Paraffin wax treatment booties might be too hot to handle

Sandal season is upon us, and I’d be lying if I said I’ve done my part to get myself ready for it. After months of hiding away in boots and other closed-toe shoes, my feet are in desperate need of some love in the form of a deep moisturizing treatment. For this week’s Fab or Flub, I decided to try the Studio 35 Paraffin Foot Wax Treatment (£10.99) from Walgreens[1].

Different from other foot products I’ve tried, the Studio 35 wax-based booties are filled with a mixture of paraffin, gylcerin, jojoba oil and pure green leaf tea tree oil. The booties, which must be worn for 10 minutes, were designed to be a no-mess solution for getting soft, smooth feet.

First impression

Unlike the Miss Spa Pre-treated Booties I previously reviewed, the Studio 35 booties require a little more effort. Instead of just slipping the booties right onto your feet, you must first warm them up (either via a hot towel cabinet or microwave) so the paraffin wax inside each one can melt.

Because I had no idea what a hot towel cabinet was and was pretty sure I didn’t have one, I decided to go with the latter option. Per the product’s instructions, both booties should be placed inside the microwave for two minutes so the paraffin wax can melt. Each bootie conveniently has a heat indicator, which looks like a circle-shaped sticker, on the outside to help indicate how hot the wax is and when the bootie is ready to wear.

After two minutes in the microwave, the heat indicator should turn red to show that the wax is fully melted. Then you must wait two more minutes until the heat indicator begins to turn black before putting on the booties.

The booties, which are sealed shut and have to be cut open with scissors, have a thermal liner inside to protect the feet from burns. It is recommended that you wear them for 10 minutes, then rub any excess wax and oils into the feet.

The booties, which were rather large on my size 6 feet, are designed to be used up to four time before you trash them. However, I’m not sure how you are supposed to go about preserving the booties for your next use. It seems like too much of a hassle for something so messy.

Fab or flub?

“Flab.” Did the Studio 35 Paraffin Foot Wax Treatment leave my feet feeling soft and smooth?

Yes. Did it cause my microwave to have a meltdown and die? Double yes.

Unfortunately, I could never get the heat indicator on one of the booties to turn red to indicate that the wax was fully melted. I tried microwaving the bootie for three additional 1-minute intervals to see if it would melt more. On the third try, my microwave suddenly gave out.

It wasn’t until an hour or so later that the microwave finally came back (I assume it might have overheated), but by then I had already to put on the booties.

Despite the issues with my microwave, it’s worth noting again that the booties do work.

In fact, I found that they work just as well as the Miss Spa booties.

However, I’m not sure I would repurchase them.

Not only do the Studio 35 booties cost about £4 more than the Miss Spa option, but they also are not as convenient to use, thanks to the extra steps required to heat the product.


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