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New for 2016: DT820 IP Multiline Terminals

We are excited to introduce the new NEC DT820 IP multiline terminals, which are launching this month. These latest phones from the NEC1 multiline terminal range incorporate a fresh and contemporary design, fit for the modern office. The new range offers phones to suit all working environments, with flexibility-enhancing features and options to enhance your terminals with gigabit support as well as additional DESI-less pages, where needed.

At present, the DT820 multiline terminals are available for both the SV9100 and SV9300 telephone systems and SV9500 and standard SIP compatibility is expected to follow.

The DT820 range includes four terminals: ITY-6D-1P(BK) TEL, ITY-6DG-1P(BK) TEL for the SV9300, ITZ-8LDX-1P (BK) TEL and the ITY-32LDG-1P (BK) TEL for the SV9300. The ITY-6D and ITY-8LDX terminals can be upgraded to gigabit compatibility on the SV9100 by purchasing a licence. The ITY-8LDX offers up to four additional DESI-less pages. Two additional node locked variants are available on the SV9300 system; the ITY-6D offers gigabit functionality and the ITY-8LDX also offers gigabit functionality but also offers four DESI-less pages.

The DT820 multiline terminals and licenses are available to order from this month. There will be limited availability during the launch stage, so if you want to be amongst the first to benefit from these phones then be sure to order quickly to avoid disappointment. NEC is well known for offering cutting-edge communications technology to businesses and we re certain that these latest terminals will prove just as popular as previous launches from the brand.

To ensure you get the best from these phones, we recommend that you choose an approved NEC installer, such as Midland Networks. Our engineers are fully trained and experienced installers of NEC hardware and software.

If you would like more information about the DT820 IP multiline terminals, or the compatible telephone systems, then contact us2 today to speak to one of our friendly engineers.


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