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British researchers claim toothpaste breakthrough

British Researchers Claim Toothpaste BreakthroughBritish researchers say they have developed a new toothpaste ingredient that restores minerals lost from tooth enamel, helping to prevent decay and reduce sensitivity that can cause tooth pain and discomfort.

The ingredient, BioMin, slowly releases calcium, phasphate, and fluoride ions, forming a mineral which its promoters say rebuilds and strengthens tooth structure.

“Using remineralizing toothpaste makes teeth far more resistant to attack from acidic soft drinks like fruit juices and sodas. It is also much more effective than conventional toothpastes where the active ingredients, such as soluble fluoride, are washed away and become ineffective less than two hours after brushing,” said Professor Robert Hill, Chair of Dental Physical Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London, who led the team which developed BioMin. BioMin is available in the UK through specialty distributors and online[1]. It’s not known when or if it will be available in the United States. Dental decay is the most prevalent disease worldwide and is estimated to affect 13.5 million people in the UK.

The American Dental Association[2], which claims to be “America’s leading advocate for oral health,” did not bother to respond to a request for comment.


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Dumpster Wood Electric Guitar (Using Basic Hand Tools)

Dumpster Wood Electric Guitar (Using Basic Hand Tools) To make this guitar, I used the following Tools: – Wood Chisel (Mine was homemade, but a proper one is preferable) – Wood Planes (I used two sizes of wooden hand planes, both made by a friend of mine.

The blade widths were 45 mm and 25 mm respectively) – Sandpaper (I used 60, 100, 220 and 800 Grit Sandpaper on this project) – Hacksaw (I used two, one with a 320mm long blade and one with a thinner 150mm long blade.) – Drill, and a variety of drill bits (I used sizes from 1,5mm diameter to 10mm diameter) – Screw Drivers (or screw driver attatchments for the drill) – Dremel Tool and appropriate attatchments (I used the mini angle grinder-like attatchment and DIY sandpaper cylinders, as well as some smaller drillbits) – Hammer – Craft/Exacto knife with sharp blades – Carving Knife (I used the standard knife on my Leatherman Multitool) – Pencil for marking shapes on wood – Wood Glue (I used white Alcolin Multipurpose Cold Wood Glue) – Cyanoacrylate Adhesive / Super Glue – Hot Glue Gun – Ruler and measuring tape, T square and/or Set Squares (I am lucky enough to own a 75 cm long T square, which I put to good use in this project) – Clear Varnish – Paint Brushes – Masking Tape – Electrical (Insulation) Tape – Soldering Iron + Soldering Wire – Hand File – Pliers – Clamps (I only had four large clamps, but you will get much better results if you have more than me.) – Rubber Bands (to assist the clamps) Materials: – Pine Planks (I recommend using woods more commonly used in guitars, but I used what I had) Mine were 22mm x 70mm and one metre long

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Write the Beauty of Early Spring Fashion

Cold winter is already gone, and finally a heavy jacket, down jacket to say goodbye. Brightest street fashion people start traveling light, they have put on a dazzling variety of attractive costumes, to the cool early spring brought a trace of warmth. But Dachu want to wear a different kind of taste, in the endless stream of beautiful costumes in a surprise move, how little fashion K-gold mix? ADK jewelry launched early spring new Qiannianzhilian series, compared with the early spring we opened one match fashion jewelry gorgeous prelude. Ginkgo appears in the hundreds of millions of years ago, after the legacy of the Quaternary glacial movement gymnosperms oldest relict plant, and with it all other plants have switched classes of extinction, so there are a living fossil Ginkgo reputation; ADK to jewelry Ginkgo biloba is inspired by elements launched the Qiannianzhilian series of new products.

Fashion K gold paved with dazzling diamonds clarity, Qiannianzhilian series uses ingenuity to create exquisite enamel artistry, aesthetics and crafted the ultimate creative art style seen nowhere. Fashion K yellow and green enamel fresh elegant collision color of spring, like the Qing Ming can listen to the sound of early spring, will linger in the warm spring finger wrist, elegant and vibrant vitality exudes ancient and mysterious atmosphere . Pendant also added a green garnet crystal pieces, light and cooked with a touch of elegance in the girl s playful, elegant and refined, elegant hidden in quiet, full of vitality Sen Girls Fan children! Ginkgo language of flowers tenacity and perseverance , Ginkgo biloba and the shape of the heart-shaped, which represents the eternal love and a lifetime of waiting. ADK jewelry Qiannianzhilian series capture good moral ginkgo, combining fashion K gold diamonds shine immortal eternal light, bring women s unique elegance, designers through art and exquisite enamel top diamond technology, lifelike avatar, green landscape of perfect heart-shaped ginkgo leaf life love expression, leading early spring jewelry fashion trend!

Qiannianzhilian series to activate Shi Yinxing metaphor for love, which means in the long history lovers spend years in dedication, love millennium, a symbol of life after constant love! In this fashion rocking spring day, just dazzling fashion apparel apparently unable to meet the modern fashion women s pursuit of beauty. The most eye candy jewelry can win a woman s heart, as bright and lively colors Qiannianzhilian series, K-gold fashion enamel in Dayton was added vitality, bright glamorous diamond very distracted, just like the sun river gently rippling, they inadvertently captured the hearts and minds of women, people could not bear to touch, gorgeous fashion, full of mystery.

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