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Tonor Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse Ultra Thin White-Newest Vesion – Discounted

Tonor Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse Ultra Thin White-Newest Vesion
*Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 3.0
*3 DPI Levels: 800/1200/1600
* 800Mah rechargeable battery capacity
*Operating Range: Max.32.8FT
*Dimension: 4.3″x2.3″x0.8″(LxWxH)
*Net Wight:55g
*Buttons: Left/right click, scroll wheel, DPI button, on/off switch, Bluetooth connection button
*Warranty: 1-Year Warranty Fulfilled by Tonor.
NOTE: If your device doesn’t have Bluetooth function, you need to install a Bluetooth dongle first. (not include)
What’s in The Box:
1 x Tonor Untra Slim Bluetooth Mouse
1 x User Manual
1 x SB© USB cable
Installation Guide:
Step1. Charge the mouse:
*Run out battery before first charge.
1.Turn off the power switch at bottom of the mouse.
2.Connect with SB© USB cable for charging, charge for 1~2 hours.
3.Red light will turn on to indicates charging. After fully charge,light should turn to green.

Step2. Pair with the Bluetooth mouse:
Turn on the mouse and click pairing button on the bottom of the mouse.
Turn on Bluetooth on your computer, search for external Bluetooth device, after your computer find the mouse and pop up a mouse icon. Click the mouse icon for pairing.
*Make sure that the Bluetooth Function has been activated. Double click the Bluetooth Icon on the Task Bar or in the Control Panel, open the “Bluetooth Management” window, click “Add”,tick off “facility is ready for searching”, click “Next”.
Note: You need to turn off and turn on the power switch to wake the mouse if your computer restarts after a long time sleep .

  • Power Revolution-Tonor Rechargeable Bluetooth Wireless Mouse has a build- in rechargeable battery and charging socket in the front of mouse. On/off switch on the bottom helps to conserve power. One-Month battery life when fully charged.
  • Lightweight, slim design allows easy portability. A separate SB© USB receiver is not needed for Tonor Rechargeable Bluetooth Wireless Mouse.
  • Mute design Using the advanced sensor to make your mouse keep silence. The annoying click sound will never happen to you.
  • Compatibility-Effortlessly connect to any Bluetooth-compatible PC, laptop, or Android tablet and IPad(you need to jailbreak your iPad). Intelligent connectivity, no code required. 3.0 interface is backward compatible with all Bluetooth versions.
  • Warranty: Tonor is professional seller in selling mice,we offer Premium after-sale service. a. 12 months warranty. b. 2 months hassle-free return policy. c. Seller pays for return if item is DOA or not as described.

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3 Responses to Tonor Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse Ultra Thin White-Newest Vesion – Discounted

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    1 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Tonor Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse Ultra Thin Black-Newest Vesion (Electronics)

    The mouse is quite low to the desk which takes getting used to but this alone isn’t a problem.

    the main problem stems from the fact that the ‘pairing’ button protrudes from the underside of the mouse which is in contact with the operating surface (desk). The poorly designed, cheap little non-existent contact feet at each corner on the underside (that have no depth to them) means that if you press the mouse body against the operating surface (desk) too hard, which isn’t unreasonable given the low profile of the mouse body, the mouse stops functioning and the blue light inside flashes to signify pairing mode. This is a pretty poor design and should be obvious to the designers, who should have put the button on the side of the mouse OR designed the contact feet to protrude from the underside of the mouse further than the button. I will try to find my own ‘deep’ contact feet but I don’t expect this at all. I’m not happy.

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    2 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Tonor Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse Ultra Thin White-Newest Vesion (Electronics)

    Having just bought an Anker bluetooth keyboard which was excellent value and works super well (a fab replacement for an expensive Apple keyboard), I thought this little mouse would be a good wee alternative to an Apple mouse. Unfortunately, it’s not even a good replacement for my £10 wireless mouse let alone an Apple magic mouse. Looks cheap, feels cheap, works cheap. I gave it the benefit of the doubt, but now it’s on a shelf and unlikely to be used any time soon. Avoid.

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    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Tonor Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse Ultra Thin Black-Newest Vesion (Electronics)

    I bought this mouse to use specifically with my Pixel-C Tablet and once fully charged it worked perfectly. It also works with my Nexus 7 2013, my Dell Chromebook and my HP Laptop without problems. The mouse feels pleasant in the hand the buttons are very positive and quiet as advertised. When I’ve finished using it, I pop the mouse back on charge to ensure it’s always ready to use and will never completely drain which something that should never happen as it can cause harm to a Li-ion battery. If need for a tablet I would advise not to use it straight out of the box as the factory charge may not be enough to provide optimum performance. After a full three hour charge I found I had no problems with the mouse on any of my devices.

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