1,200 per person per night.

The retreat uses solar power to provide it with all of its energy needs — including for heating the luxury outdoor baths — and makes use of recycled and captured rainwater to give life to its gardens and cultivate homegrown vegetables for the retreat’s restaurant. While undoubtedly remarkable, the nest isn’t the first outdoor accommodation to have caught our eye. Remember this “open-air hotel room”[3] in the Swiss Alps, comprising a bed and … er … that’s it.

That’s right, it doesn’t even bother with basics like walls and a ceiling, and the nearest public restroom is apparently a 10-minute walk away. Taking minimalist hotel design to a whole new level, the Null Stern Hotel costs around £250 a night and includes butler service and breakfast. As for Segera Retreat’s offbeat offering, we’re hoping that sleeping in something resembling a giant bird’s nest hasn’t resulted in some of the larger local birds mistaking it for home, swooping in just as guests are trying to nod off.

Although true adventurers would no doubt welcome such an experience.

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22 Pc Set of Aluminium & Steel Crochet Hooks By Curtzy – Hook and Needle Kit in Purple Storage Case – Ideal for Crocheting, Lace, Doilies & Flower Projects – The Best Set for Beginner and Professional

22 Piece Set of Aluminium & Steel Crochet Hooks By Curtzy These crochet hooks are prefect for beginners and professionals alike. With the ability to bring your ideas to life – whether that be hand made flowers, cotton crafts, lace crafts, dress, glove or baby clothing making or a whole manner of other projects.

Simply choose a design out of a magazine or video and set to work with your yarn!

What’s Included 22 Steel and Aluminum crochet hooks in a great value storage pouch.

Dimensions: -Each Hook measures between 120 150 mm (4.7 – 6″) long.

  • ALL THE SIZES YOU NEED IN ONE BULK KIT: Each hook measures between 12 – 15 cm (4.7 – 6″) long. Clear sizing information is etched into each needle for easy identification and selection. The 12 steel hook sizes range from 0.6mm to 2.1mm while the 10 aluminium hooks range from 2mm to 6.5mm. This range of needles if is great value and perfect for crocheters of all abilities – young or old.
  • BEST QUALITY TOOLS: Our classic crochet hooks are made from top quality aluminium and steel meaning they are lightweight, strong, have a smooth finish and will complete almost any pattern. The metal handles also make them very easy to manoeuvre and adjust unlike the cheap and rough bamboo or plastic hooks available meaning less hand pain for people with arthritis.
  • PERFECT SIZE TO HELP YOU GET CREATIVE WHEN TRAVELLING: This compact, sturdy and convenient zip case organiser keeps all your crochet hooks, small supplies and accessories (like stitch holders) in one place. Super for crocheting anywhere.
  • TEACH YOUR KIDS WHAT YOUR GRANDMA TAUGHT YOU: Want to teach your grandchildren the art of crochet? Everything you will ever need is in this large all-in-one starter crochet hook set. Just add some patterns, books or instructional videos and thread or wool and away you go!
  • LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are so confident that this 22 x piece crochet hook set will be your favourite crochet and knitting accessory, that we are offering a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee on each kit sold.

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