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Griffin 0.6 m SB© USB to Lightning Cable – Recommended

Griffin 0.6 m SB© USB to Lightning Cable
2′ SB© USB to Lightning Cable for iPhone & iPad

  • Full-size SB© USB Type-A connection to your computer
  • Lightning Connector to your device
  • Use with Griffin PowerBlock and PowerJolt chargers
  • Made for iPhone-certified
  • Comes in four different lengths

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3 Responses to Griffin 0.6 m SB© USB to Lightning Cable – Recommended

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    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Griffin 2-in-1 USB to Micro USB Lightning Retractable Cable (Accessory)

    A great quality compact dual micro USB/lighting charging solution. The retractable mechanism is great and works consistently.

    There were no issues with charging or syncing to a PC but this is no surprise as this cable is MFI certified which means it has a special chip authorised by Apple that means this cable will continue to work time after time. A lot of the cheap lighting cables you see are not MFI certified and either don’t work or only work until the next iOS update and even then you’ll find you get incompatibility issues and error messages on the phone.

    Overall I would definitely recommend this cable as an ideal replacement for the official Apple lightning cable. I’ve purchased many lightning cables over the years and this is definitely up there with the best.

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    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Griffin 4 ft USB Lightning Cable for iPhone 5, New iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5 and iPod Nano 7 (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    4ft/1.2 m long? Is it joke? I bought this cable to charge my iPhone in my car during the drive and to avoid tangle of the cable on my dashboard as it is coiled. The distance between lighter socked and air vent (where I’m keeping my phone) is ~30cm/1ft and this cable perfectly fit to that. The cable is 45cm/1.5ft long when coiled/unstretched and you can stretch to 60cm/2ft comfortably or to 75cm/2.5ft with some tension and I think that’s maximum as the cable is stiff and if you try stretch it more it will cause falling out from your phone socked. So in sum I gave it 4* because cable meets my needs but information about length of the cable is completely misleading. Thanks to Amazon for very fast delivery.
    – Price
    – It do what supposed to do ( charging, sync.)
    – Stated length – in real: 45cm/1.5ft to 60cm/2ft – 75cm/2.5ft
    – Cable is stiff ( coiled part )

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    3 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Griffin 2-in-1 USB to Micro USB Lightning Retractable Cable (Accessory)

    Had to send it back, unfortunately. Bought in an attempt to minimise the cables in my car when I Wasn’t charging my phone. Despite claiming it had a decent length cable in it, it didn’t reach from the USB slots under the car radio to the phone mount on the right hand side of my windscreen. Looked well made though, and Griffin products have never failed me with their great construction in the past. Just a shame that there was at least 10cm less cable than advertised in the product description.

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