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CoLiDo M2020 3D Printer- the Perfect Mid-Level 3D Printer!

CoLiDo M2020 3D Printer- the Perfect Mid-Level 3D Printer!

CoLiDo M2020 Pinter Informarion:

Printing Technology:Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Build Volume (L x W x H):20 x 20 x 20 cm (7.9″ x 7.9″ x 7.9″)
Layer Resolution:0.1 – 0.4 mm
Filament Material:ABS,PLA
Nozzle Diameter:0.4 mm
Operation Temperature:15-32°C (60-90°F)
Storage Temperature:0-32°C (32-90°F)
Software Bundle:Repetier-HOST
Supported File Type:STL / G-Code
Operating System:WINDOWS 7, MAC OS X, LINUX
Printer Case:Steel
Input Voltage:110-240V, 50/60 HZ
Connectivity:SB© USB, SD Card
Build Surface:Coated Glass
Steeper Motors:1.8° Step Angle with 1/16 Micro-stepping
XY Positioning Precision:0.011 mm
Z Positioning Precision:0.0025 mm

What’s in the box:

1 pcs CoLiDo M2020 3D printer
500g PLA filament + 500g ABS filament
SD card and card reader
PLA and ABS patented glass plaform
User manual

CoLiDo M2020 Pinter Highlight:

1.Patented glass platform – remove your printed object simply by your hand
CoLiDo’s patented glass platform allows for easy removal of printed objects. The platform is coated with a special material which can prevent any melted ABS/PLA from sticking to it. After the platform has cooled down , you can remove the printed object with your bare hand directly.

2.High print quality – up to 0.1 mm layer resolution
CoLiDo M2020 has print resolution up to 0.1 mm – the highest resolution among the same level FDM 3D printers. Supported by the high quality CoLiDo filament, CoLiDo M2020 can build fine, smooth and accurate 3D objects which outscore the 3D printers from other brands.

3.Touch screen panel
You can use the touch screen panel to control the CoLiDo M2020 3D printer. Most printing functions and settings are list in the panel and so you can fully operate the printer only through the panel.

  • Large build size – 7.9″ x 7.9″ x 7.9″ (20 x 20 x 20cm)
  • Clean and easy to use
  • Industrial-level quality, smooth build surface – up to 0.1 mm resolution
  • Stable, quiet and odourless

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