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EZOPower 8A 40W Output 5-Port SB© USB Car Charger Adapter w/ 3FT Extension Cord for Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Huawei, Oppo, Sony and other Smartphones, Tablets, MP3 Player, GPS – Black – Recommended

EZOPower 5-Port 8A SB© USB Car Charger is a compact and versatile solution for charging multiple SB© USB devices on the road. The included 3-foot extension cord provides extra flexibility that allows you to put the charger at your convenient location. The high power charger offers Hi-Speed charging with maximum 8A/40W total output for power-hungry devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android smartphones and tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras, GPSs, and other SB© USB devices.

Features: Turn your car cigarette lighter socket a into a high output 5-port SB© USB charger.

Hi-Speed 5V 2.1A charging ports; 5V 8A or 40 Watts maximum total output.

Independent ON/OFF switches and LED indicators for each port.3-foot extension cord for extra flexibility.

Built-in over heat and over current protections ensure a safe and reliable charging process.

Specifications: Total output: 5V 8A or 40 Watts Maximum. Single port output: 5V 2.1A. Input voltage: DC 12/24V. Dimension: 4.52 x 1.46 x 1.18 inches ( 115 x 37 x 30 mm). Weight: 1.76 ounces (50 grams).

Compatible with: All Ports is compatible to all cell phone / Smartphone / MP3 Player 3 Apple Tablet charging ports (Apple/BlackBerry/Motorola) 2 Non-Apple Tablet charging ports (Samsung/LG/Nokia/HTC/Other SB© USB devices)

Warranty : All EZOPower (TM) items are covered by one-year limited warranty that guarantees all products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

  • High Output 5-port SB© USB Car Vehicle Charger – 8A / 40W
  • Independent ON/OFF switches and LED indicators for each port
  • 3-foot extension cord for extra flexibility
  • Built-in over heat and over current protections ensure a safe and reliable charging process
  • Hi-Speed 5V 2.1A Max charging ports; 5V 8A or 40 Watts maximum total output

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TrueCall Secure Universal Telephone Call Blocker + Nuisance Phone Call Screening – Reduced

While the telephone is an essential lifeline, it can also bring problems for older people: mum or dad may be confused by telemarketing calls, agree to order products they don’t need, or may be taken advantage of by unscrupulous sales people and scammers. trueCall Secure stops these callers in their tracks. When a call arrives trueCall Secure checks the caller’s number. If it is a trusted caller then the phone rings as normal, but trueCall Secure intercepts all other callers and plays them a message. For example: “Hello, if you’re a friend, family member or invited caller please press ‘1’, if you are a cold caller please hang up and don’t call again” Most telemarketers hang up when they hear this message, and automated and silent calls won’t get through. If you want even more protection, trueCall Secure can completely block unrecognised callers – for example:- “Hello, we only accept calls from friends and family members. If your call is important, please call Bob on 07752 XXX XXX or enter your code now.” This guarantees that whenever the phone rings it will be a trusted caller, while allowing other legitimate callers to get in touch via Bob. Mum or dad will use their phone as normal, and may even forget that trueCall Secure is protecting them. The unobtrusive trueCall Secure unit is quick and easy to install and can be remotely managed over the Internet so you can keep their trusted caller list up to date and monitor their call log from your home. It is fully configurable so you can choose how you want calls to be managed and can also block outgoing calls to certain numbers. With the optional Call Recorder memory card you can even record the calls. Online access is free for the first year after which there is an annual charge of £25. See example here. Most importantly, trueCall Secure gives both you and your relative peace of mind.

  • Protect elderly relatives from unwanted telemarketing and scam phone calls
  • Stops persistent salesmen, silent calls, recorded message calls, scams, fax calls, malicious calls, etc
  • Your relative uses their phone as normal and you can monitor it over the internet from your own home
  • trueCall Care can guarantee that only trusted callers get through
  • Easy to set up and use – true Call works on all home phone lines

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