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Klarstein Country Life Home Bread Maker Baking Machine Fully Automatic Programmable (12 Baking Programs, Keep-Warm Function, Adjustable Degree of Browning) Polished Steel – Cut Price

Klarstein Country Life Home Bread Maker Baking Machine Fully Automatic Programmable (12 Baking Programs, Keep-Warm Function, Adjustable Degree of Browning) Polished Steel

User-friendly bread machine with 12 automatic baking programs, large viewing window and interior lighting.

With keep-warm and delay start timing function.

Includes non-stick coated baking dish.

The Klarstein Country Life is an elegant bread machine which should be in every bread lover’s kitchen. Whether you
prefer wheat, whole grain, or sweet, the Country Life offers you 12 automatic baking programs to prepare your favourite
bread with almost no effort on your part. All you need to do is place the ingredients in the bread pan and start the program.
The Country Life does it all: mixing, kneading, and baking.

With its substantial capacity of 1000g, the Klarstein Country Life can bake even larger loaves, while the adjustable degree
of browning allows you to get the crust to the exact colour you like it. The large viewing window on the lid and the illuminated
interior of the bread machine help you achieve the perfect baking results.

A very useful feature is the delayed start timer. If you do not want to start the baking process immediately, you can program
the device for a later start. Set the bread maker to start baking automatically at dawn, and wake up to the aroma of fresh, warm,
and fragrant bread awaiting you for breakfast. Should you decide to sleep a little bit later, that’s not a problem – the Klarstein
Country Life will keep your bread warm for you for a whole hour after baking. In addition, the jam program allows you to make
your own fresh and delicious fruit spreads just by adding chopped fruit to the baking dish.

With the dough function, you can set the machine to stir and knead dough without baking it. This allows you to prepare dough
for pizza or biscuits to bake in your oven, saving you loads of time and effort.
Thanks to a non-stick baking dish, cleanup is a snap.

  • Bread maker with 12 baking programs | Fully automatic dough and bread preparation | Adjustable degree of browning | Non-slip rubber feet
  • Quick and ultra-fast program for smaller loaves in less time | Timimg / delay start fuction | Black case with polished stainless steel applications
  • Dough mode for mixing and kneading the dough | Non-stick coated baking dish | Keep warm function
  • Program selection legend | Jam program | Hinghed lid with large viewing window | Top-side control valve
  • Suitable for bread weights up to 1000g | Blue backlit LCD display and audio signal | Security lock for baking dish | Vents

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3 Responses to Klarstein Country Life Home Bread Maker Baking Machine Fully Automatic Programmable (12 Baking Programs, Keep-Warm Function, Adjustable Degree of Browning) Polished Steel – Cut Price

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    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Klarstein Country Life Home Bread Maker Baking Machine Fully Automatic Programmable (12 Baking Programs, Keep-Warm Function, Adjustable Degree of Browning) Polished Steel (Kitchen & Home)

    Best Breadmaker I have worked with so far. Makes excellent bread.

    The only downside is that this device is a bit monstrous – it is is ~20-30% bigger than most models on the market today.

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    5 Out of 5 Star Rating


    I am a long time user of a Panasonic bread machine, the latest in a long line of them stretching back to my first one in 1989 (which cost an arm and a leg but lasted me years). I was offered this Klarstein machine to test in return for an honest unbiased review, which I have done.

    First off, I confess I was expecting to have all my pro Panasonic prejudices confirmed, I’ve read many times about how other brands are inferior and there’s no point in having one if it isn’t a Panasonic. So the rather industrial looking design oput me off a bit, used as I am to streamlined white plastic. A short search around the net though, showed me that this type of styling is in fact common among the high end brands, so maybe my white curvy one is a bit dated.

    I made 2 loaves, one after other with only time to cool, to test the machine; first a standard basic white loaf (there are 2 size settings and I used the smaller 750g setting both times) and then a “sweet loaf”.

    I was a bit apprehensive about measuring the flour using the cup provided rather than weighing it ( and the cup was in fact slightly split, although this didn’t affect it in use; poor quality control?) but followed the recipes to the letter (note to merchant, get a better translator; I’ll do it!) and after 3 hours at the first go (an hour less than the Panasonic!), I had produced an outstanding loaf.

