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Nochoice® Crazy Mount Magnetic Car Phone Holder 35mm Medium (Sliver)

Nochoice® Crazy Mount Magnetic Car Phone Holder 35mm Medium (Sliver)
Standard Crazy Car Mount 35mm

This Standard Crazy Mount (35mm diameter) is design for all phone size includes iphone 6 plus. For crazy drivers who always go through a rugged mountain road, we suggest you buy the 42mm, which is really design for you.
The magnet plan is made by aluminium alloy with very good finish. It is a decoration besides a car mount.

HOW THE MAGNETIC PART WORKS: Your car mount comes with a very slim adhesive metallic disk. Simply stick that on the back of your phone(or hard case), and then place it over the magnetic mount. Voila- your device will stay firmly attached, WITHOUT any damage whatsoever.

At Nochoice, we have made sure that the holder magnetic pull is strong enough to keep your phone 100% SECURE, without incurring any damage!.

WHAT ELSE? Our magnetic Cell phone holder comes with an entire PACK of bonuses, including:-
? 1 detachable magnetic disk, gives you a choice to keep the magnet at the back of your device or leave the magnet on the ball mount
? 2 extra metallic phone attachments and 2 extra 3M tapes
? 1 steel ANTI-RUST ball mount for 360-degree rotation

PLEASE NOTE: While this magnet will not harm your phone, make sure to keep it away from credit cards, pacemakers, and other magnet-sensitive devices.
Another note You are BACKED by our 100% Money Back And Satisfaction Guarantee! If for any reason you are not completely happy with your purchase, do not think twice and send us a email! We’ll work with you till you are satisfied, or else hook you up with a FULL REFUND. No questions asked!


  • Standard slim backbone magnetic car mount, 35MM diameter. Fit for most cellphone includes iphone 6 plus, Samsung Note series. If you always driving through a rugged mountain road, we suggest you choose the 42MM, which having stronger magnet.
  • Slim Magic Backbone,stick on the backcover,Stainless Iron,Scratch-Resistant. If you do not want a magnet stick on your phone, it’s a very good choce!
  • You can enjoy the great design of 360 Rotation, and easier to use.
  • KEEP YOUR PHONE IN VIEW AT ALL TIMES – Never put yourself in danger while driving! NOCHOICE’s new Magnetic Car Phone Holder allows you to keep yourself up-to-date on everything flashing across your phone’s screen, WITHOUT risking your own safety. This mobile phone mount is designed to keep your device safe from falling, and has been EXTENSIVELY TESTED to ensure that its magnetic pull doesn’t harm your electronics at all.
  • STICKS TO ANY SURFACE – This phone mount isn’t just for your car dashboard. With its adhesive base, you can stick it wherever you need it. Use it as a DESK ACESSORY for easy access to your phone while working, or secure it to the kitchen countertop so you can YouTube while you cook up a storm. And with EXTRA adhesive replacements, you can ensure that re-installation is a breeze. No wobbling, no slippage – this phone mount STAYS STUCK!

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2 Responses to Nochoice® Crazy Mount Magnetic Car Phone Holder 35mm Medium (Sliver)

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    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Nochoice® Crazy Mount Magnetic Car Phone Holder 35mm Medium (Gold) (Electronics)

    This works like a dream, so powerful to hold my S7 Edge in place on the Dash of my car. Thanks

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    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Nochoice® Crazy Mount Magnetic Car Phone Holder 35mm Medium (Blue) (Electronics)

    Very good product, I bought 2, the 2nd one was the slightly bigger version for the truck that I drive at work. But it does tend to let the phone drop if I hit a bump in the road. The smaller version is great in the car. Maybe a slightly thicker metal peice that goes on the back of the phone would hold better.

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