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Moto devices through Amazon India treated to price cuts …

This next item is a rather tasty snippet for our many readers in India. Motorola devices used to be exclusively available in the country through Flipkart but that recently changed. Amazon had already started to sell some Moto phones but now more are available. As well as this, Moto devices through Amazon India have now been treated to price cuts. The Moto G Turbo Edition, Moto G 3rd gen, and Moto X Force were recently made available on Amazon.in. Now the Moto E 2nd gen 4G and Moto 360 smartphone are also available from the giant online retailer. Amazon has some inaugural price cuts available for all of the above devices except for the X Force.

These are limited time offers until March 4 or while stocks last. The following Motorola Moto smartphones have all received a Rs.

1000 price cut. Moto E 2nd Gen 4G now at Rs.

5,999Moto G 3rd gen (8GB) now at Rs.

8,999Moto G 3rd gen (16GB) now at Rs.

9,999Moto G Turbo Edition now at Rs.


As well as the above offers, these Moto 360 2nd gen smartwatch models have all been discounted by Rs.

2000. Moto 360 2nd gen (46mm) Black Metal bracelet now at Rs.

21,999Moto 360 2nd gen (46mm) Natural Metal with Silver Case and Cognac Leather band now at Rs.

18,999Moto 360 2nd gen (42mm) Black Leather band now at Rs.


These price cut offers are available at both Amazon online or through the Amazon app. Those who purchase one of the above devices with an SBI Debit or Credit card will also receive an extra 10% discount (up to Rs.


Are you going to take advantage of any of these lower prices for Moto devices through Amazon India over the next few days?

Were you about to buy any of these anyway, or is it the price cuts that have tempted you?

Source: Amazon IndiaVia: Fone Arena12

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Mobile phone stores step into the futureMobile News Online

O2 unveils its revolutionary retail stores that are changing the face of the high street

O2 believes its new revolutionary retail stores will serve as a benchmark for its network rivals and the high street as a whole for years to come.

The mobile operator has started a six month trial on two brand new concept outlets in Market Street in Manchester and London s Westfield White City shopping centre, with a view to a wider roll out in the future depending on success. According to O2 general manager of stores Bridget Lea, speaking exclusively to Mobile News, the two new stores around three times the size of its average unit allow for a greater customer experience for all their mobile and digital needs.

There is a digital revolution going on at the moment, said Lea who is heading up the project. From a mobile phone perspective, we re now leading that revolution from the high street within our sector. These stores will shape the future of retail.

A new hope

As part of the trial, O2 has introduced a number of new propositions designed to help, but also educate, customers in an environment unlike a normal sales environment. This includes the introduction of Inspire Zones , located just inside the front entrance.

According to Lea this will provide customers with the chance to get their hands on the very latest technology across smartphones, tablets, wearables and virtual reality apps and products. Each zone will run with an alternating theme, which is currently around the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. Here, visitors are able to come in and dress up as their favourite Star Wars characters, as well as play and control a number of Bluetooth and app controlled related products such as the BB-8 droid. O2 Gurus (specialist staff) are on hand to advise visitors on how to make the most of their devices, from offering tutorials on the latest technological advancements, such as the abilities to connect multiple devices, how to use technology to improve health and fitness (apps, wearables) and helping parents understand how they can keep their children safe online.

Lounge areas have also been introduced towards the back of the stores, featuring brightly coloured sofas, wireless mobile charging stations and the chance to relax with a hot or cold drink.

We re leading the way and setting the bar high for the rest of the high street to follow, said Lea. Mobile phone stores are quite functional and transactional and are probably not the most inspiring places, despite the products on sale. We saw an opportunity to lead this revolution on the high street and come up with a new type of store.

We wanted to move away from this transactional way of working to a more inspirational way of working. We have created spaces where people feel welcomed to the point they want to spend time in these environments rather than visiting because they have to buy a new phone.

Lounge area in new concept store

Ask the experts

Customer service has taken prime focus with these stores. All 54 new employees are tasked with prioritising this and will be rewarded solely on the service they provide as opposed to the sales they generate, which is the normal practice in retail. Staff are assessed through random mystery shopper visits from O2 and questionnaires sent out to customers via text message for them to be rated, with scores measured across a combination of the two.

Bonuses are based on staff achieving an exceptional customer satisfaction score across a quarter. In fact, just half of the new roles created have been filled by O2 employees transferring from other stores within its 450 retail estate, with the other 27 filled by people that might know very little about the industry, never mind O2 itself. These, for example, include DJs, fitness fanatics, photographers and animators some even semi-professional that have skills and specialist knowledge of their own that can be added to the customer service they are already providing.

For example, if a customer has questions about the camera on their smartphone and how they can improve its use, they can talk to a trained photographer on how to make the most of it and any apps they can download to change or improve photos.

Be inspired

These additions seem to have had the desired effect, with customer service index (CSI) scores currently tracking at 99 per cent at the Manchester store, something Lea labels as very impressive and has far exceeded our expectations .

What was vitally important was not to intimidate our customers, but these stores are aimed at being very welcoming O2 customer or not so that it is a contemporary, warm and welcoming environment, she said.

From a people perspective, we have also tried to do something different. We wanted to cast the net out far and wide to people both within the mobile sector and not at all those that have real talents of their own.

