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Omiera Acne Treatment, Skin Whitening Cream, Dark Spot Corrector Acdue (1.0 Fl. Oz.) + Adroit Bikini Hair Growth Inhibitor Cream (1.0 Fl. Oz.) + Acdue Acne Face Wash (7.0 Fl. Oz.) Skin Care By – Reduced

  • This skin care set includes 3 of our top selling skin care products for use after hair removal
  • Adroit is a natural ingrown hair growth inhibitor cream for face, bikini line, armpits and legs
  • Adroit will address shaving razor burns and bumps as well
  • Acdue is an adult cystic acne scars dark spots removal cream. The hydrating wash is an effective yet gentle face wash cleanser
  • This Set will brighten up your complexion clearing your face of scars and other discolorations

We at Omiera Labs understand the importance of the proper regimen when addressing issues related to the skin. We are happy to introduce: our Clear & Smooth Skin Care Set! This Set includes 3 powerful products that target issues such as: Acne, Adult Acne, Cystic Acne, Redness, Scars, Other Skin Discoloration, Fine Lines, Firmness, Uneven Complexions, unwanted body/facial hairs, & stubble. Together at a discounted price we guarantee you will see results or your money back! Acdue Acne Treatment is a powerful facial serum that fights acne prone bacteria while also addressing signs of aging. This formula will also brighten up your complexion clearing your face of scars and other discolorations. Acdue Hydrating Wash has a formula created to deeply clean the pores and halt the production of excess sebum which causes acne prone bacteria’s. This formula also provides your skin natural ingredients that fight signs of aging! Adroit Natural Hair Growth Inhibitor permanently removes unwanted hairs from the skin. Apply after removing unwanted hairs and begin seeing less growth ultimately resulting in no more hair growth!

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Eveline Cosmetics Silicone Make Up Base Smoothing & Lifting 30ml

  • New Innovation – 2nd Skin effect
  • Instantly smoothes and lifts the skin’s surface
  • Strengthen the skin’s structure
  • Works for up to 16 hours
  • Improves skin density and elasticity, provide a lifting action

Eveline Cosmetics presents the Art Scenic makeup base, the new cosmetic fabric which gives the second skin effect, developed in cooperation with professional makeup artists. The smoothing and lifting make-up base Art Scenic is an innovative foundation base, which acts as an invisible layer of the skin. Is recommended for dry and sensitive skin. Its unique, transparent structure containing silicone oils perfectly spreads on the skin, instantly smoothes and improves the skin’s surface, filling wrinkles and expression lines. The skin covered with the transparent layer is transformed. It becomes completely soft and delicate. This subtle base is a perfect foundation for makeup. It binds the particles of makeup, significantly prolonging its durability and assuring a mattifying effect that can last even up to 16 hours. The unique ingredients of the base, such as Gatulina In Tense and silicone elastomers, strengthen the skin’s structure, improve its density and elasticity, provide a lifting action. Additionally, the UVA/UVB filter protects the skin from symptoms of premature ageing caused by negative influence of sun rays and free radicals. Fragrance free.