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TDK T18770 52x CDR-80 50 Piece Cakebox – Bonus Price

TDK T18770 52x CDR-80 50 Piece Cakebox

TDK Music CD-Rs are audio-only CD-R discs designed specifically for use in home audio CD-R recording decks
The ultimate high-fidelity medium for the home recordist, Music CD-R discs record digital audio data in the standard compact disc 16-bit, 44
1 kHz format, bringing an unprecedented level of sonic quality and flexibility to the home recording market
Once recorded using a consumer CD recorder, TDK 100% Certified Music CD-R discs may be played back on all existing CD audio players, including home decks, car stereos and personal CD portables
Music CD-R discs are high-reliability, high-durability media that incorporate the latest TDK third-generation CD-R technologies, including ISOPURE recording dye technology utilizing a re-tuned MSi (metal-stabilized cyanine) recording material for higher sensitivity and improved Reflex Mirror Tuning reflective layer technology

  Product Description   TDK CD-R – 50 x 80min  
  Blank Media   CD-R  
  • Audio: Data CD
  • Audio / Data CD: Data CD
  • CD Medium: CD-R
  • CD Type: CD-R
  • Direct Disc Labeling: No
  • Number in Pack: 3
  • Pack Size: 50
  • Product: CD
  • Storage Capacity in MB: 700
  • Storage capacity in MB: 650
  • Storage capacity (MB): 650
  • Type: CD-R

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3 Responses to TDK T18770 52x CDR-80 50 Piece Cakebox – Bonus Price

  • avatar

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    TDK T18770 52x CDR-80 50 Piece Cakebox (Accessory)

    OK, it’s 5-stars and I’ve only used 6 so far and these aren’t the cheapest CDRs you can buy. All I can say is the record/playback quality of those used so far is excellent. Yes, I might change my mind if I find a couple of dud ones later-on but then I’ve found up to a 10% reject rate on cheaper brands and if you’re relying on a disc to store important data or treasured music, you don’t want that.

  • avatar

    1 Out of 5 Star Rating

    TDK T18770 52x CDR-80 50 Piece Cakebox (Accessory)

    Five have just failed in a row.

  • avatar

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    TDK T18773 CDR-80 52x 100 Piece Cakebox (Accessory)

    Have been through about 80 discs so far and all worked perfectly fine for both music, movies/photo slideshows and data.
    Played them through my car audio system, PC, laptop, tv bluray drive and dvd drive.

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