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Product Review: Omnirax Force 32 Audio or Video Editing … – PJ Media

In our review of Bob Simons’ Analog Recording, Using Analog Gear in Today’s Home Studio[1] earlier this month, we discussed the concept of a “hybrid studio.” This harnesses the power of digital audio workstation software on a computer and its related plugins for their editing and processing flexibility – not to mention the ability to cleanup audio via pitch correction and programs such as Izotope RX[2]. But adds to it the warmth of vacuum tube preamps, compressors, and other analog devices. However, once you begin to acquire a few rack-mountable components, organizing them from both an aesthetics standpoint, and more importantly, easing and enhancing your workflow becomes key.

When I built my project studio[3] last year, I hit the ground running with the old computer desk from my den in California, and earlier this year, just plopped a Chandler Limited REDD.47 tube preamp[4] and Warm Audio’s WA-2A tube-based compressor[5] on top of it. But aesthetically, this was pretty darn ugly looking in otherwise great looking room. Also, it impeded my workflow by having to reach behind these units and my behind my audio interface each time I wanted to reroute the signal path. So I began to look around for a proper studio desk.

Choose Your Studio Desk Carefully

I had considered the sort of desk[6] that Mitch Gallagher of Sweetwater installed in his home studio[7], but I wasn’t crazy about how it would place the knobs of my key rack mounted-equipment facing upward, rather than in front of me. In terms of ergonomics and spatial perception, it seemed a bit awkward to my personal tastes, but obviously, Mitch seems quite happy with this arrangement, so your mileage will likely vary.

Eventually, I found the Omnirax Force 32[8], built in my old stomping ground of Northern California. Omnirax Furniture Company[9] makes a variety of desk models for applications in the audio and video world. They arrive flat in kit form – my desk, delivered by truck, had five cardboard boxes full of parts, as you can see in the photo below.

Given its complexity, I hired a pro to assemble it – and as the instructions warned, he needed the assistance of a second person near the end to mount the desktop to the side cabinets and kickboard. The completed desk weighs over 300 pounds and is 92” wide by 40” deep, so building it – or at least completing the assembly — in the room where it’s going to reside is highly recommended. (The desk is on wheels for minor adjustments in placing, and to access your adjacent power, data and audio lines.) My assembler told me that as long as you follow the instructions carefully, it goes together quite well. It’s built using the classic cam and pin system — but I don’t think I would recommend assembling something this complex without some qualified help. (And in any case, you’ll very likely need a second person to get the top on.)


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Channel Signal CEO on Product Review Analytics – Practical Ecommerce

Product reviews can play an important role in ecommerce. Almost nine out of 10 shoppers read product reviews, and many studies over many years have shown that reviews help shoppers to make online buying decisions.

To discuss ecommerce reviews, I recently spoke with Paul Kirwin, C.E.O. and founder of Channel Signal[1], a product review monitoring and analytics firm.

Practical Ecommerce: Why are product reviews important for ecommerce?

Paul Kirwin: Ninety percent of consumers read product reviews. Peer-to-peer conversations are very important. Consumers view product reviews as direct feedback from other consumers.

And when companies measure the voice of the buyer, they can understand what products to fix and what products are really getting traction. They can fix the products the consumers don’t like, and then marketing can utilize the language of the buyer in its marketing material, to leverage what buyers think.

PEC: So the value of reviews is the customer intelligence that merchants can get from them?

Kirwin: Merchants obviously want to read the positives and you want to understand what you’re doing right, because that’s direct feedback from buyers. But what you’re also getting is direct criticism from buyers on what products are not working. A lot of times, buyers talk about the brand. They talk about the brand’s customer service. They talk about the performance of the product. You’re getting a lot of rich information from the buyer.

The difference between product reviews and social media posts is mostly buyers. When they sit down to write a product review, the sentence structure is better, the slang is absent, the bad language is absent because buyers know that they are communicating directly to consumers that they respect.

PEC: How does Channel Signal parse those reviews? Does someone manually read them? Or are you using an algorithm or a programmatic way to measure sentiment?

