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LG G5 is gearing to deliver a truly premium flagship, reports speculates that the New LG G5 will sport a full metal body, which would be a distinctive change from the plastic case we are used to by the company, as it is less is said about the leather-backed LG G4 from their tabloid. In other news with a solid track record we have it in view that it will have a Snapdragon 820 processor, which should be a big upgrade from the Snapdragon 808 chip found in the LG G4. With a 20MP camera and a custom Sony 1/2-inch sensor, which should also be an upgrade on the 16MP snapper that the LG G4 features. Though another school of thought suggests it may have a 21MP snapper as the rear camera and a 5MP as the front facing camera, and a proud 5.6-inch 2K screen.

Even more excitingly the LG G5 could supposedly have an iris scanner, allowing it to recognise you by your eyes. We re bound to start seeing iris scanners in smartphones and LG is not afraid to lead the lot to innovate it or be the first to be digitally adventurous in the past, so it s possible that the LG G5 may bell the cat,

As regards a release date the only whisper so far is for February 2016 , perhaps at the Mobile World Congress 2016, taking place at Barcelona Feb 22nd Feb 25th 2016, going by that assumption we would be having the metal baby earlier than the April release of the LG G4.

1. An all-metal build

LG moved away from plastic towards a more premium design with the LG G4. It didn t go well. The unusual choice of leather was certainly novel, looked odd and wasn t anywhere near as visually pleasing as the metal HTC One M9 or iPhone 6.

So hopefully the LG G5 will have a more conventional all-metal design. It s hard to go wrong with metal and it should make the phone even more premium and less divisive.

Thankfully early rumors suggest a metal G5 is on the way.

2. A fingerprint scanner

While many smartphones companies are now incorporating fingerprint scanners LG has so far resisted, and it s a shame as the prominent power button on the back of its devices is crying out for one. Turning the button into a single touch biometric scanner seems like an obvious decision and it would give the LG G5 one more useful feature. The company is rumored to be going a step further and working on an iris scanner and while we wouldn t say no to that a fingerprint scanner is probably a safer choice.

3. More innovative edges

ENOUGH of flat phones and if the LG G Flex 2 is anything to go by so should LG G5. But companies are yet to crack curves and we want to see LG try something new with the LG G5, we wont mind having curved sides with the screen spill over the top and bottom edge to give it a sleek finish. That would give it an eye-catching look, but it wouldn t just be for show, the curves could also display extra notifications depending on which way the phone is held.

4. A 4K screen

The LG G4 already has a QHD screen and it s amazing, but even the LG G3 was offering QHD so it s time for LG to move things up and be fantastic to give the LG G5 a 4K display. Assuming it stays at 5.5 inches a 4K (3840 x 2160) screen would have a pixel density of 801 pixels per inch, making it one of the sharpest displays around. Why? VR of course! Making this the perfect phone to strap to your head needs a really pin sharp display.

We only want this to happen if LG can avoid giving the battery life a hit in the process, but LG had a reputation for being ahead of the game on screen resolution and that s something it should try and hold onto. Current rumors are that the screen will be growing to 5.6 inches but sticking at QHD, so we may not see LG fully embracing VR just yet.

5. Better battery life

The LG G2 had great battery life but in the last couple of years LG has struggled in this area. Perhaps it s the move to a QHD screen or perhaps it just needs to use bigger juice packs or a more efficient processor, whatever the reason the LG G4 barely makes it through a day and that s just not good enough for gadget frenzy fans.

we really want to see better battery life on the LG G5 as they should be pushing at least two days of battery life as far as we re concerned, not struggling to manage through a day. We d rather have this than a high resolution screen.***our opinion***

6. Slicker performance

Despite being a flagship phone the LG G4 isn t always that fast. We ve mentioned that the camera can be slow to launch but flipping between running apps can take a second too and the interface sometimes occasionally even needs to rebuild itself after jumping between apps. This could be down to the Snapdragon 808 processor powering the LG G4, but we d think that coupled with 3GB RAM it should be more than enough to deliver sleek performance. So either through a power injection or better optimization software we hope the LG G5 to be smooth operating.

Early rumors are that we ll see a Snapdragon 820 chip in the LG G5, in which case sleeker performance is highly anticipated.

7. A faster camera

The LG G4 has a hugely impressive camera, but it s not always the fastest to launch. Tapping the camera icon should see it boot up in just 0.6 seconds, but if using a double tap of the volume button to launch it when the phone is asleep it takes more like 2 seconds. That s still not slow but it can be long enough to miss the perfect time to get a snap, so hopefully LG will speed the process up on the LG G5.

8. Knock Code improvements

Being able to double tap the screen to wake it up is great and generally works well, but with Knock Code LG went one further and allowed you to unlock the phone with a series of taps too. Sadly this doesn t work quite so well or consistently and it s enough of a problem to render it less useful than more conventional unlock options like a PIN or pattern, so hopefully LG will tighten this up for the LG G5. On a brighter note if the LG G5 includes a fingerprint or iris scanner it would probably just ditch Knock Code altogether.

9. A more compact design

We don t necessarily want LG to put a smaller screen on the LG G5, especially if it s going to keep pushing the pixels to this extent, but there s no denying that it can be a little more unwieldy than a smaller phone, so one solution would be to trim down the bezels.

There s still quite a lot of empty space, especially above and below the display, so if that goes on the LG G5 then we should see a 5.5-inch phone that doesn t require hand gymnastics to use.

So much for the metal baby ..LG G5 2016




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