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Qinec Rebrands as Lumeon, Reflecting Brighter Thinking in Healthcare

Launches Care Pathway Marketplace & Community to Accelerate New Business Models for Healthcare Providers

25 July, 2016 LONDON Today Qinec unveiled its new brand including a new company name – Lumeon1. The new brand is designed to highlight the company s position as the established leader in Care Pathway Management (CPM). Lumeon reflects a brighter way of thinking that enables healthcare providers to deliver transformational change resulting in better care at less cost. With the introduction of the new brand, Lumeon also introduces its new Lumeon Care Pathway Marketplace2 and Care Pathway Community3, designed to allow providers to accelerate the delivery of new business models and speed the definition and distribution of best-in-class care pathways.

Lumeon Care Pathway Manager provides a single, real-time view of the entire patient journey, from referral to outcome. It integrates siloed clinical and administrative systems, and gives providers the ability to design and automate their own care pathway rules set. Each patient can then be automatically progressed through their personal care journey based on their individual data and the defined treatment plan. By looking across the full end-to-end care pathway, CPM allows providers to see the bigger picture and address the system, not just the symptom, behind healthcare transformation. For providers, a care pathway approach to healthcare delivery is measurable, both in terms of efficiency and outcome; predictable so that demand is visible and can be anticipated; and controlled, eliminating unwanted variance. Patricia Wynn, MD, The Advisory Board Company said: Healthcare is an incredibly complex industry, with a lot of variation in the delivery of care which results in high costs; however most of this variation is unwarranted. Organisations can reduce the high costs of unwarranted care variation by supporting clinicians to create their own best-in-class standards. By taking a supportive approach, doctors are engaged in value-driven improvements of standards of care, variation reduction projects are aligned with organisational goals, and efforts are sustainable and can be easily replicated.

Lumeon Care Pathway Marketplace and Community
To further accelerate business transformation, Lumeon launched its Marketplace. The full healthcare ecosystem – providers, payers and partners – can buy and sell care pathways on the Marketplace, enabling new revenue streams and accelerating the design and delivery of new care models. Marketplace launches with 20 care pathways and will continuously be updated as new care pathways are established through Marketplace partners. Additionally, Lumeon launched its Care Pathway Community, which brings together leading clinical, operational and academic healthcare professionals to establish innovative gold standard care pathways of the future. Care Pathway Community members are able to network and collaborate with fellow thought leaders across organisational boundaries, and create awareness and benefit from sharing best practices in care pathways across the entire patient journey.

Robbie Hughes, CEO, Lumeon, said, For the past 10 years we ve been transforming the business of healthcare delivery for most of the largest commercial healthcare providers in the UK and Europe. Lumeon is a bold reflection of our expertise, and a signal for how we re continually imagining brighter ways to envision healthcare. The Marketplace and Community offer innovative ways to bring together the industry s thought leaders to design and distribute best practice – it s about giving providers everywhere the ability to transform their business to delivering best in class care.

To see the new Lumeon brand in its entirety, and to learn more about Marketplace and Community, visit http://www.lumeon.com4.

About Lumeon
Lumeon is a digital health company that has defined the market for Care Pathway Management (CPM). From scheduling and revenue management to clinical reporting and aftercare, by looking across the end-to end care pathway, Lumeon addresses the system, and not just the symptom, behind healthcare transformation. Lumeon’s customers number among Europe s fastest growing and most innovative healthcare providers including BUPA, Nuffield Health, Alliance Medical, HCA, Optegra and Newmedica. It is headquartered in London employing over 90 people. For more information about Lumeon please visit www.lumeon.com5.

Lumeon Press Contact:
Michele Moore, PR Manager
+44 07507 246 961


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Sopra Steria chosen as digital partner of choice for new UK military challenger bank

Sopra Steria will develop banking systems to help bring The Services Family to the UK market

London, 29 June 2016 Sopra Steria, a European leader in digital transformation, has today announced a new digital partnership with The Services Family , a UK military challenger bank being developed by The Services Family Ltd (TSFL). Sopra Steria will provide the digital expertise and solutions to help build the bank and bring The Services Family to the UK market.

Founded by two military veterans, The Services Family is based on the strong culture and behaviours of public and military service. The business will offer tailored products to armed forces personnel, veterans and their families groups with high mobility who have traditionally faced difficulties in gaining access to full financial services. As such, the business requires sophisticated digital channels which will allow them to deliver highly affordable and excellent customer service, in addition to the ability to perform credit risk profiling in new and more agile ways. Sopra Steria was chosen as digital partner of choice due to its innovative and collaborative approach, and its ability to provide much more than a banking platform. Sopra Steria will manage the full banking and non-banking services for The Services Family , enabling TSFL to focus on their business strategy and development. This highly resilient, state-of-the-art digital solution will enable The Services Family to provide simple and straightforward banking, underpinned by excellent customer service.

The Sopra Steria managed service solution, in conjunction with the Sopra Banking Software platform, delivers a complete end-to-end solution for a new bank with a single partner. This ensures the Services Family remains competitive and at the forefront of the banking revolution. Sopra Steria will also support the Services Family to help ensure compliance and support them as they work with the regulators to bring the bank toward a full deposit / banking license.