Kirwin: Channel Signal works with a lot of different companies, but most of the time it is larger companies that receive a fair amount of product reviews — think in the hundreds or thousands, on a weekly, monthly, or a quarterly basis. There are a lot of reviews.

Companies that aggregate all of those reviews into one platform can look at the performance of individual products and categories. They can measure individual brands.

PEC: Are there keywords that you’re looking for? How does that part of the process work?

Kirwin: If you’ve got a lot of reviews and you’re using a platform like Channel Signal, you’re looking for words. For instance, if the word “money” comes up in your product reviews, it’s not a good thing. When consumers use the word “money,” it’s usually in the context of “Not worth the money” or “I spent my hard earned money.” We look at those positive and negative trigger words.

For a smaller company, look for the products that are getting positive traction and those that are getting negative traction, and why. Start looking at those product reviews and distilling down the actionable pieces of information on the products, to fix, and also the products to promote via the positive reviews.

What a lot of companies are doing now is, one or two weeks after the purchase, they write an email to the buyers and invite them to write a product review. In that invitation they say, “We’d love it if it were positive, but if it’s negative, we’re going to improve the product with your feedback.” You can aggregate and collect more product reviews that way. That’s how you should start.

PEC: Anything else?

Kirwin: Buyers now have a large and powerful voice through reviews on ecommerce sites. That’s why brands feel like they need to start measuring them. Buyers are becoming the best sales force that the brand has, especially on the positive side.

Also, a lot of brands measure their competitors’ reviews. As they measure competitors, they can see what the buyers like and don’t like about them. It’s a helpful comparative analysis.


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Lowest Prices Anywhere: 13″ Touch Bar MacBook Pros as low as $1499 ($300-$600 off); AirPods in stock for $159 … – AppleInsider (press release) (blog)


While supplies last, shoppers can use our exclusive coupon combined with instant savings to save $300 to $600 on Late 2016 13-inch MacBook Pros with Touch Bar, plus no tax collected on orders outside NY and NJ. Apple AirPods are also back in stock with free 2-day shipping —and the Magic Keyboard is now $69 with a $20 mail-in rebate.

After knocking hundreds off Late 2016 15-inch MacBook Pros[2], Adorama is now slashing prices on 13-inch MacBook Pros with Touch Bar. These 2016 models are now $300 to $600 off thanks to instant savings combined with coupon code APINSIDER. On top of the cash savings, Adorama will not collect sales tax on orders shipped outside NY and NJ —and shipping is free. Plus, Apple’s Magic Keyboard is marked down $10 on top of a $20 mail-in rebate, bringing the price down to just $69.00 now through July 23. Looking to snap up a pair of AirPods? Verizon Wireless has the accessory in stock with free 2-day shipping.

13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar for $1,499

13″ Touch Bar (2.9GHz/8GB/256GB) in Silver for $1,499.00[3] * ($300 off + no tax outside NY & NJ)*Price with promo code APINSIDER using the step-by-step instructions found below. Adorama will not collect sales tax on orders shipped outside NY & NJ. Discount reflects total savings off MSRP.

Adorama is making way for 2017 inventory this week by clearing out Late 2016 MacBook Pro models with rock bottom prices available exclusively to AppleInsider readers via instant discounts stacked with coupon code APINSIDER. These deals offer shoppers the lowest prices available from any Apple authorized reseller, according to our Late 2016 13-inch MacBook Pro[4] Price Guide. What’s more, Adorama is also throwing in free shipping, and the retailer will not collect sales tax on orders shipped outside NY and NJ (another $120 to $195 in savings for many shoppers outside those two states). With prices starting at $1,499.00[5] for the standard configuration, this a great opportunity for students to pick up a new MacBook Pro prior to the start of the fall semester.

