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Secure Digital High Capacity Card 8gb – Limited Price

Secure Digital High Capacity Card 8gb
The Integral microSDHC memory card can be used in a variety of digital products including mobile phones; MP3/4 players; digital cameras and PDAs. Ideal for capturing High Definition images and video. 4GB and above compatible with microSDHC devices only. SD/SDHC adaptor included. Protective case included. 5 Year Warranty. 8GB capacity.

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One Response to Secure Digital High Capacity Card 8gb – Limited Price

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    2 Out of 5 Star Rating

    With my Cannon 450D,I can only take 5 pictures in RAW + JPEG, or 17 in JPEG (using continuous shooting) before the camera slows right down and needs to wait until all the images are saved before continuing.

    My Transcend card just keeps going with JPEG only.
    With RAW + JPEG, it slows down after 6 images, but keeps taking pictures and recovers much faster.

    If you are buying to use in a compact camera, and don’t use continuous shooting, it#s probably OK, but if you have an SLR, steer clear!

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