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Nokia's 108 camera phone offers 31 day battery life for $29 | Mobile …


Smartphones may be where the global mobile market is heading, but feature phones are still a big deal for developing countries and a good chunk of people who just can t afford a large-screen, high-tariff handset. Nokia1 knows this, and is continuing to churn out very cheap handsets with impressive features that don t class as smart.

The latest of these feature phones is the successor to the Nokia 1052 and it is called the Nokia 1083. It s a so-called camera phone that costs just $29 and comes in both standard and dual SIM editions. You get a 0.3MP VGA camera with video recording capabilities, a 1.8-inch 65k TFT display, Bluetooth 3.0, FM radio, on-board storage of up to 32GB using the microSD card slot, and MP3 music playback as standard.

It s not much to brag about, but this isn t a phone that s meant to compete with smartphones.

It weighs just 69.9 grams, measures 110 x 47 x 13mm, has a standby time of 31 days, talk time of nearly 14 hours, and can play music for 45 hours. It s a tiny, cheap phone for making calls that you won t be too concerned about losing. Nobody is going to steal it, either.

The Nokia 108 will be available in the fourth quarter of this year in a choice of red, black, or white casings.

Yellow and cyan are also expected to become color choices next year.

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