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Cat Flaps + Steps And Outdoor Nets

4 Way Lock White Cat Flap – Suitable For Any Wooden, Metal Or Glass Door And In Brick Walls – Entrance Only, Exit Only, Entry And Exit, Or Closed – Special

Please note: before installing in glass structures, we advise you to consult a glazier, as it is not possible to drill holes in toughened safety glass or double-glazing unless they were previously created during manufacture. Dimensions: 22,5 x 10,4 x h 25,2 cm

  • This 4 Way Lock Cat Flap allows you to adjust the type of opening according to your needs.
  • 4 way locking system, entry only, exit only, entry and exit, or closed.
  • A passage indicator of this will help you know whether your pet is indoors or out
  • Come with wind stopper system,a system of protection against draughts
  • Let your pet in and out safely with this 4 Way Lock Cat Flap.

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Basic 4 Way Cat Flap – Can Easily Fit In Any Wooden Door, Metal, Glass And Walls – Modern Design – Suitable For Cats And Small Dogs – Reduced

Item length: 22.5cm Item width: 25.2cm

  • This 4 Way Cat Flap can easily fit in wooden doors, metal doors, glass, and walls.
  • The flap is transparent and the door is quick and easy to assemble.
  • Especially created for your four-legged friend. 4 Way Cat Flap is also suitable for small dogs.
  • Step by step fitting and usage instructions are enclosed.
  • let your cat in and out of your house with this 4 Way Cat Flap.

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SELMAI Cat Door Lockable Manual Control Access Pet Door 4 Way Locking Brown M – Limited Offer

For control over your cats access to and from the house, have 4 Way Locking Cat Flap offers exceptional value for money.

Lockable Cat Flap size details:

S outer size: Width:19.2 * Height:20.0 * Thick:2.5cm; S inner size: Height:15.6 * Width:15.2cm

M outer size: Width:19.2 * Height:20.0 * Thick:5.5cm; M inner size: Height:15.6 * Width:15.2cm

L outer size: Width:23.5 * Height:25.2 * Thick:5.5cm; L inner size: Height:19 * Width:18cm

Kindly Reminder:

If you think the cat door thickness is too large, it can be cut. If your house door is too thick, you will need to change to the long screws for it fixed. This cat door fit for all the common door categories, the most important part is to make sure in advance whether it is ok to dig holes, drilling and other steps when install in your home door!

Cat doors Installation:

Tools required: electric drill, saw or chainsaw iron, measured with a ruler.

1: Firstly draw a outside size of cat door cover with a piece of paper (there may be a few millimeters error). 2: According to the painting paper lines and drawing on the door with a pencil. 3: Use a drill to drill a hole in the four corners of painting through a door,if there is a chainsaw,then begin to dig the hole directly. 4: If it is a glass home door, need gently cut with a glass scribing tool,and use glass glue fixed. 5: Cave Amoy Well, now use a smooth wrapping paper or kraft paper to wrap around the hole, for aesthetics.(You can also use others artwork to decorate around the cat door) 6: The cat door placement, there are accessories screws,use a screwdriver to tighten. 7: Screw port comes with screw cap, press on, OK, finished.

  • M outer:19.2cm/7.6inch * 20.0cm/7.9inch * 5.5cm/2.2inch (Width*Height*Thick)
  • M inner:15.2cm/6inch *15.6cm/6.1inch (Width*Height)
  • Toggle button easy control into and out direction
  • 4 way locking cat door: Locked, Open, Into Only, Out only
  • Brush strip to reduce energy loss and silent action

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Classic Cat Flap Without Tunnel Features 4 Locking Options – It Gives You The Freedom to Come and Go as You Please Without Having To Worry About Letting your Cat in and Out Of the House – Suitable For Cats up to 7kg and Is Simple to Install – Includes BONUS eBook series ‘YOUR PERFECT PET GUIDE BY E-COMMERCE EXCELLENCE’. – Recommended

This product can be fitted in the following places: Wooden doors, Glass windows & doors, single & doubled glazed (consult a glazier as it is not possible to cut holes in toughened glass or double glazed units except at the time of manufacture), Brick walls, PVC/uPVC/Metal, Patio/ Sliding doors. The Bonus eBooks ‘YOUR PERFECT PET GUIDE BY E-COMMERCE EXCELLENCE’ will be sent to you via Amazon message in download form, once your order has been processed.

  • Features 4 locking options to enable mum to decide whether you would like your cat to stay inside only, outside only, give them the option to come and go as they please or keep them firmly put with the locked option.
  • It gives your pet the opportunity to capture some fresh air and exercise and go to the toilet outside that saves on expensive and messy litter.
  • This freedom means that the relationship between cat and owner is improved
  • Don’t worry about training your pet to use the new door, simply be patient and allow your pet to discover for themselves that they can go through the door.
  • Should you need to purchase a tunnel (if your door width is larger than usual) this can be bought separately.

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Electromagnetic Large Cat Flap 4-Way Locking System Allows You to Set The Flap to Unlocked, In Only, Out Only or Locked – ideal for a Variety of Door Types Includes BONUS eBook series ‘YOUR PERFECT PET GUIDE BY E-COMMERCE EXCELLENCE’. – Bargain

Please note: This cat flap is only suitable for door and wall installation, not glazed doors. Entrance into the home requires the magnetic tag, whilst exiting is not regulated by the tag, and is a purely manual process. The Bonus eBooks ‘YOUR PERFECT PET GUIDE BY E-COMMERCE EXCELLENCE’ will be sent to you via Amazon message in download form, once your order has been processed.

  • The easy to use 4-way locking system allows you to set the flap to Unlocked, In Only, Out Only or Locked
  • The included collar magnets ensures that only your pet is able to get in to your home.
  • This Large Cat Flap is ideal for a variety of door types, Contains 1 of each size collar magnets
  • Requires a 9V battery – not provided.
  • Measures: 23.5cm wide x 6cm depth x 30cm high, Cut out size 20.3cm wide x 26.6cm high

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