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Portable Data Collection Hand Terminal MOBILE COMPIA M3 Green (MC-6500S) – Bonus Price

Portable Data Collection Hand Terminal MOBILE COMPIA M3 Green (MC-6500S)
Mobile Compia M3 Rugged PDA 400MHz, 64MB, Bluetooth & CE.Net 4.2 he M3 is a super slim rugged PDA that features numerous advanced applications such as integrated Barcode scanner, Bluetooth and Camera. M3’s rugged design and IP54-rated sealing ensures protection against dust, moisture and extreme temperatures, from freezy – 20° C up to hot 50° C.

The M3 can handle drops of 1.5 m to concrete across vast temperature ranges, reducing equipment and maintenance costs. This small and lightweight PDA features advanced data capture options. With GPRS and GSM the M3 offers flexible voice and data communication. M3 has got integrated Bluetooth, which makes it easy to exchange data and synchronize with other devices.The M3 runs on user-friendly WinCE.NET 4.2 operating system with a powerful Intel X-scale PXA 255 400MHz processor, a 64 MB SDRAM and a 64 MB Flash storage, expandable to 256 MB. The integrated CF (Compact Flash) and SD (Security Digital) slot enables a large variety of extensions such as GPS, RFID and extra storage.

An integrated high quality laser scanner can easily read all common barcodes. There is also an option of integrated 2D scanner. The colour display is a touch screen and the ergonomic keypad is easy to use in tough environments, even with only one hand. To enhance the mobility, M3 provides an attachable/detachable slim battery. A table cradle charges the M3 plus extra battery and can also communicate through SB© USB. M3 is perfect handheld device for companies working in businesses such as logistics, distribution and transportation. It is also suitable for areas like meter data collection, vehicle identification and illegal parking and traffic management.

The perfect handheld device for mobile applications: Equipment & property maintenance, Sales, outlet stock replenishment, Meter data collection, Vehicle ID Parking and traffic management.

  • Equipment & property maintenance or Vehicle ID, Parking and traffic management
  • Attention: may require a specialist to adapt it to your requirements, including customized software
  • Logistics & distribution and transportation. Can be used for logistics, warehouses and courier deliveries, electronic manifesting, proof of delivery, signature capture and POD.
  • Meter data collection. Runs Windows 5.0 CE.
  • Attention: no WLAN in this batch, however, it might be possible to install it.

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