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Children's Shoes for Spring

Out with the cosy winter boots and in with the cute little trainers and gorgeous sandals! I think there s so much to choose from when it comes to children s shoes because there are now so many places that stock them. I do think that children s shoes can be a little overpriced, particularly because

1. it seems silly paying as much for their shoes as I do my own, mainly because theirs are MUCH smaller. 2. They re growing so fast that they tend to only fit for a short period of time.

However, a lot of places do sell them at a good price! Even better when you spot a pair in the sale at a price much lower than originally. I ve included a variety of styles and colours below. Things like Birkenstocks are great on one of those warmer Spring days (which are always a joy), or in the final weeks of Spring. On those days which aren t so warm, some of the trainers might be a better option as you can put thick socks on under them.

Little Jam Navy Patent, 26.00 from Clarks1

GracieEars, 22.00 from Clarks2

Kirsty Hot Pink Fabric, 18.00 from Clarks3

Metallic Buckle Mary Jane, 65.00 from Start Rite4

Girls Pink New Balance, 14.99 from Schuh5

Kids Converse All Star, 27.00 from Schuh6

All Star Ox Glitter, 30.00 from Schuh7

Turquoise All Star Double Tongue, 12.99 from Schuh8

Ellie Ditsy Floral Rip-Tape Trainers, 16.00- 18.00 from John Lewis9

Super Soft Leo Leather Shoes, 15.00 from John Lewis10

Bright Blue All Star Rip Tape Trainers, 15.00 from Debenhams11

Converse Chuck Taylor Infant Trainer, 26.99 from Tesco12

Infant Cyan Blue Classic Slip On, 24.99 from Tesco13

Bluezoo Girl’s Ivory Glittery Bow Pumps, 11.20- 12.80 from Debenhams14

Bluezoo Girl’s Red Patent Bow Pumps, 6.00- 6.50 from Debenhams15

Ochre T-Bar Shoes, 11- 13 from Next16

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