The Services Family plans to open for business by Q4 2016 and introduce customer services in a phased plan in step with regulatory permissions and platform delivery. The intent is that The Services Family will commence trading as a mortgage provider and progress towards the final objective of being a fully licensed retail bank in 2017.

Melba Foggo, Managing Director Sopra Steria Financial Services, comments: We are delighted to be working with The Services Family Limited to produce a transparent, fair, effective and efficient bank for the UK s Armed Forces personnel and veterans. There are big changes taking place across the Financial Services sector in the UK and the opportunity to be a part of this – and provide the answer to what do you need to do to launch a bank? – is incredibly exciting. This partnership builds on our substantial Financial Services experience, including our recent contract win with the Financial Conduct Authority, and I believe that our industry track record, established banking software platforms and emerging modular digital banking solutions put us in a solid position to help bring this important challenger bank to the UK market.

Michael Jenkins, founding director and Business Intelligence/Strategy Director, The Services Family Ltd., comments: It was essential for us to choose the right partner due to the digital nature of The Services Family bank. We require extremely sophisticated digital services that can adapt to the changing needs of our target customer base. Sopra Steria was the natural choice because of their innovative approach and willingness to support us in developing a phased approach to our banking services, in addition to their proven expertise in this space. Working with Sopra Steria has been easy and seamless, and we look forward to partnering to both develop and launch a bank that looks after some of the most important people in the UK.

About The Services Family Ltd
The Services Family Ltd was started covertly 2 years ago in order to address a specific need. One thing the period of austerity and changing financial services risk appetite, post the banking crisis, has highlighted is the plight of ‘different’ consumers in our country, including The Services Family. The mobile lifestyle, complex career profiles and perceived risk profiles of the Armed Forces have had an impact on their access to financial services from insurance to loans. The Services Family Ltd, built on military values, will provide consumers with a real choice of culture and behaviours in financial services. A company with a familiar and comforting feel for those with links to, or respect for, the military and public service. A fair, transparent and trustworthy company that sets its priority as doing its best for its customers, doing the right thing, the right way and doing it for the right reasons. The Services Family Team is small but highly experienced in both military and banking. They have been supported during the design phase by a large number of sector specialists both individuals and companies.

About Sopra Steria
Sopra Steria, a European leader in digital transformation, provides one of the most comprehensive portfolios of end-to-end service offerings on the market: consulting, systems integration, software development, infrastructure management and business process services. Sopra Steria is trusted by leading private and public-sector organisations to deliver successful transformation programmes that address their most complex and critical business challenges. Combining high quality and performance services, added value and innovation, Sopra Steria enables its clients to make the best use of digital technology. With over 38,000 employees in more than 20 countries, Sopra Steria had revenue of ‘ 3.6 billion in 2015.

For more information, visit us at www.soprasteria.com1

Sopra Steria: Catriona McCallum,

Sondrel and UltraSoC partner to deliver ‘shift left’ for SoC projects

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, and READING, United Kingdom, 3rd June 2016 – UltraSoC1 and Sondrel2, the leading IC design services consultancy, today announce Sondrel s accreditation as an UltraSoC Design Services Partner. This partnership brings together UltraSoC s monitoring and analytics IP and Sondrel s engineering expertise, a perfect marriage that further enhances the key shift left strategy that both companies advocate to provide significant gains for their clients.

The UltraSoC IP provides a holistic system level view of the complex behaviors within today s SoCs that helps engineers develop and optimize SoC hardware and software in the lab and in-field. By turning on-chip data into actionable information, UltraSoC s IP improves product quality and de-risks the entire development process. The flexibility and diversity of this IP is also a key asset to Sondrel, adding value across the diverse range of design projects that it carries out for customers. From the debug and validation of complex SoCs to the provision of system-level security functionality in IoT ICs, many customers can benefit from the implementation of this IP, finding cost savings on engineering time, performance enhancements or earlier to market gains that can translate into savings or ROI of several million dollars. Kevin Steptoe, Sondrel Engineering VP, commented: We are always looking to improve performance margins for our customers, whilst maintaining the quality and reliability of a design. Sondrel and UltraSoC understand the significance of this, as chip design continues to grow in complexity. In implementing this IP, it has the capability of not only maintaining reliability, but monitoring and improving it.

To understand more about the benefits, technical details and delivery of UltraSoC s IP by Sondrel engineers, you can download a datasheet3 with further information.

About UltraSoC
UltraSoC is an independent provider of SoC infrastructure that enables rapid development of embedded systems based on advanced SoC devices. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom. For more information visit www.ultrasoc.com4

About Sondrel
Sondrel is a leading IC Design Services Consultancy, located in five ISO27001 compliant design centers across Europe and Asia. From spec to silicon, and in specific market sectors, including automotive, IoT, mobile and communications, we provide a professional service based on cost performance and reliability of delivery for our clients. For more information visit http://www.sondrel.com5

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