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TDK T19504 16x DVD+R 100 Piece Cakebox – Sale Item

TDK T19504 16x DVD+R 100 Piece Cakebox
As DVD recording speeds have increased, the importance of using name brand, quality media has become paramount. When a DVD+R is recorded at high speeds, the fast RPMs of the recording process require an advanced, ultra-sensitive recording material capable of compensating for the abbreviated exposure to the drive laser. Specially formulated with a rapid phase-change recording layer, TDK DVD+R media maximizes the data transfer rate while minimizing the potential for errors.

  • Direct Disc Labeling: No
  • Number of Layers: Single Layer
  • Pack Size: 50
  • Single Side / Double Side: Single Side
  • Size: 12 cm DVD
  • Storage Capacity in MB: 4700
  • Type: DVD+R

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2 Responses to TDK T19504 16x DVD+R 100 Piece Cakebox – Sale Item

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    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    TDK T19444 16x DVD+R 50 Piece Cakebox (Accessory)

    It is rather difficult to review blank media other than to say that one has had no poor results from their use. However,I have so far used some eleven of these TDK DVD+R discs without any problems.Should the remaining thirty-nine prove as successful I shall continue to buy them.Prior to my own purchase this brand was recommended to me by a friend who uses no other.

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    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    TDK T19443 16x DVD+R – Cakebox 25 Pack (Electronics)

    These discs have been really good to me. Out of almost 100, not a single one has failed to burn on my Lite-On DVD recorder . The only minor gripe is that you cant handwrite your titles on the discs but hey you can stick them in a plastic wallet or DVD case instead. No problem. Its better than buying cheaper lesser known blank DVDs half of which turn out to be coasters.

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