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Ultra 3000 Ultrasonic Cleaner (Now replaced with Ultra 7000)

Ultra 3000 Ultrasonic Cleaner (Now replaced with Ultra 7000)
The UK’s Number 1 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Introducing The JPL 7000

The control panel of the Ultra 7000 cleaner has a simple to use Digital Timer. Set your required cleaning time to one of the five preset times between 90 seconds and 8 minutes and let the cleaner do all your hard work !

Despite the compact size, the Ultra 7000 has a big 750ml tank, large enough to clean many items.The basket (included) will carry many small items, saving time and keeping them secure. C D /DVD s can also be cleaned using the holder (included). Another useful addition is the Watch/Earring stand (included) that allows your valuables to be securely placed while cleaning. Cleaning of any tarnished silver or metal items can be enhanced using the special Tarnish Removal Cloth included with the Ultra 7000. The Ultra 7000 is designed for home or office use.

SEACLEAN 2 Also Included :

Sea Clean2 is now better than ever. JPL have doubled the concentrate of their existing Sea Clean fluid, creating a high powered and versatile cleaning solution.
Made from a unique formula containing natural products, mixing carefully balanced quantities of Seaweed, Coconut Oils and Fruit Extracts to create a powerful cleaning solution.

Sea Clean2 will assist in the removal of tarnish, carbon, rust and dirt from most solid metals (not for use with plated metals), to return to a shiny condition.

  • Digital Timer With 5 Time Settings
  • Large 750ML Stainless Steel Tank
  • Cleans Jewellery – Glasses – CD / DVDs / Blu Ray / Dentures / Inkjet Printer Heads etc
  • Tarnish Removal Cloth Included
  • Plastic Bucket For Smaller Items
  • Watch and Earring Holder
  • CD / DVD holder

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2 Responses to Ultra 3000 Ultrasonic Cleaner (Now replaced with Ultra 7000)

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    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Ultra 3000 Ultrasonic Cleaner (Now replaced with Ultra 7000) (Electronics)

    Very impressed with its cleaning ability.By just adding warm water and washing up liquid it cleaned my Wifes ring to a true sparkle.I tried it on my glasses and our DVD’s and could not believe how well it cleaned and all I did was to add warm water and push the button.

    Why has this product not been available before!

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    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Was abit put off when i read the review`s that this product got,but i thought wait and see….I didn`t want it to be a waste of money and time. I Cleaned most things that i could get my hands on! some things came up better then others,some items took 2 and 3 cleans,but on the whole i was very pleased with the results,it cleaned cd`s great.Its an item that should be shared,rather then just kept in the cupboard and brought out once a year ! to truely get its value for money.

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