    Beautiful even golden colour, neat shape, it looked great. The paddle (as they always do!) had stayed stuck in the bottom of the loaf, but came loose easily after a few minutes with the tool provided. The instructions advised greasing the paddle with “heat-resistant margarine”. What that is I have no clue, so I just used some butter, but I think a bit of trex or similar cooking fat might work better.

    The sweet loaf was equally good. It beeped at some stage in the early part of the cycle; with hindsight I should have put some raisins in then to make a fruit loaf; I will next time.

    The window in t he lid is a great improvement on the Panasonic; really useful to see what’s happening there without opening up, especially during the baking phase.

    I’m looking forward to trying the other modes, including Cake and Jam!

    This machine retails at quite a bit less than the market leader but I really can’t see any compromise in the quality of the results. I can’t comment n reliability obviously, but it’s a slid easy to use machine which produces great bread.

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    4 Out of 5 Star Rating


    The last time I had a Bread maschine is about 20 years ago. When the broke, I did not replace it because I noticed that I didn’t really use it very much. Now we buy about 4 loaves of bread a week and so I thought it would try it again.

    The Country Life Bread machine arrived here quickly and well packaged. I unpacked it immediately and wanted to try ist straight away. The first thing I noticed is the detailed instructions. In addition to accurate data and how to use it, it also has recipes for allsorts of products. In addition to bread it can also make cakes, jams and desserts. My old Brad maschine could not do that and I find it a great bonus.

    In the Box is the machine plus the baking form inside, a dough hook, a measuring cup, a measuring scoop and a metal hook. Everything apaprt from the metal hook I rinsed well. I then let the machine run empty before using it to make bread. It smeels slightly bad the first time (as most machines) and because of that I always let them run empty for a while.

    The measuring cup has various marks and the measuring scoop has 1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon. The recipes are in cups and so the measuring cup is perfect. There are recipes for normal breads, sweet breads, grain breads and much more. You always have the choice between a 700g bread and a 1000g bread. The ingredients are alway adjusted for the right size. What I found very good, is that the ingredience are in the order they have to be put into the baking form. Liquid first and yeast last.

    As I took the form off the table, I noticed liquid had dripped out of the bottom. Although not much, but enough for a small damp patch. The foot of the form is riveted on and there seems to be a small space. The form is placed in the machine and locks into ist with a slight twist. Close the lid and turn on. It starts to mix immediately and the liquid is mixed to dough quickly, I do not think it will drip into the device itself. Before I am going to try and make jam, I’ll ask my husband to try and fix it.

    The display is on the right. Right at the top are the programms you can choose from. Below that is a LED display, in which you can see you settings and the time. In addition to various types of bread, there is a quick programme, cakes, jams, only knead without baking, bake only without kneading, dessert and others. Below are 8 buttons to set the machine.

    First you press Menu and choose which program you would like to use. With Loaf you choose the size. With Color you can choose between a light, medium or dark bread (ie the crust). Then press Start Stop and off the machine goes. If you have to take a break is also a Pause button.

    I have made many breads so far and one cake, but never used the Quick program. I find bread takes time. 😉 Depending on the type of bread and color it needs about 3 1/2 hours. The dough is kneaded and then allowed to go. Then kneaded again and then it makes a sound. Now you can add ingredients. We like to eat breads with grains and add different ones at that point. It is then again kneaded. It kneads a total ofl 3 times and lets the dough go 3 times. Then it starts bakingand when it’s done comes a sound again. Then comes a warming phase. That way you do not have to remove the bread immediately.

    If you take it out straight away you can use the metal hook. That way you do not burn yourself. The metal hook has two ends. At the top is a round hook with which you can remove the form and at the bottom is a small L Form with which you can take the dough hook. It is best to remove that wehn the bread is still hot. Leave the bread to cool on a grid.

    The bread is so lovely. The cake is more of a yeast bread with taste … not really a cake. Jam and dessert I will try once the dripping problem has been solved. I have made a somewhat modified milk bread from the recipe section and it was so nice and fluffy. Even heavier breads are mixed well. Only when I add a lot of grains, I have to help a little. I press the dough down with a spatula, so that the grains stick to it. I also like it very well that the bread slips out of the form very easily after baking. Sometimes the dough hook even remains in the form.

    I like the bread machine! Even when using rye and whole wheat flours and grains, I find that the bread does not cost more than from a good bakery … and we can make the bread as we want and have it always freshly baked. 🙂

    * This product was provided me free of charge to me. My opinion is honest and based on my experience. *

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