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4 in. Enclosed Ceiling Speaker Black – Set of 2

Set of 2. Includes C-ring and rail mounting system hardware. 25W and high efficiency polypropylene butyl rubber surround. 75 Hz to 18 KHz. Front mounted tap selector switch. Trap door input section allows for through conduit runs with rigid or flex conduit. Four pole detachable phoenix style connector. Press fit grille. Made in China. Bezel: 10.5 Dia.. Overall: 9 in. H.

  • Set of 2
  • Includes C-ring and rail mounting system hardware
  • 25W and high efficiency polypropylene butyl rubber surround
  • 75 Hz to 18 KHz
  • Front mounted tap selector switch

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SalesLa Smart Bluetooth Speaker Music Bulb RGB Lamp Dimmable Dancing LED Light (1pc) – Price Drop


Bulb: Polycarbonate Casing Lamp Socket: Standard E27 Voltage: AC100-240V/50-60HZ

Small smart LED bulb can convert 7 main colors – over 16 million supported colors, plus warm and cool white. You can choose your favourite color for each situation to surround you in your room. Built in high quality bluetooth Speaker, connect this music bulb with your bluetooth phone, then you can play music from your phone, enjoy music in your whole house, That is great if you want to relax and unwind after a long day Use the app timer to set a definite time to make the bulb on or off or adjust it to shimmering light so it does not affect your sleep, Wake up in the morning to your favorite colors. Come home to a bright and well lit home. Take control of your lighting from your smartphone or tablet. This smart lamp can only be paired with a single phone and each phone can only be paired with a single bulb. Multiple bulbs require multiple bluetooth connections/devices to be configurable Connect to your bluetooth devices easily, and the built-in Bluetooth speaker enables you to enjoy music anywhere. Scan the QR code on the product to download the app, It supports Android 2.3.3, iphone 4S with IOS 7.0 or later versions. Play music from the app or your usual program and have the bulb change colors automatically.

Package Includes: 1/2 x Smart Speaker Sound LED Light Bulb. 1 x SalesLa high quality fibre.

  • Built in high quality bluetooth Speaker, connect this music bulb with your bluetooth phone
  • Take control of your lighting from your smartphone or tablet

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From Boom to Blast, new UE speakers add Alexa and amp up the volume

Why it matters to you

If you’re willing to shell out a bit more dough, Ultimate Ears’ newest wireless speakers will rise to the occasion. Ultimate Ears[1] has cultivated a reputation for crafting quality speakers and headphones, both for professional studio use (see: the incredible UE 18+ Pro[2]) and for rugged outdoors adventures (see: the amphibious Wonderboom[3]). Suffice it to say that when UE tells us they’re launching new products, our ears perk up.

And, after getting a look at UE’s new fall lineup, we feel lucky our ears are even still attached to our heads. For the past few years, the Boom moniker — currently attached to the aforementioned Wonderboom, the Boom 2, and the Megaboom[4] — has been synonymous with UE’s line of speakers. Today, though, the new Blast and Megablast are changing the name and the game.

Both the Blast and Megablast are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and voice-controlled Alexa support, meaning you no longer need to play music from a phone or tablet. Say “Alexa, play Feel It Still,” and within seconds, you’ll be jamming to Portugal. The Man’s newest hit — no hands necessary.

Alexa can adjust volume, read you the weather forecast, and answer millions of questions, just like she can with one of Amazon’s smart speakers. Both speakers feature three microphones along the top, so we’re optimistic about accuracy for far-field voice recognition. In addition to Amazon Music (as well as Amazon Prime Music[5] and Amazon Music Unlimited[6], of course), the speakers support TuneIn[7] and iHeartRadio[8] over Wi-Fi, with both Pandora[9] and Deezer[10] on the way soon.

They’re also Bluetooth enabled, in case you’d prefer to play Spotify or Apple Music (or Youtube, or whatever) from your phone. For loudness control, huge, trademark UE analog volume buttons are proudly displayed in white. The Megablast will be 40 percent louder than the Megaboom, which was already quite powerful.

The Blast and Megablast — comparable in size to the Boom 2 and the Megaboom, respectively — feature the same cylindrical shape as their brethren, only with sharper edges and a slightly more contemporary aesthetic overall. The Megablast is UE’s first wireless speaker featuring independent tweeters (two, at 25mm) along with 35mm active drivers and passive radiators to boot. According to Ultimate Ears, the Megablast will be 40 percent louder than the Megaboom, which was already quite powerful.

Both speakers are IP67 rated for dust and water resistance, meaning they’ll happily and safely accompany you in the shower (though, unlike the Wonderboom, they won’t float). The Blast’s battery is rated at 12 hours, while the Megablast should last for 16. The speakers will officially release on October 26, with a retail price of £230 for the Blast and £300 for the Megablast.

Both speakers will launch with four colorways in the U.S.: Graphite, Blizzard, Merlot, and Blue Steel[11]. During a live demo, we also saw versions in Mojito green and Lemonade yellow; we don’t yet know when or if those colors will see the light of day.

But wait! There’s more![12] In addition to the Blast and the Megablast, the new UE Power Up charging dock — compatible with both Blast and Megablast — allows you to juice up the speaker by simply placing it atop the dock.

The Power Up (see above) is available in white and white only, for £40, and it’ll launch alongside the speakers on October 26.

You can pre-order it via UE or Amazon now.


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