$300 to $600 off additional 13″ Touch Bar configurations (Late 2016)13″ Touch Bar (2.9GHz/8GB/512GB) in Gray for $1,699.00[6] * ($300 off + no tax outside NY & NJ)13″ Touch Bar (2.9GHz/16GB/512GB) in Gray for $1,799.00[7] * ($400 off + no tax outside NY & NJ)13″ Touch Bar (2.9GHz/16GB/1TB) in Gray for $1,999.00[8] * ($600 off + no tax outside NY & NJ)13″ Touch Bar (3.1GHz/16GB/256GB) in Gray for $1,749.00[9] * ($350 off + no tax outside NY & NJ)13″ Touch Bar (3.3GHz/16GB/1TB) in Gray for $2,449.00[10] * ($450 off + no tax outside NY & NJ)*Price with promo code APINSIDER using the step-by-step instructions found below. Adorama will not collect sales tax on orders shipped outside NY & NJ. Discounts reflect total savings off MSRP.

Add AppleCareYou can easily tack on an AppleCare extended protection plan to these 13-inch MacBook Pros for $199.00[11] (a discount of $50, available while supplies last).

(%) Step by Step Instructions for these Deals at Adorama

1) Make sure you’re using a browser with cookies enabled that isn’t in private mode.2) Click on the price link to the desired configuration from this article or the Adorama price links in our Price Guides[12]. You MUST click through our links in the same shopping session that you use our coupon. If you try to save a link for late, the coupon WON’T WORK. Once you click through a price link, you’ll see a price that’s higher than advertised (we’ll fix that in a moment).3) Add the MacBook to your cart anyway, and when you’re done shopping, begin the checkout process.4) After you enter your shipping information, move to the Payment section during checkout.5) Look for a link that says “Do you have a gift card or promo code?” next to the gift icon. Click that to bring up a coupon code field.

6) Enter the coupon code APINSIDER in the field and click apply. The discount should appear under “Promo Savings” above the order total.7) That’s it. If you live outside NY & NJ Adorama will also not collect sales tax on your order.As always, if you have any issues, you can reach out to us at [email protected][13] and we’ll try and help.

AirPods back in stock with free 2-day shipping

Apple AirPods for $159.97[14] @Verizon Wireless (Free 2-day shipping)

Those looking for Apple AirPods can pick up a pair at Verizon Wireless for $159.97[15] with free 2-day shipping. In stock now, this beats Apple’s current wait time of 6 weeks by over a month. Verizon’s last shipment sold out quickly, so don’t delay.

Apple’s Magic Keyboard for $69

Magic Keyboard for $69.00[16] * ($30 off + no tax outside NY & NJ)*Price with $20 mail-in rebate[17]. Adorama will not collect sales tax on orders shipped outside NY & NJ.

Adorama is also knocking $10 off[18] Apple’s Magic Keyboard now through July 23 —and throwing in a $20 mail-in rebate[19] to boot. With the $30 savings, this deal saves shoppers $20 to $25 compared to ordering from another Apple authorized reseller, according to our Magic Accessories[20] Price Guide. And since Adorama will not collect sales tax on orders shipped outside NY and NJ, many customers can save $38 on average with this offer compared to paying full price with tax at the Apple Store.

Rebate Terms and Conditions

1) To obtain the rebate, visit Adorama’s Rebate Center and enter Offer Code: ADO-100317.2) Valid on orders made between: 7/20/2017 and 7/27/2017.3) Must be postmarked within 30 days of purchase.4) Maximum number of claims allowed per household: 2.5) Only valid on purchases made at Adorama.com.

Rebate amount will be in the form of a MasterCard Prepaid Card or Visa Prepaid Card. Card is valid for up to 6 months; unused funds will be forfeited at midnight EST the last day of the month of the valid thru date. See site for additional terms and conditions.


Additional Apple Deals

AppleInsider and Apple authorized resellers are also running a handful of additional exclusive promotions this month on Apple hardware that will not only deliver the lowest prices on many of the items, but also throw in discounts on AppleCare, software and accessories. These deals are as follows:

See if there is a Mac, iPad, Apple Watch[23][24][25] or Certified Used iPhone[26] deal that will save you $100s by checking out prices.appleinsider.com[27] and deals.appleinsider.com[28].


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