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Forum Novelties Pass-Out Drinking Board Game – Cheap

Pass-Out is the perfect game addition to your next party! In this hilarious game, 2-4 adult players travel around the board, taking drinks and reciting tongue twisters. Whether you are in the mood for drinking or just want others to join the buzz, this game really gets the fun jumping. Grab your favorite beverage and start rolling the dice. For ages 21 & up, please drink responsibly. Winners love the game, but losers have all the fun!

  • Drinking game for 2-4 players
  • Classic board game design with an adult twist
  • Includes folding game board, dice, 2 sets of cards and 4 game pieces
  • Travel around the board drinking and reciting tongue twisters
  • From funny to frightening, Forum Novelties has it all

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BDUK Roulette Drinking Game with Spinning Roulette Wheel, 16 Numbered Black and Red Shot Glasses and 2 Roulette Balls – Bargain

Place your bets and take your chances with the Roulette Drinking Game. A Fun addition to any Poker or Casino Party night, and a great way to break the ice or spice up a dinner party, everyone wins in this fun drinking game of chance! To play, simply turn the wheel to see whose number is up. Each player takes a turn spinning the wheel and will drink the contents of the glass with the corresponding number. If the contents of the glass have already been consumed, that player will not take a shot that round. The game then moves clockwise to the next player until all of the shot glasses are empty, and the winner is left standing (hopefully!).

Think you can hold your drink? Think again! The Roulette Drinking Game is an addictive alcoholic twist to the original and classic Roulette Wheel! Bring the crazy nights and glitzy glamour of the Casino into your own home. Viva Las Living Room! The Roulette Drinking Game Includes 1 Roulette Wheel, 16 Numbered Shot Glasses and 2 Roulette Balls. Each Shot Glass has its own slot on the outside of the board to prevent spillage and to ensure safe storage when not in use. The Roulette Drinking Game is suitable for players all ages, however please ensure that all players are 18 and over if being played with Alcoholic Beverages in the UK (21 in the USA). The Roulette Drinking Game can also be a fun party game for children. Simply fill half the glasses with something Sweet like chocolate milkshakes or fruit juices and the other half with something Bitter or Sour. Which will they get? Let fate decide.

For the rest of us, just Pick your Poison, but Please Drink Responsibly.

  • Place your bets and take your chances with the Roulette Drinking Game
  • Includes Roulette Wheel, 16 Black & Red Shot Glasses and 2 Roulette Balls
  • A Fun addition to any Poker or Casino Party Night
  • DIMENSIONS (Wheel) – W30cm x H4cm / W12″ x H1.5″ (approx)
  • Suitable for Up to 6 Players of all Ages

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24Pc Beer Pong Set 12 Cups & 12 Balls Tournament Kit Adults Drinking Game Set – Discounted

Beer Pong Set – Pack of 24 Sold : Pack of 24 Material : Plastic Pack contains : 12 large cups and 12 balls

  • 24 Piece drinking game
  • Beer pong set
  • A game of skill, luck and drinking!
  • Set includes 12 Cups & 12 Balls
  • Made of sturdy plastic

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