We have tried to layer the additional digital skills and training on top of that so that they can have in-depth and really authentic conversations with customers.

These are more than just a place where you buy a phone or resolve a problem more a place where we want to be inspired by what the digital world can offer. Our employees definitely do that.

Test and learn

For the next six months, O2 won t be opening brand new shops with the much larger concept layout or closing any of its current estate in order to grow this area of the business across the UK. It will instead concentrate on the Manchester and London stores for now, focusing on continuing to execute its exceptional customer service offering then analysing how they may be improved.

The plan is to test and learn with these stores. It s about executing what we envisage very well in store, receiving all the customer feedback and then deciding which of the different aspects we can do more with and which aspects we might want to change.

We re being very brave in what we re doing.

It s becoming clear that we have created something that our customers will love.

Vodafone mobile – BroadbandChoices

On 1 January, 1985, Vodafone made the UK s first mobile phone call. Today it boasts of having almost 20 million users and one of the largest mobile networks in the country. Vodafone has a lot going for it – from the massive choice of handsets, to their generous Red Plans with unlimited calls, to pay as you go deals with lots of rewards. Read on to find out more.

Click here to compare Vodafone deals1

Vodafone pay monthly mobile plans

When you pick a pay monthly plan from Vodafone, you’ll be given a lot of choice over the specifics of that plan. The network gives you lots of options, from budget tariffs with 500 minutes and only 500MB mobile internet data, to plans for heavy users, comprising unlimited calls and 20GB data. All plans offer unlimited texts.

What you’ll pay depends on numerous things – what you need, the handset you pick out and so on. Use our comparison service to compare all the various options. As for handsets, you’ve got a lot of choice. There are flagships, like the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, as well as budget devices, and everything in between.

iPhone 6s 16GB

6GB data (first 2 months unlimited)

Unlimited minutes

Unlimited texts

29.99 upfront

49.00 a month

Plus extra 5 off when you trade in your old iPhone 5, 5s, 6, or 6 Plus

Get deal2

Vodafone Red 4G Plans

Seeing red isn’t always a bad thing – especially if it gives you super-speedy mobile broadband and tons of perks. Vodafone Red plans give you 4G (although you can also get 3G Red Plans if 4G’s unavailable), unlimited calls to both landlines and mobiles, unlimited texts, and more generous data limits – starting from 1GB and going up to a hefty 20GB a month. Vodafone plans also throw in some interesting extras. These include:

  • 2-month unlimited data ‘test drive’ – How much data do you need each month? It can be a hard question to answer, especially with 4G mobile internet, where the extra speed means you can do much more online than you could before. To help answer the question, Vodafone lets you use as much as you want for three months. Then, it will tell you what you used, allowing you to move to a tariff that best meets your needs.
  • BT Wi-Fi hotspot access – Since 4G data use is limited on Vodafone (once your first three months is up at least) it’s often worth switching to Wi-Fi.

    Vodafone lets you do that out and about by accessing any of BT’s vast public Wi-Fi hotspots without charge. The amount of Wi-Fi data you get differs according to the plan you pick.

  • Early upgrade plan – If you’re eager to get your hands a new phone before your contract – typically 24 months – is up, you can upgrade up to 60 days early with Vodafone Red.
  • Entertainment subscription – Various Vodafone Red 4G plans come with a 12 or 24-month subscription to an entertainment package of your choosing. Pick between Netflix, Now TV, Spotify, or Sky Sports Mobile. You can stream Netflix, Now TV, or Spotify on your phone, but you’ll also be able to use them on computers, games consoles, tablets, smart TVs and more. A word of warning, though – streaming video eats data extremely quickly, so while it’s a very nice perk, try to stick to Wi-Fi as much as possible.
  • EuroTraveller Plus – When you’re travelling in Europe, Vodafone lets you make free calls home to the UK, and receive calls and texts at no extra cost.

Compare Vodafone Red Plans3

Vodafone SIM-only

Already got a phone you love? It’s worth considering a Vodafone SIM-only plan instead. Like its mobile contract deals, Vodafone SIM-only plans cover a wide range, from 250MB data and 300 minutes all the way up to 20GB and unlimited calls and texts.

They all include 4G, and the Red and Red Value SIM-only bundles have all the same benefits as a Red contract deal.

4GB data

Unlimited minutes and texts

6 months FREE Now TV, Spotify, Sky Sports Mobile TV, or Netflix

Was 22.00 a month

Now 19.80 a month

12 months

Get deal4

Vodafone mobile coverage

Vodafone provides 3G coverage nationwide, covering 90% of the UK population. Its 4G coverage5 is less extensive, especially compared to EE, but Vodafone is expanding it city by city, so if it’s not available where you live, it may be in the coming months. To see if you can get Vodafone services in the areas you frequent, you should check the company’s mobile coverage checker6.

What’s good about Vodafone mobile?

  • Lots of choice – Vodafone has an incredibly wide choice of handsets and tariffs
  • 4G data with all plans
  • Unlimited data ‘test drive’ for three months to help pick the best tariff
  • Upgrade your phone up to 60 days before the end of your contract
  • Free BT Wi-Fi access

What’s bad about Vodafone mobile?

  • Its plans aren’t the cheapest around
  • 4G coverage is still a bit lacking
  • No unlimited data plans available, at least not beyond your first two months

Click here to find the best Vodafone deals.7


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